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The First Half[]

There are 5 missions. When you finish three missions you can skip to the next part. When you enter Reddy will greet you saying:

  • [1/6] Reddy: Welcome to Lusuco!
  • [2/6] Reddy: If this was a normal day I'd introduce you to the town and the Fair...
  • [3/6] Reddy: But an avalanche is coming really soon and we must prepare ourselves.*
  • [4/6] Reddy: So... Can you help us?
  • [5/6] Reddy: Great! Just go around the town and talk to people, and help them with what they need before the avalanche comes.
  • [6/6] Reddy: It should be simple, thank you for helping us in advance!
  • Complete missions before the avalanche starts to progress.

Start the mission by talking to Forve.

  • [1/4] Forve: I really need help... I work on maintaining the mechanisms in Lusuco.
  • [2/4] Forve: But I'm having trouble closing the gate on my own as it hasn't been used in ages!
  • [3/4] Forve: I need another person, can you help me please?
  • [4/4] Forve: Great! Follow me, let's go there.
  • [Mission Started: Defending the Gate]

Follow Forve to the entrance where you begin the minigame.
There are three rounds where you will have three buttons placed in a 3x3 redstone lamp, you have 5 seconds to click the buttons that have all the redstone lamp lits.

DefendingtheGate(Light,On).png DefendingtheGate(Light,Off).png

When the first lever is triggered and the lights are successfully pressed 3 times:

  • Gate's mechanism enabled...

When the second lever is triggered and the lights are successfully pressed 4 times:

  • Gate's mechanism enabled...

When the third lever is triggered and the lights are successfully pressed 5 times, you will be teleported out of the room.

  • You should talk to Forve...

When you talk to Frove again:

  • [1/2] Forve: This is great! We should have extra protection with this gate.
  • [2/2] Forve: Thank you for your help!
  • [Mission Completed: Defending the Gate]

Start the mission by talking to Yot:

  • [1/4] Yot: My husband went to get some items in Nesaak on his caravan and hasn't returned yet...
  • [2/4] Yot: I'm a bit worried something's happened to him... Can you reproduce his path and check out if everything's fine?
  • [3/4] Yot: Be careful with the snow storm though, it's getting stronger by the minute and you could get hit...
  • [4/4] Yot: Talk to me again whenever we can start this mission.
  • [Mission Started: Lost in The Snow]

Get Miti back to Lusuco by going through the storm without getting hit, then go back after you find Miti to finish the mission.
Upon reaching Lusuco:

  • [1/1] Yot: Thank you so much for your help.
  • [Mission Completed: Lost in The Snow]

Start the mission by talking to Jaybip.

  • [1/6] Jaybip: I've heard you're helping around the citizens and I'm having some trouble with my shop.
  • [2/6] Jaybip: I sell explosives, but as I heard that an avalanche was coming I got a bit worried.
  • [3/6] Jaybip: I have some unstable TNTs in my shop that have to be moved before the avalanche to avoid explosions.
  • [4/6] Jaybip: The thing is... Once you start moving them you won't have much time to take them all the way to the storage on the 2nd floor.
  • [5/6] Jaybip: So you must quickly place the 5 Unstable TNTs in the pile on the 2nd floor's storage before they blow up! And remember that you can only hold 1 TNT at a time.
  • [6/6] Jaybip: Thank you for your help in advance... And try to stay alive and not blow Lusuco up.
  • [Mission Started: Explosion Prevention]

You have 2 minutes to deliver the 5 Unstable TNTs to the storage on the second floor, and you can only take one TNT at a time. Right-Click on an Unstable TNT to pick it up, and travel to the second floor, where you can deliver them at the very end of the room.

RightClicktoGettheUnstableTNT.png RightClicktoDelivertheUnstableTNTs.png

When picking up an Unstable TNT:

  • Deliver this Unstable Tnt on the 2nd floor's storage.

When you try picking up more than one Unstable TNT at a time:

  • You can only hold one TNT at a time!

When an Unstable TNT is delivered:

  • [+1] Unstable TNT Delivered

When all the Unstable TNT is delivered within the time limit:

  • [1/2] Jaybip: Thank you for your help!
  • [2/2] Jaybip: Here they should be safe from the storm.
  • [Mission Completed: Explosion Prevention]

Start the mission by talking to Ario.

  • [1/3] Ario: Can you help these poor people please? They're homeless and have been living here for some time now...
  • [2/3] Ario: But I don't think they'll make it through the storm.
  • [3/3] Ario: Just talk to them and see what they need... I can help you get the supplies once you've talked to them.
  • [Mission Started: Stone Cold]

Talk to the three homeless.

  • You should talk to Ario to figure out how to help them...

Talk to Ario after you finish talking to the homeless.

Olaf wants a coat, talk to the child Kristoff to get his spare coat. He will tell you to check the house for the spare coat, you won't find it there so he will tell you to check his dog behind the house.

