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Almuj poster seen in Detlas

Discovery Lore
Even in the harsh desert, people have found a way to survive. The massive city of Almuj uses the nearby water sources to keep its city a thriving oasis.
Coordinates X: 855, Z: -1963
Suggested Level 30
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 31, 33, 35, 37
Weapon Merchant Level 28
Potion Merchant Level 25, 30, 35
Other Merchants Black Market Merchant
Scroll Merchant
Liquid Emerald Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifier
Powder Master
Quest Starts A Sandy Scandal
Meaningful Holiday
Involved Quests Wrath of the Mummy
The Mercenary
Green Gloop

Almuj is a desert-city located at the far eastern part of the world in the Desert of Almuj, geared towards level 30-39 players. It is one of the largest cities in the Wynn Province, in terms of both size and wealth, despite the fact there is a Poverty Ridden Portion in South-Almuj. Adventurers travelling to Almuj will find a full compliment of merchants, an item identifier, and a majestic bank at the pinnacle of the city. The city also plays home to the mysterious "Banker", as well as a swath of rumours regarding an underground merchant. The city currently serves as the starting point of 3 quests, and heroes seeking out challenge will find convenient Almuj's close proximity to the Sand-Swept Tomb. The city is located on a crossroad between the vast savannah and the scorching desert. It is the gateway to the desert.

Travelers looking to make the journey to Almuj are advised to be of at least level 15, as the packs of dangerous ocelots roaming the bordering Savannah could prove deadly. Lower-leveled players can also enter by ascending the wall near Ternaves and walking safely across the top to Almuj.


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Points of interest


  • The Marketplace is located directly in the centre of the city and is where the majority of merchants in Almuj are located.
  • The Lower Portion of the city is the level that the player is on when walking into the Western Gate.
  • The Middle Portion of the city is one level (stair case) above the Lower Portion. This is where most questing in Almuj is completed.
  • The Upper Portion of the city is two levels (stair cases) above the Lower Portion. The only place of importance on the upper portion is an Armour Merchant.
  • The Poverty Ridden Portion of the city is out the southern gate, this is where the Meaningful Holiday Quest is based around.


  • The Almuj Bank is one of the largest banks in the game, located at the highest and most eastern point. However, to gain access, the player must first advance in the A Sandy Scandal quest.
  • The Emerald Labyrinth is located within the bank of Almuj and is essential for the completion of the Jungle Fever quest. It involves the player navigating a large maze in order to find the Almuj Banker. Level 70 Emerald Guards, who do a fair amount of damage, spawn inside the maze.


  • The East Gate is inside the Bank and leads to the desert.
  • The West Gate is the main entrance from the Savannah into Lower Portion of the city.
  • The Southern Gate leads into the Poverty Ridden Portion of the city.

Crafting Stations




  • The name Almuj is an anagram of Jumla, Wynncraft's main game developer.
  • The heads of Wynncraft administrators Jumla, Salted and Grian can be found in the marketplace.
  • Nyris used to stand near the Almuj gates before the 1.12 update.
  • The new Meaningful Holiday Christmas quest takes place in Almuj, much like the older Craftmas Quest did.