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Type Spider, Corrupted
Level 25
Health 2200
AI Type Melee AI
Elemental Properties
Weakness Air
Damage Earth Thunder
Defense Earth
Location Infested Pit
My poor babies are starving. But what shall they feast on? How about... you?
~ Arakadicus

Arakadicus, the "Queen of the Spiders," is a powerful level 25 spider who resides in a massive spider nest near Mt. Wynn, and serves as the final boss in the Infested Pit dungeon (as well as the second lowest-level dungeon boss in the game). The dungeon is designed for players around level 18, although it can be unlocked after level 14. Arakadicus can serve as a dangerous foe for lower-leveled players, as not knowing the mechanics can lead to a quick defeat.

Arakadicus is first encountered at the beginning of the Infested Pit, in which she talks to the player throughout the dungeon, threatening them and revealing the state of the Infested Pit.


To complete the dungeon and claim the rewards, players must fight and defeat Arakadicus.

The boss arena is large and irregularly shaped, but is generally circular with soul sand near the edges. The most important part of this arena is the large Arachnid Idol, which causes Spiderlings and Arakadicus Children to spawn. The Idol has a HP bar, and once it is killed, the minions will stop spawning until the Idol respawns 22 seconds later.

Arakadicus herself attacks with her fangs at melee range, occasionally also using a dangerous Web Spell, which fires a 3x3 block cobweb square at the player, immobilizing them. There is an empty spot in the middle of the square, so if the player stays still, they won't get stuck, though they will still be surrounded by cobwebs. Arakadicus also utilizes Pull spell to bring players closer to her. She deals Thunder/ Earth damage with each hit, but is also weak to Air; therefore at lower levels, the best corresponding equipment is recommended.


Main Attack Web Spell Pull
37 - -

As mentioned above, there are two types of minions in the battle: The weaker Spiderlings, which rush to the player to attack them at closer range, and the stronger and ranged Arakadicus Children, which fire web projectiles towards the player at a steady rate. Movement spell play is important in this battle to avoid the minions and escape Arakadicus' spells.

Minion Damages[]

Main Attack (Spiderling) Main Attack (Arakadicus Child)
14 20

After Arakadicus has been defeated, players will be teleported to the entrance of the dungeon to receive their rewards, including her drops.


This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Little is known about Arakadicus, but her dialogue reveals much about the Infested Pit; it is a massive spider nest which does not escape corruption, leading to a hostile and hungry population of spiders. These spiders are primarily born from Arakadicus, and it appears that a new generation is being reared, evidenced by the large number of eggs seen throughout the dungeon. Many adventurers have tried (and failed) to challenge Arakadicus, leading to her reputation as a serious threat. The spiders found throughout Nivla Forest originate primarily from the Infested Pit, making it the source of many spiders throughout the Wynn province.


  • In older versions of the Spider Dungeon prior to the 1.14.1 Gameplay Update, Arakadicus was just a spider with no custom model. This was changed to better reflect her nature as a spider queen.