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NPC Info
X: 461 Z: -1582
Location Detlas

Aster is an NPC dedicated to the Festival of the Heroes, and can be found in Detlas from 7th March, 2022 until 31st March, 2022, as part of the fourth seasonal festival in Wynncraft. Aster appears alongside many Festival Workers and Festival Goers.


First Time[]

  • Aster: Yes, yes, set that up over- Oh, hello there! You must be here for the festival, yes?
  • Aster: Welcome to the Festival of the Heroes! We've prepared numerous festivities for you to enjoy around town while we're here.
  • Aster: To the northwest you can find a set of games to play and prizes to win! Or, you could participate in the Scavenger Hunt! If you'd like more details, feel free to ask me.
  • Aster: Or, of course, you could view one of our scheduled performances! As a matter of fact... we may even have a special guest show up later in the event!
  • Aster: Regardless, there's plenty for you to do and see while you're here. We hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, I'll be here to answer them.

Consecutive Conversations[]

  • Aster: Ah! Hello again! What can I do for you today?
    • If you have an unclaimed reward:
    • Aster: Ah! Hello again! It seems you're eligible for x reward(s) from the Scavenger Hunt! Let me know if I can help you with anything.

Can I have some information about the Scavenger Hunt?

  • Aster: Of course! Let me know what you'd like to know about the Scavenger Hunt.
  • Could you give me some hints?
    • Line 1 Dialogues:
    • Aster: Ahem. Let's see here...
    • Aster: The hint's right here, on my list. Just let me find it...
    • Aster: Yes, yes, a hint. One moment...
    • Line 2 Dialogues:
    • Aster: Ah! {Hint}
    • Aster: Right, of course. {Hint}
    • Aster: Here we are! {Hint}
    • Aster: Hm... {Hint}
    • Aster: There it is! {Hint}
    • Aster: There you have it! Would you like to hear another?
    • Tell me another.
      • Selecting this option repeats the dialogue.
    • That's Enough.
      • Aster: Sounds good. Happy hunting!
    • Already collected all boxes available with more to come:
      • Aster: Well, it looks like you've found every box we currently have! There'll be more to find in x hours.
    • Collected all the boxes:
      • Aster: Hm... It seems as though you've found all 60 locations! Congratulations! I have no more hints for you, in that case.
  • How many boxes have I found, and how many are left?
    • Aster: Let's see, you have found x boxes, and there are y boxes left to find!
    • Collected all the boxes available:
      • Aster: Let's see... It seems you have found every box we currently have out! x boxes in total.
  • When will the next boxes be available?
    • Aster: Hm... there'll be more boxes to find in x hours!
    • After March 27th:
      • Aster: We've already hidden every Scavenger Hunt box we have! You'll just have to find them all, I suppose.
  • Where can I get more Scavenger Seekers?
    • Aster: Ah, of course, the Scavenger Seekers. You can purchase more at the Carnival Area to the northwest!
  • How do I get rewards? [1]
    • Aster: Well, let's see here. You'll receive a minor reward for every single location you find...
    • Aster: But, you'll also receive a larger reward for every twenty boxes you locate!
    • Aster: Keep searching! I'm sure you'll earn something new in no time.
  • Can I claim my rewards? [2]
    • Aster: Yes, you certainly may! Let me check my list here...
    • Aster: Ah, yes! It seems you are eligible for x reward(s). Here you are! Take this/these, you've certainly earned them.
  • Nevermind, I've changed my mind.
    • Aster: Alright! You know where to find me.

What is there to do around here?

  • Aster: Well, as previously mentioned, there's the Scavenger Hunt, of course! Plenty to do with that whole event.
  • Aster: Of course, there are performances every so often - I'd suggest attending as many as you can! Though, of course, you can learn more with the fellow nearby.
  • Aster: There's the Carnival Area to the northwest! We still have a few games open, I believe. We were originally going to have more, but... well, circumstances didn't allow for it.
  • Aster: Hm... I believe we also invited some experts to speak on certain topics! Though, I'm not sure where any of them have gone. You'll find them around, I'm sure!
  • Aster: And... I suppose that would be it! I hope you enjoy your time around here.