  • How did a dog find this...?

You will find a cave enter it, you will find the dog with the coat. There will be parkour where ice makes a path to the dog, and you need to jump to the next ice before the one you stand on melts.

  • You should get the other items and bring them to Ario.

Stone Cold, Coat.png

Sven wants a healing potion, talk to Hans he will help you make a potion and will give you a bottle to take water for your third task. You will have to get the ingredient that he wants fast, if you were late you will start over.
The first round:

  • 1 Cobweb,
    2 Spider Eye and
    1 Crushed Zombie

The second round:

  • 3 Crushed Zombie,
    2 Nether Wart and
    2 Slimeball

The third round:

  • 3 Mushroom,
    3 Bat Wing and
    1 Rotten Pumpkin

Stone Cold, Potion.png

Elsa wants a bottle of water, talk to Hans to get an empty bottle then go to the cave from the first task and get the clean water.
Stone Cold, Water.png

When you get Ario all the items:

  • [1/3] Ario: Thank you so much for your help.
  • [2/3] Ario: They'll stay in my house during the storm.
  • [3/3] Ario: This should help them.
  • [Mission Completed: Stone Cold]

Start the mission by talking to Jared:

  • [1/3] Jared: Please help me! I just heard that there's a storm coming and my children are playing Pig Puck!
  • [2/3] Jared: Can you please bring them home?! I need to get everything ready for the storm.
  • [3/3] Jared: Just go to the Ice Rink and bring my kids home safely.
  • [Mission Started: Child Rescue]

Go to the Pig Puck playground to bring back the kids, you will find it blocked by the snow.
Child Rescue, Snow.png
The ground will crumble and you will find your self inside a cave.

  • You fell under the ice rink! There must be a way out somewhere...
  • It looks like a dead end, the hole on the rood's too high for you to climb...

Child Rescue, Cave.png
The children made a hole in the Pig Puck arena, when you get to the end of the cave you will hear the kids talking.

  • You notice the two kids Jared asked you to rescue near the hole and scream for help.

They will hear someone screaming down and will throw you a levitation potion, right click it to use it to levitate you up all the way to the hole they made. You will tell them about the storm and you will be teleported back.

When you talk to Jared after rescuing the children:

  • [1/3] Jared: Thank you so much for helping my children!
  • [2/3] Jared: I was so worried about them getting caught up in the storm!
  • [3/3] Jared: I hope you can help the other citizens... In times like this we could always use someone like you.
  • [Mission Completed: Child Rescue]

After finishing three missions, you will be able to enter the banker for the second part of the minigame:

  • [1/1] Reddy: It's starting <playername>! We don't have time to help anyone else! Come to the city center so we can hide.
  • [1/4] Reddy: Hurry, <playername>! Hurry!
  • [2/4] Reddy: We need to help more people... But there's not enough time!
  • [3/4] Reddy: The avalanche's almost here... We need to hide. Come with me.
  • [4/4] Reddy: I have a bunker... We can stay here during the storm.



After getting into the bunker, the storm will destroy the town. Mobs will start appearing and you will need to defend the town by killing 20 mobs.

  • [1/1] Reddy: <playername>? Are you awake? Come up here! The storm's over.
  • [1/1] Reddy: Oh no... No no no... What should we do?! The damage was huge!
  • [1/1] Reddy: How are we even supposed to repair this?!
  • [1/1] Reddy: Wait did you hear that?! Oh! The storm must've dragged monsters! Prepare to defend the town, <playername>

After killing 20 monsters:

  • [1/3] Reddy: Great job, recruit! I think they've stopped coming.
  • [2/3] Reddy: I think you should go around the town again and see how everyone is...
  • [3/3] Reddy: The situation looks pretty terrible.


Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Snowift(Level40).png Snowift 40 420 Melee - - - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
SnowSprite(Level40).png Snow Sprite 40 440 Melee Vanish - - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Avalield(Level40).png Avalield 40 550 Melee Pull
- - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Whiteout(Level40).png Whiteout 40 600 Ranged - Air: Damage - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Delugiolem(Level40).png Delugiolem 40 1400 Melee Multihit - - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Blizotaur(Level42).png Blizotaur 42 820 Melee Arrow Storm Air: Damage - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Snowtinel(Level43).png Snowtinel 43 285 Ranged - - - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Flocon(Level45).png Flocon 45 600 Ranged - Water: Weakness - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche


Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Snowift(Level70).png Snowift 70 2300 Melee - - - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Avalield(Level72).png Avalield 72 2950 Melee Pull
- - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Snowtinel(Level75).png Snowtinel 75 1875 Ranged - - - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Delugiolem(Level75).png Delugiolem 75 9200 Melee Multihit - - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Flocon(Level75).png Flocon 75 1500 Ranged - Water: Weakness - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
SnowSprite(Level70).png Snow Sprite 70 3250 Melee Vanish - - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Blizotaur(Level77).png Blizotaur 77 4600 Melee Arrowstorm Air: Damage - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Whiteout(Level80).png Whiteout 80 2000 Ranged - Air: Damage - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche


Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Snowift(Level100).png Snowift 100 6450 Melee - - - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
SnowSprite(Level100).png Snow Sprite 100 9100 Melee Vanish - - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Whiteout(Level102).png Whiteout 102 5000 Ranged - Air: Damage - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Avalield(Level103).png Avalield 103 9400 Melee Pull
- - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Flocon(Level105).png Flocon 105 6000 Ranged - Water: Weakness - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Snowtinel(Level105).png Snowtinel 105 7200 Ranged - - - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Blizotaur(Level110).png Blizotaur 110 14550 Melee Arrow Storm Air: Damage - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche
Delugiolem(Level110).png Delugiolem 110 31000 Melee Multihit - - Wynnter Fair, Avalanche

The Second Half[]

There are 3 missions, finish all of them to finish the minigame.
After The Avalanche.png

Start the mission by talking to Forve.

  • [1/4] Forve: Glad to see you again! Thank you for sticking around to help us.
  • [2/4] Forve: Anyway, I have another mechanical issue now... Lusuco has a heat generator.
  • [3/4] Forve: It's used to help us with the extremely low temperatures, but it seems to have broken with the avalanche.
  • [4/4] Forve: Talk to me again if you can help me repair it.
  • [Mission Started: Temperature Control]

Right-ClicktoGettheEngine.png Right-ClicktoGettheHydraulicValve.png Right-ClicktoGettheTemperatureController.png

Get the three missing machine pieces that got stuck in the water, after that you will need to put them on the machine one by one when the light is lit.
Right-ClicktoPlacetheItemsintheGenerator.png TemperatureControl(Off).png TemperatureControl(On).png

When you put all the pieces:

  • [1/2] Forve: You did it! Can you feel the heat coming already?
  • [2/2] Forve: Great job, soldier. Now go back to Lusuco and help other people.
  • [Mission Completed: Temperature Control]

Start the mission by talking to Nybun.

  • [1/4] Nybun: Hey there, so this gate was pretty much destroyed during the avalanche.
  • [2/4] Nybun: And I need help repairing it, so let me tell you what you've got to do.
  • [3/4] Nybun: Basically, whenever you see one of the gate's blocks breaking just right click to repair it.
  • [4/4] Nybun: Then we can fix the gate together. Alright? Talk to me again whenever we can start repairing.
  • [Mission Started: Repairing the Gate]

Talk to the NPC again to start.

Go to the gate and see what blocks are cracked and right click it, then wait for it to be fixed. There are 8 cracked blocks each one will appear after fixing the last one.
Repairing the Gate.png

When you talk to Nybun after repairing the gate:

  • [1/3] Nybun: You can't even imagine that this gate was damaged!
  • [2/3] Nybun: Great job soldier! I never imagined someone who kills monsters to be so skilled at this.
  • [3/3] Nybun: Thank you for your help soldier and good luck with your journey.
  • [Mission Completed: Repairing the Gate]

Start the mission by talking to Diro.

  • [1/4] Diro: 26... Hmmm there seems to be 3 citizens missing.
  • [2/4] Diro: Oh hi! I've heard about youm you're the one helping people right?
  • [3/4] Diro: So we were making a list of citizens to make sure everyone was here but there seems to be 3 people missing.
  • [4/4] Diro: Could you go around the city and help me find them? I'll give you a sound based item that'll help you.
  • [Mission Started: Lost]

Save three missing citizens by searching them with Tracker, it will make a villager sound when clicking on it. You will find one of the missing citizens if the Tracker starts making a ding sound, it will also display the message:

  • It looks like you've found something...

When you find all the three missing citizens, talk to Diro again to finish the mission.

When you find all three missing citizens:

  • [1/2] Diro: 29 citizens! Now this is right.
  • [2/2] Diro: Thank you for your help <playername>!
  • [Mission Completed: Lost]

After finishing all three missions, Santa will appear and fix the town:

  • [1/1] Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho!
  • [1/1] Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho! I've heard you need some help over here.
  • [1/1] Santa: Oh what a mess! Let me help fix that.
  • [1/1] Santa: Over here too? Don't worry!
  • [1/1] Santa: Oh... You are the one who's been helping all those people around the town aren't you?
  • [1/1] Santa: That's a great holiday spirit warrior! Here, take this as a reward! Ho ho ho!
  • [1/1] Santa: Ho ho ho! Happy holidays!

Santa (Wynnter 2019).png


You can get 25 Craftmas Gifts the first time you finish after that you will always get 15 Craftmas Gifts.

You will also get Santa's Coat which is a part of a set, though the other pieces can only be traded by players and have been discontinued: Santa Hat, Santa's Pants, and Santa Boots.