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NPC Info
X: 1320 Z: -417
Location Portal to Dern
Quest Involved A Hunter's Calling

??? is a mysterious dark entity in the deepest region of the Silent Expanse, and the main NPC for the quest A Hunter's Calling. During the quest, it uses clues to direct the player to visit various places from other quests, such as Ragni or WynnExcavation Site A. Through an unknown method, in each of these places, the player experiences a strange vision in which they help some person or group they have fought in the past, such as Bak'al or the Antikythera Supercomputer. When the player finishes their task and the vision ends, they are returned to ??? at the Portal to Dern. Throughout the quest, ??? makes many references to some sort of end that the player seeks and seems to claim the visions are its attempt at giving them one, and eventually gives the player the "end" of Hunted Mode at the end of the quest.


Portal to Dern
1320, 132, -417
Wynncraft Map

??? is located in front of the Portal to Dern, in the area behind the Eldritch Outlook.


Festival of the Blizzard[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard. It can only be triggered when holding the Emblem of the Bonfire or the Emblem of the Spirits in your inventory.

  • ???: ...
  • [1] "There's a festival in Detlas.":
    • ???: ...
    • ???: An end, in threes. Of passion, of regret, of self. A rebirth, long past.
    • ???: Indeed, an end you soon approach...
  • [2] "...":
    • ???: ...