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NPC Info
X: 1014 Z: -5643
Location Hidden house near Eltom
Quest Involved The Hidden City

Ardulf is the son of Thesead's Mayor and Eltom's Mayor Eoric. Since they are a villager and a human, he is a "half-breed" according to Thesead's Mayor and never got accepted by society. He is wearing a hooded cloak to conceal his face. That secrecy alerted the citizens of Eltom, and they think he is a traitor. This leads to Mayor Eoric sending the player to find out where Ardulf lives and what he is planning. He lives in a hidden house near Eltom that requires solving a puzzle to get to it. He tells the player that he wants to make money by telling the villagers about the illegal human settlement of Eltom. He apparently wants to prove himself as a villager too, because he "barely feels human anyway". But he doesn't seem to know that the Mayors of Eltom and Thesead are his parents and Eltom is known to Thesead's Mayor for this reason. This brings up the question how he was raised without getting to know his parents.


1014, 147, -5643
Wynncraft Map

Ardulf is first encountered in his hidden house near Eltom after solving a puzzle. During the cutscene, he walks up to the specified spot, turns around and notices the player. He then says his dialogue and vanishes before the player gets teleported to a copy of the house with the note in it.

The second encounter is in the airship, where he stands inside the doorframe, says his dialogue and then locks the player in.

The third encounter is his dead body lying on the ground next to the tower where the airship crashed, with blood splattered around it. The player survives the fall because of the water, while Ardulf landed on the ground.