How long will this festival last?

  • Aster: Right, let's see... This festival of ours will be around for another x days.

Can you tell me about an item I have?

  • Aster: Hm... I don't see why not!
  • Aster: Which item of yours would you like me to tell you about?
  • Emblem of the Blizzard/Spirits/Bonfire
    • Aster: Ah... I-Hm. I believe... No, sorry, I'm afraid I don't recognize this item.
    • Aster: It... It certainly holds power, I can tell you that much. I-... I couldn't tell you what type, however.
  • Emblem of the Heroes
    • Aster: Ah, of course! Our festival's emblem. This is, I suppose, a participation reward. For attending this festival we worked hard to put together!
    • Aster: I wrote the inscription, and I firmly believe in the message it presents. Anyone can be a hero, anyone can tell their story.
    • Aster: ...Yes, anyway. Thank you for attending!
  • Trophy Festival Coin
    • Aster: A trophy coin? Well, you've certainly mastered the Carnival Games then, haven't you!
    • Aster: A fine achievement, all things considered. Display it where any and all can see it!
  • Charm of Twilight
    • Aster: Yes, the Charm of Twilight. It's a rather basic magical trinket, but it's very effective!
    • Aster: I have my own charm for personal use. Sometimes you need a sunset to set the mood for an adventure!
  • Minstrel's Tuner
    • Aster: The Minstrel's Tuner... That, as it so happens, is an item I'm less familiar with! From what I recall, similar instruments have been used by bards all across the world.
    • Aster: Music played by it motivates those who hear it, and drives them forward! It's very potent magic, and now it's yours!
  • Hero's Mask
    • Aster: The Hero's Mask! This one is fairly simple. It's been enchanted to surround the user with a magical aura that grants them great strength!
    • Aster: Something similar to the strength Siegfried himself wields, I would imagine.
  • Actually, I don't have anything
    • Aster: Well, alright! You know where to find me.

I don't have any questions.

  • Aster: I'll see you around!


Combat XP Boost[]

  • Aster: Right! Here we are, then! Thank you all for joining me here today.
  • Aster: I'd like to begin with a few words about this province's great hero - Bob.
  • Aster: As many of you in the audience may know, Bob spent his life defending our cities from the corruption.
  • Aster: But! Bob's skill in his arts did not come from nowhere, of course. He trained for many years to reach the mastery we all know him for!
  • Aster: And, just like him, every one of you in the audience has the potential to reach mastery. To work hard, and become your best self.
  • Aster: So take that initiative! Take the lessons learned from our heroes, and work to achieve greatness! Thank you for your time.

Mobility Boosts[]

  • Aster: Oh, I see a great many faces in the crowd today! Excellent. Welcome all!
  • Aster: Today I'd like to speak about a hero who is, perhaps, less known than Bob. Tisaun, who defended Troms against a horde one thousand strong!
  • Aster: As the stories go, he alone went up against the swarm of undead, with naught but a shoddy breastplate and sword.
  • Aster: And yet, despite his disadvantage, he managed this feat without a scratch! He struck quickly and outsped the enemy, and slew the traitor who led the assault.
  • Aster: The lesson to take from this story is that strength does not come solely from your equipment. Strategy, skill, and speed play a great part in one's success in battle!
  • Aster: I believe any one of you in this crowd can find that skill within yourselves. So go out there, and remember Tisaun's story! Thank you for your time.

Loot Bonus Boosts[]

  • Aster: Hello, hello! Good to see you all today.
  • Aster: A greatly essential thing for any hero to keep in mind is what one might find in adventuring! Treasure, perhaps?
  • Aster: One such example is Siegfried, Gavel's resident hero! Throughout his adventures, he has claimed many riches from all over the province.
  • Aster: However, a good hero knows not to be greedy! Siegfried donates all his findings to the people of Gavel, who he defends on a daily basis.
  • Aster: Many others have followed his example in their adventures, and the world is a better place for it!
  • Aster: So remember - no matter your strength, you too can be a hero by spreading the wealth you find! So why not go find some now? Thank you for your time.

