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Aldorei Town TownIcon.png
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Discovery Lore
Aldorei Town is another section of the elf city, housing many special resources and charms not found anywhere else in Gavel.
Coordinates X: -350, Z: -4580
Suggested Level 76
Quest Starts Aldorei's Secret Part II
Involved Quests Aldorei's Secret Part II
Monsters Tree Cicada (Lv. 78)
Cherry Blossom Petal (Lv. 78)

Aldorei Town is the inner sanctum of the Aldorei Elves, access to it only being given to those who have proven themselves worthy to Elrund in Aldorei's Secret Part I. It is located in two small valleys adjoining the much larger Aldorei Valley, and is significantly smaller than its grand neighbor. Much of the land on the edges of the town is covered with farmland, and ponds and streams flow throughout the area. Several small Elven houses make up Aldorei Town, including Legolus' and Soway's. Level 75 Aldorei Elves spawn in the town, like in the valley, along with Aldorei Horses and Grooks.

In the western half of the town is the cherry tree, which serves as a good grinding spot for those of level 75+ who have completed Aldorei's Secret Part I. It also serves as a passage into the network of underground chambers that make up Togak's Dungeon, first used during Aldorei's Secret Part II. The quest is started in east Aldorei Town, with Legolus.


Ald T Aerial.png


  • A gateway in the east leads into the southern reaches of the Canyon of the Lost.
  • A large door through a cave north of the town leads into the Cinfras plains, guarded by Elven Archers.
  • Multiple tunnels lead into Aldorei Town from Aldorei Valley.

Points of Interest[]


  • Elven Shrine - An ancient shrine in the eastern valley
  • The Cherry Tree - A large cherry tree in the centre of the western valley, with a tunnel leading into Togak's Dungeon


  • An Uth Shrine - A large shrine located on top of a flat hill just north of the Elven Shrine, used to acquire Uth Runes.




Crafting Stations[]

  • A Jeweling Station is located in the Accessory Merchant's building in the building by the staircase leading to the Uth Shrine.

  • Two Tailoring Stations are located in the house on the other side of the road from the Juggler stand.

  • Two Armouring Stations are located in the same building as the Tailoring Stations.

  • A Scribing Station is located in the same building as the Jeweling Station.

  • A Cooking Station is located in the house just North of the Juggler stand.