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Arachnids' Ascent
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Infested Pit
Province Wynn
Combat Level 14
Starter NPC Private Cob
Reward As follows:

Arachnids' Ascent is a medium level 14 quest centered around getting into the Infested Pit Dungeon near Mt. Wynn.


Private Cob has been tasked by Captain Enduyn with getting a bucket of lava to break into the Infested Pit dungeon, however, he requires the player's help to get the bucket.

Stage 1[]

» Talk To Private Cob in the Savannah at [682, 74, -1714]



  • Private Cob: 'ey there my good chap! I require some assistance!
  • Private Cob: Y'see, I've been tasked to bring some lava over to my cap'n near Mount Wynn.
  • Private Cob: However! The road is completely bubbling with bandits and the undead, right?! Ain't no way I can carry it through.
  • Private Cob: The cap'n said that getting it from Mount Wynn itself woulda been too dangerous, so I picked this safe lava spring, but...
  • Private Cob: Pfft! What a load of baloney! I regret comin' here! Say, ya seem tough! 'bet you could deal with the volcano!
  • Private Cob: Well, if ya want the best route, follow that road with the burn marks. 'sends ya straight to cap'n!
  • Private Cob: Cap'n will tell ya what to do then. Now get movin'!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Lava Bandit 15 150 Melee AI - Water: Weakness
Fire: Damage
- Scorched Trail
100px Fire Bandit 15 250 Melee AI Flamethrower Water: Weakness
Fire: Damage
- Scorched Trail

Stage 2[]

» Speak to Captain Enduyn at [-192, 44, -1822]



  • Enduyn: At ease, soldier! Did Cob send you?
  • Enduyn: That private can't seem to get the bucket of lava here without trouble.
  • Enduyn: I'm sure you're aware that the Nivla Woods are flooded with spiders! Well, turns out they come from this nest, and it must be stopped!
  • Enduyn: Magic doesn't seem to work against that strong web... The same goes for regular fire. So, we thought... Why not just use lava?!
  • Enduyn: Look, that's our best bet right now. If we can kill the queen, we can control the population.
  • Enduyn: Mount Wynn was considered too dangerous to try and enter, but if Cob sent you to try it out yourself, and you think you can do it, go ahead.
  • Enduyn: So I've got a mission for you, soldier. Head to the top of Mount Wynn, the nearby volcano, and return with lava.
  • Enduyn: Don't worry, it's been dormant for hundreds of years. Now take this bucket and get moving! That cave behind you leads right up.

Stage 3[]

» Enter Mount Wynn and collect lava through the cave at [-120, 76, -1888]

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Spiderling.png Spiderling 16 85 Melee AI - - - Mount Wynn
FallingLavaBomb.png Falling Lava Bomb - - - Blows up, scorches ground - - Mount Wynn
Cave Ceiling

As you progress through the cave, you will have to avoid Spiderlings and Lava Bombs, and use a pressure plate to jump across a large gap at one point.

  • You've been rocketed by the great web.

Then, you have to complete a parkour, as the platforms slowly sink into the lava, so you must be quick. At the end, you can enter the lava collection room.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
LavaSpider.png Lava Spider 17 298 Melee AI Flamethrower ✹ Def - Lava Collection Room
HotCoals.png Hot Coals 12 100 Ranged AI - - - Lava Collection Room
Lava Collection Room
-3198, 23, -1730


  • This should be more than enough lava, you should report back to Captain Enduyn.

Stage 4[]

» Report to Captain Enduyn with the lava at [-192, 44, -1822]



  • Enduyn: Ah perfect! Now give me that bucket.
  • Enduyn: Seems like you've got a real knack for spider killing, would you be willing to tackle the queen?
  • Enduyn: I'll keep dealing with the rest of the spiders in the forest.
  • Enduyn: You know what? You see that tunnel behind you? It goes straight back to Cob's position, over at the lava spring.
  • Enduyn: I'll give you permission to use it. Cob had permission this whole time, I have... no clue why he didn't. Well, what's done is done.
  • Enduyn: Anyways, stand clear, I'm about to burn down the webs! Thanks for your assistance, soldier!

Enduyn will use the lava on the webs, creating a hole and an entrance to the dungeon.

  • Enduyn: Here we go!
  • Enduyn: Now head on in and finish off these pests!