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NPC Info
X: -450 Z: -1143
Location Time Valley
Quest Involved Deja Vu

Asher is an NPC involved in the quest Deja Vu. He asks you for a shovel you supposedly set out to find 2 weeks ago, sending you on a short but interesting journey back in time.


Time Valley
-450, 72, -1144
Wynncraft Map

Asher resides in a house in the Time Valley. The house is not far from a huge set of doors.

Festival of the Blizzard[]

Asher (Festival of the Blizzard)
NPC Info
X: 492 Z: -1587
Location Detlas

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

Time Valley
-450, 72, -1144
Wynncraft Map
  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler:
    • Asher: Hey, again! What brings you to my little cottage out here?
  • Further conversation with Asher:
    • [1] "There's a festival in Detlas.":
      • Asher: Detlas! Oh, wow. I don't think I've been there since the time I was studying with my old mentor, Lacrona...
      • Asher: I'd love to come! But, uh... You remember that shovel I had, right? Strange time magic, and all that.
      • Asher: So... since I don't have that anymore, I've been looking for. You know. New things!
      • Asher: And I think I've found something interesting, but... I can't really get it. So, you know, maybe you could do it for me?
      • Asher: There are these strange totem-like objects around Time Valley, and I haven't been able to figure them out! If you find out what their deal is, could you let me know? Thanks!
    • [2] "What's it like living in Time Valley?":
      • Asher: Time Valley? Oh... It's really interesting, actually. I've found tons of cool objects while I've been researching here!
      • Asher: And... then... lost those objects. Lots of times.
      • Asher: But hey, that's fine! They're interesting while I have them, and that's good enough for me.
      • Asher: The weirdest part is... well, Martyn. I've lived here for years now, and I still don't know what his deal is.
    • [3] "I'm just passing by.":
      • Asher: Oh, alright! I'll see you around, then.
  • Giving Asher 1 Time Fragment:
    • Asher: Oh, you're back! Did you find anything?
    • Asher: Woah. Now that's a cool object. Not as cool as the shovel, obviously, but still.
    • Asher: Well, alright! That's that mystery solved. Now I can come to the festival!
492, 67, -1587
Wynncraft Map
  • Talking to Asher in Detlas:
    • Asher: Snow, in Detlas? That's really interesting. A Craftmas miracle, maybe?
    • Asher: Well, thanks for inviting me! Wow, this place has changed since I was last here. It feels like just yesterday...
    • Asher: Or maybe that's just my time in Time Valley speaking. Either way, I'll be sure to enjoy the festivities!
  • Further conversation with Asher:
    • Asher: Heya, <playername>! What can I do for you?
    • [1] "Can you tell me more about your mentor?":
      • Asher: ...I did mention her, didn't I? Well, alright. I'll tell you about Lacrona.
      • Asher: Back when I was living here, in Detlas, I was a bit lost. I didn't really know what I wanted to do with myself!
      • Asher: She saw me one day, when I was visiting her shop, and she must have seen something in me. She offered me a job, and taught me most of what I know.
      • Asher: A few months after I left for Time Valley, I got news she'd died. Killed by spiders in Nivla, apparently. I never really got to give her a proper goodbye. Guess I never will.
      • Asher: ... Sorry, was that a bit much? We can talk about the festival if you want. It is... really snowy here! Wow!
    • [2] "What do you know about Old Man Martyn?":
      • Asher: Oh, uh... Not a lot, truth be told. When I moved to Time Valley, he showed up out of nowhere and asked a lot of questions about my intentions with the place.
      • Asher: After I answered as well as I could, he agreed to let me stay. I haven't seen him much otherwise.
      • Asher: Sometimes I'll find an item in the valley that he'll confiscate, but mostly he leaves me alone.
    • [3] "What's the coolest thing you've found in Time Valley?":
      • Asher: The coolest thing I've found? Let me think...
      • Asher: Okay, I've thought of something. So, one day while I was exploring the ruins, I found a really weird-looking bow in some rubble.
      • Asher: It was covered in strange markings that I couldn't understand. Which, you know, par for the course. That tends to be the case with most objects I find.
      • Asher: Anyway, I tried shooting an arrow at a nearby creature... And it looked like it got rapidly shot back in time! I tried it a few more times after that, too.
      • Asher: Sometimes they'd fast-forward and go racing by me, too... And a lot of the times they'd disappear completely, or get jammed inside a solid wall!
      • Asher: So, uh, Martyn really didn't like that I had that. He showed up the next morning, took it without saying a word, and left.
      • Asher: Which, let me tell you, is less than he normally says! Surprisingly enough. Uh, so yeah, that's probably the coolest thing I've found.
    • [4] "Just passing through.":
      • Asher: Alrighty then, see you around!
  • Gift-Giving Dialogue:
    • Asher: Oh, <playername>! There you are! Gosh, I was wondering when you'd show up.
    • Asher: Well, it's Craftmas, isn't it? That means I get to give you a gift!
    • Asher: And this isn't just any gift... It's an antique! One of my favorite things to look at... But you did save me, after all, so I'll give it to you.
    • Asher: It's a snowglobe I was given by Martyn some time ago. It's always interested me, but I've never figured out how it was made... Either way, it's yours now, so it's up to you now!
    • [+1 Antique Snowglobe]
    • Asher: Right. Well, I guess that's all I had to say! Anything you want to know?


  • Asher was previously part of the now removed quest Suspended Flowers, which was replaced by Deja Vu.
    • Lacrona, the mentor Asher mentions in some of his festival dialogue, was the starting NPC for this quest, in which she was also his mentor.