Wynncraft Wiki
Species Unknown
Level 65
Quest Tower of Ascension
Health 30000
Special Drops Crystal Shard [Floor 1 - Level 10]
Elemental Effects
Earth Damage, Defense
Thunder Defense
Water Weakness
Fire Damage, Defense
Air Weakness

Argaddon is the second boss of the Tower of Ascension, and is found at the top of Floor 2. It is a level 65 enemy, and is essentially the opposite of the Snow Bear, attacking at melee range only. When killed, it drops the "Crystal Shard [Floor 2 - Level 10]", given to the Floor Master to advance to Floor 3.

Argaddon is meant to be fought around level 45-50.


Argaddon is a mostly yellow-ish creature with a flaming rock head. It stands in a typical zombie position, wielding a flaming spear (for which the texture can be seen on certain obtainable spear-type weapons). Additionally, fire effects occur in the middle of its body at all times, giving it a burning appearance.


Argaddon is found at the top of Floor 2 of the Tower of Ascension.


Argaddon attacks the player at melee range. Its movements are simple and quite predictable, as it will only try to rush at the player when it sees them, and every now and then attack with a powerful explosive Meteor spell that has a higher area of effect than its main attack. Strategically, players can decide to kite its small range and stay just out of reach, or engage from range only with smart spell use. Argaddon's decently high HP of 30,000 is most definitely something to consider while strategizing as well.


Main Attack Meteor
≈1010-1030 ≈770/1540*

*Some of the meteors deal double damage

  • For Mages, Ice Snake is a very valuable spell, as it freezes the boss in place while also doing effective damage. Once frozen, take the time to heal or dish out more damage with additional Ice Snakes or Meteors.
  • Archers should probably stay at a range, as the heavily focused melee nature of Argaddon means that close spell play may not be viable.
  • Warriors have the opportunity to kite Argaddon, or alternatively play at medium-close range and utilize spells. Either way, the player should be careful of Argaddon's melee prowess.
  • Assassins can use Vanish to recuperate as no other mobs spawn, and Grade II Spin Attacks & Smoke Bombs (Obtained at Level 16 and 46 respectively) to slow the boss considerably, doing effective air damage and opening him up for additional spells.
  • Shamans should keep a fair distance to the boss and take them out while not risking taking heavy damage, unless the player's build allows it. Totem can be utilized for damage and healing buffs, as always.

Overall, this boss' simplistic melee fighting pattern should make strategizing quite easy for the player.