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NPC Info
X: 17250 Z: 13500
Location Corkus Province
Quest Involved The Feathers Fly Part I, The Feathers Fly Part II

Ava is an Avo inventor who was banished from the tribe for practicing electromagic. During the quests The Feathers Fly Part I and The Feathers Fly Part II, she and the player work to create and operate a Growth Accelerator machine, and to try to get either the Avos or the Corkians to accept Ava's usage of electromagic.


Ava's Workshop
17250, 13500

At the start of The Feathers Fly Part I, Ava is located in her workshop in the Avos Territory, with the entrance at [-1729, 134, -3267].

Festival of the Blizzard[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

Ava (Ava's Workshop)
NPC Info
X: 17084 Z: 13503
Location Avos Territory

In Ava's Workshop[]

Ava's Workshop
17084, 59, 13503
  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler:
    • Ava: O-Oh! <playername>? Um… What are you doing here?
  • Further conversation with Ava:
    • [1] "There are festivities in Detlas.":
      • Ava: D-Detlas? You want me to go to... Wynn? Oh man, they'd... They'd...
      • Ava: And what's in Detlas, huh? I’m all ears!
      • Ava: Blizzard, you say? Um - I don't handle the cold all too well but I suppose I could use a bunch of clothes to keep me warm...
      • Ava: Well, if you're the one inviting me... After everything you’ve done for me, I guess I could tag along.
      • Ava: Just one thing, though! One little thing! There's a component I've been meaning to get, and it's a little hard to find! Could you possibly help me out on that one?
      • Ava: Bring me [1 Insulated Wiring] and I'll join you in... Deltas. Detlas? Yeah, Detlas.
    • [2] "What are you up to?":
      • Ava: You wanna know what I've been doing after everything? Oh, haha, it's a funny story!
      • Ava: Y'see, it happened not too long after the... incident in Corkus City. I was looking for some mech scrap one day, and suddenly there was this-
      • Ava: Wait.
      • Ava: Um... I, uh... I've just been gathering a ton of scrap. That's it. Haha! Silly me!!
      • Ava: ...
      • Ava: ...Maxie said I shouldn't talk about this too much.
      • Ava: So! What about you!! Exploring the world as always, huh?? Nice, nice.
      • [1] "I've been doing fine.":
        • Ava: Really?! That's great to hear!
        • Ava: Doing fine despite all the bad around us, haha... Takes some real optimism!
        • Ava: Good on you! Good on you... Well, tell me if you need anything else.
      • [2] "Actually, I'm not having the greatest of times.":
        • Ava: Oh... oh no! That's not good.
        • Ava: I can... I can ask Maxie to give you a hug! If that helps.
        • Ava: Maybe making a massaging machine would be cool... Though that'd probably break some spines.
        • Ava: Well, don't worry! I'll be there. Did you want anything else?
      • [3] "What?":
        • Ava: Look, just don't worry about it...
        • Ava: We're far from ready. But maybe one day! Maybe one day I'll show you. Not now, though. Not soon, either. Someday.
    • [3] "I don't need anything.":
      • Ava: Oh, alright! Bet you're here for some Speed Surges, huh? Well, the robot's downstairs. Be seeing ya!
  • Giving Ava 1 Insulated Wiring:
    • Ava: No way! You got one?! Why thank you so much! You’re so... Nice... I'm still not used to people being, y'know.. kind? Haha...
    • Ava: Anyway!! I'll come!! To Deltas!! See you there!! I hope I don't get lost!

Ava will then burst into white particles and disappear.

In Detlas[]

