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Astraulus' Tower SiteIcon.png
A screenshot of the island
Coordinates X: 1215, Z: -4935
Suggested Level 96
Involved Quests Recipe For Disaster

Astraulus' Tower is on rather-interesting colored island in the Sky Islands region, close to the Molten Heights.


The tower is used to get to The Moon In order to get the Quicksalt and the Zork Rinds ingredients.

Climbing Up[]

The tower have a gimmick; by stepping on the quartz block in the rooms on the tower, the gravity will be switch upside down and the other way. By thinking a bit and looking up, you will eventually find yourself climb up the tower up to a point.... that you fall out of the sky to The Moon...


  • Astrulaus: Welcome to Astulaus Astral House! Can you get to the top by flipping gravity?

  • Astrulaus: Astronomical progress! but this is just the beginning!
  • Astrulaus: ...And why did you come to my tower?

  • Astrulaus: My quicksalt and zork rinds? How absurd! I collected mine myself, you collect yours! It's only fair.

  • Astrulaus: I though I told you to get it yourself... oh forget it. I'll just teleport you to it! I put a magic spell on you so you won't... die.


  • Near the entrance to the tower, there is a big chunk of moon-rock.