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Avos Chief
NPC Info
X: -1811 Z: -3063
Location Avos Territory
Quest Involved The Envoy Part II

The Avos Chief is an Avos NPC involved in The Envoy Part II. He tells the player that the Avos Factory Key is protected deep within the Avos Temple.


Avos Territory
-1811, -3063
Wynncraft Map

The Avos Chief is found in the biggest, fanciest building in the Avos Village.

Quest Appearances[]


After completing The Feathers Fly Part II, the Avos Chieftain can be found on the highest floor of Ava's Workshop, and they can be interacted with.

  • Avos Chieftain: Oh. Greetings, soldier. It's been a while, hasn't it?
  • Avos Chieftain: Say, how did you... Get up there? Well, no matter.
  • Avos Chieftain: I finally came and decided to visit her, for once, but...
  • Avos Chieftain: She appears to be missing. It's strange, she's been moving around even more now.
  • Avos Chieftain: I've obviously been keeping an eye on her, from afar.
  • Avos Chieftain: After everything, it would be a real shame to have her get into real trouble. You know...
  • Avos Chieftain: You were extremely audacious for going inside the City with her. I can't say I applaud you.
  • Avos Chieftain: This has become quite the hassle for us, dealing with her mistakes.
  • Avos Chieftain: I heard she met Maxie? Both she and him seem to be spending time together.
  • Avos Chieftain: No one quite knows what they're doing. Maxie says they're "hunting" something. I doubt you'll find her out there, even if you try.
  • Avos Chieftain: Well, as long as they're still active, I pray they can help alleviate the tensions. We really need that now, more than ever.
  • Avos Chieftain: You've really put this entire island in motion, <playername>.