Ava (Detlas)
NPC Info
X: 432 Z: -1623
Location Detlas
432, 67, -1623
Wynncraft Map
  • Talking to Ava in Detlas:
    • Ava: Hey! Uh, I, haha, didn't expect that many people...
    • Ava: ...This is gonna be a stressful time but if all goes wrong I can just fly away and flee from all problems, right? Haha!
    • Ava: At least it's pretty! I'll give you that. I'm not used to seeing all these kinds of decorative items... It's pretty interesting.
    • Ava: Maybe I could snatch one, see how it works and...
    • Ava: Anyway!! Craftmas, am I right?
  • Further conversation with Ava:
    • Ava: Thanks for the invite! Did you want anything?
    • [1] "How have you been?":
      • Ava: What, me? I've certainly been doing... relatively fine? I think?
      • Ava: How do people know these things? Do you know when you're doing fine?
      • Ava: ...that doesn't matter. I could be doing worse, so I suppose that's good enough!!
      • Ava: And you know what, puns aside, this festival really is pretty cool. I don't really do too well around people, but that's fine.
      • Ava: At least, I'm not alone! I'm putting Maxie to some real good use: Company.
      • Ava: Actually, do the people here even know about Avos? With everything going on in this province, I wouldn't blame them.
      • Ava: Sorry for rambling! I'm fine, I swear!
    • [2] "What are your thoughts on Wynn?":
      • Ava: Wynn... Yeah, it's really not as good as I imagined.
      • Ava: You know, I almost went there once, as a child.
      • Ava: One day, I had this argument and I just wanted to flee from home.
      • Ava: I could've flown all the way to Wynn if there wasn't any storm. If the weather wanted it, my life would've been entirely different! It's funny how the little things can turn into major life events.
      • Ava: The province itself seems pretty dangerous, though. I'm sure I would've been fine, but it's hard to imagine how it is for humans. I've seen a glimpse of your corruption in the form of a few undeads... They're not pretty.
      • Ava: And you guys have to deal with that every day? Huh! No wonders you're all so tough!
      • Ava: At least Detlas seems relatively safe.
    • [3] "Tell me about Maxie.":
      • Ava: Oh, Maxie! Haha, silly Maxie...
      • Ava: Maxie's a really clumsy boy for sure. I do think it makes him pretty cute, but it's also not very convenient when it comes to help. He's getting better at Electromagic, though!
      • Ava: Especially with our newfound training du- wait, nevermind that. I'll just say that yes, he's getting better! It's a little funny how an Avo is miles better than a human at it.
      • Ava: His current project is, like, a sort-of back scratcher, right?
      • Ava: I honestly don't get why he added claws as a feature.
      • Ava: It's, um, a work in progress.
      • Ava: I'm really glad he's part of my life now though. It really is a change from... Loneliness.
      • Ava: Though, the strangest thing happened earlier, when we came here. There's this pirate-looking guy, and, for some reason...
      • Ava: It's almost as if Maxie froze up when seeing him! He kinda stared at the guy? But he didn't say anything about this. I think he just liked the look of the pirate? And he'd be right! Pirates are cool!
    • [4] "Tell me about Efena.":
      • Ava: Efena... She's scary. I guess her being a president plays a part in that. Obviously, I'm thankful for her, especially the part where I didn't get thrown in jail, and yet...
      • Ava: It's alright, she just makes me anxious. She gave me a chance to actually try and make a real difference, so I'll take it. I have to.
      • Ava: So, all in all, Efena is cool, HOWEVER, the other council members...
      • Ava: I guess that's my bad if they're not too fond of me. But this one girl, urgh... What was her name again? Sybel? Cible? Something like that? Point is, I don't think she'll ever like me...
      • Ava: Maxie told me how she's the one who's really, REALLY trying to get me at the very least thrown in jail.
      • Ava: I know I punched her, but... Hm.
      • Ava: I guess I just feel like it's not the last I hear from her.
    • [5] "Tell me about the Avos Chief.":
      • Ava: Chief... I know he's been watching me. I know he's there, from afar, curious, waiting for something to happen.
      • Ava: I've heard some other Avos say he often visits the Workshop, but I'm never here when he does. Coincidence or not, I can almost feel his presence.
      • Ava: Now I wonder why I didn't install any sort of camera in the Workshop! I'm not familiar with these things though...
      • Ava: I'm not sure what it is Chief wants. Probably nothing. I don't even know if he's mad at me! I sure didn't help the Corkian-Avo relationship, haha...
      • Ava: But - since he somewhat trusts both you and Maxie - maybe this is fine. I'm sure he doesn't mean any harm.
    • [6] "Just passing through.":
      • Ava: See ya later!
  • Gift-Giving Dialogue:
    • Ava: <playername>! I got something for you... I'm trying to follow your gift-giving tradition or something?
    • Ava: I guess you can consider it another thank you for everything you've done, haha!
    • Ava: Um... Please just take this! There's, uh, one from Efena as well...
    • [+4 Corkian Amplifier IIs]
    • Ava: I'll... I'll see you around!