Gathering XP Boost[]

  • Aster: Good day, everyone! Lots of people today, huh?
  • Aster: Let's get right into it - Bob is a very well known hero! Many know his mastery of four weapons, and the arts that come along with them!
  • Aster: With such a story, you may think his proficiency with his weapons is the extent of his strength. He trained hard and long, and came out on top.
  • Aster: I would like to challenge this notion. Training isn't just about how you handle your weapon - It's primarily about bettering yourself however possible.
  • Aster: Such improvements may have come through weapon mastery, but they also come through in many smaller steps you can take! After all, Bob did not only master his weapons. He mastered himself.
  • Aster: And you! Every one of you present today can also work to better yourself, however you can! Take those smaller steps every day, and find mastery. Thank you for your time.

Damage Boost[]

  • Aster: Ahem. Hello, everybody! Are you excited for today's performance? I certainly am.
  • Aster: Today I'll be telling you all about the exploits of Tisaun! A hero well-known for his great defense of Troms.
  • Aster: Of course, he didn't just stop there. Before and after his triumph at Troms, he and many others put much work into the formation of guilds!
  • Aster: Tisaun and his guildmates were not great heroes from the very start. They began as regular soldiers, and worked hard to reach their current status!
  • Aster: And with the formation of guilds, Tisaun hoped to create a world where anyone willing to fight could become a real hero! And, truly, is that not the world we live in now?
  • Aster: So, as I bring this to a close, remember - anyone can be a hero if they put the work in. That includes all of you in the audience today! Thank you for your time.

Gathering Speed Boost[]

  • Aster: Ah, here we are again. Hello folks!
  • Aster: Today I bring you all a story about this province's great protector, Bob. A story unlike most told of the man.
  • Aster: While a large part of his work involved fighting off threats, a smaller part dealt with the aftermath. Many a time cities would be damaged in undead attacks...
  • Aster: And in the aftermath of destruction, everyone was expected to help out! To repair, to rebuild stronger than before. Even our great hero Bob!
  • Aster: Despite the difficulty of the work, Bob took to it with pride. Rebuilding, fortifying, all of it important work! And so he toiled along with everyone else, preparing for what would come next.
  • Aster: The moral of the story is that being a hero isn't always fame and glory... And yet, every part of that work remains important. Thank you for your time.

Loot Quality Boost[]

  • Aster: Well, well! I see a few new faces out there. It's good to see people attending!
  • Aster: I imagine mopst of you are familiar with Siegfried, yes? The Hero of Gavel! Many of his feats are told across the land, and for good reason!
  • Aster: I, myself, have met the man once or twice. It's quite inspiring how he manages to be a great hero, yet also remains down to earth.
  • Aster: One important tip he gave, me at one of our meetings was to seek out high quality equipment. A well-made pair of leggings has saved his life many a time, so he says!
  • Aster: And now, I have passed this information on to you all! Equipment plays an important part in a hero's journey, on top of one's own skills.
  • Aster: So, then, go out into the world! Remember your equipment, for it will serve you well! Thank you for your time.

Elemental Damage Boost[]

  • Aster: Yes, yes, hello everyone! My, this is certainly a crowd.
  • Aster: As it so happens today I'll be speaking aboput Bob! The Wynn Province's beloved hero, gone, but not forgotten.
  • Aster: He was in many ways a master of his arts, and used them well to defend our province.
  • Aster: Something he excelled in was his use of varied elements in both offense and Defense. Allegedly, his weapons each made use of all five elements!
  • Aster: And from this, a lesson can be learned. Making good use of elements, even if not to the extent that Bob did, is key to one's success!
  • Aster: So remember, find a balance in elements! Whether you invest in one, or select many to excel in, I trust you may succeed. Thank you for your time.


  1. This option is unable to be selected if you have unclaimed rewards.
  2. This option appears if you have a reward not claimed yet.