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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.17 and has been archived for historical purposes.

A Confused Farmer
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Katoa Ranch
Province Wynn
Combat Level 15
Starter NPC Bylvis
Reward As follows:

A Confused Farmer is a medium level 15 quest which involves assisting Bylvis in finding his lost cow, Drale. Later in the quest, it is discovered that Drale is actually a person. The goal of the quest is to resolve the miscommunication between the two.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Bylvis in Katoa Ranch.


  • Bylvis: Hmm... Something doesn't seem right here...
  • Bylvis: One... Two... Three... No, not right at all
  • Bylvis: Okay, get ready everyone, role call!
  • Etus: Moo.
  • Bylvis: Perfect, perfect. Delny? Do I have a Delny here?
  • Delny: Moo moo!
  • Bylvis: Good. Elmis? Are you here?
  • Elmis: Moo!
  • Bylvis: Okay so all that is left is Drale!
  • Bylvis: D- Drale? Are you there?
  • Bylvis: ...
  • Bylvis: Hey you! Can you go check on Drale for me? His cow house is at the end of this corridor, just to your right.

Stage 2[]

» Investigate Drale's stable.


  • You find a scrambled note, all you can read is "Detlas Suburbs". Maybe you should tell Bylvis about this.

Stage 3[]

» Tell Bylvis what you found.


  • Bylvis: Detlas Suburbs, eh?
  • Bylvis: Listen, I know Drale like I know the back of my hand.
  • Bylvis: And I know that Drale is too delicate to make it out there on his own!
  • Bylvis: So you have to promise me that he will be back here, and he will be safe.
  • Bylvis: Really? Thanks a lot. Now hurry up, Drale must be so scared!

Stage 4[]

» Go bring Drale back to the ranch.

 X   305  Y   69  Z   -1609  Wynncraft Map 


  • Drale: Mo- Wait, you aren't in a stable anymore Drale, talk like a normal person. Hello adventurer!
  • Drale: Yes... I am Drale. Let me guess, Bylvis sent you to find me?
  • Drale: I was walking by the ranch a few years back, and he started rambling on about "... most magnificent cow he'd ever seen"
  • Drale: And how he "just had to have me". I tried to run away, but he just put a leash on me.
  • Drale: Three years I have been trying to get away from that maniac.
  • Drale: He stopped letting people into my pen, he put a tracker on my leg. It seemed to be impossible.
  • Drale: But one night, with the help of Etus, I escaped.
  • Drale: We dug a tunnel in his backyard... unfortunately, things got a little bit out of hand.
  • Drale: Since this event, a revolution had happened. Many cows escaped and are now defending the tunnel.
  • Drale: It's a complicated story... could you just tell Bylvis about this whole cow-human shenanigan? Just avoid talking about the cow revolution.
  • Drale: Look, I'll even let you use the Cow Passage. The guards there might be a bit aggressive, but you should be able to handle that.
  • Drale: Take these passes, they will allow you to go through. The passage is right behind this house, good luck.

Stage 5[]

» Go to Katoa Ranch and tell Bylvis about the situation.


  • Bylvis: You are back! Where is Drale? Is he okay?
  • Bylvis: Hold up, Drale isn't a cow? You have got to be kidding me, all these years he's been in here...
  • Bylvis: He never even thought of telling me he's a person? Or even saying a single word?
  • Bylvis: Well, I still feel a bit responsible. I was drinking quite a few drunkness potions the night I found him...
  • Bylvis: Listen, give him my best wishes. I hope he does wonderful things over near Detlas.
  • Bylvis: And hey, make sure to scratch his back for me. It sounds weird, I know, but he loves it.
  • Bylvis: The trick is not to cut your nails for a few months.

Stage 6[]

» Tell Drale what happened.


  • Drale: Wait... You just.. Walked up to him, and told him I wasn't a cow?
  • Drale: It was that easy?
  • Drale: I assumed a person who was crazy enough to mistake a person for a cow wouldn't listen to reasoning...
  • Drale: I do admit I'll miss him. Only he knew how to scratch my back just the right way.
  • Drale: Unless you wan-. No, of course not, I am a human now...
  • Drale: Thank you for fixing this situation, I feel a lot better now. From now on, feel free to use the Cow Passage as you please.


  • If you have trouble navigating around in this quest, it is suggested that you use The Wynncraft Map.
  • When you enter the Cow Passage, throw only 1 Cow Pass into the hopper; you'll need to go back and forth between Drale and Bylvis a few times.