Avos Territory

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Avos Territory RegionIcon.png
A screenshot of the territory
Discovery Lore
Home of the bird-like Avos, the native inhabitants of Corkus. Though they welcomed the Corkians initially, tensions between the two have grown over the years.
Coordinates X: -1722, Z: -3222
Access Points Bridge at -1430, -3200
Gates at -1720, -3220
Suggested Level 90
Quest Starts None
Involved Quests The Envoy Part II
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Corkus)

The Avos Territory is a large mountainous region in Corkus covering approximately 30% of the mainland, particularly in the northern regions. The territory mostly consists of Corkus' natives, the Avos, who have had conflicts with the Corkian humans, which is why they have erected a wall between their territory and the Corkians' territory.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Towns[edit | edit source]

  • The Avos Village is found at the southern parts of the territory.

Locations[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Avos Chief

Avos Shaman

Avos Citizen

Grandmaster Shaman

Mini-Quests[edit | edit source]

Miniquest Name Miniquest Type Min. Level Coordinates Items Required Combat XP Given Profession XP Given
Slay Astrolechys Manis Combat 95 -1422, 138, -3225 20 Manis Carapraces 1943700 -
Gather Sorghum Farming 91 -1386, 123, -3023 36 Sorghum String or 36 Sorghum Grains 271000 300000
Gather Avo Logs II Woodcutting 93 -1806, 105, -2906 48 Avo Wood or 48 Avo Paper 328000 370000
Gather Sorghum III Farming 96 -1757, 125, -3330 52 Sorghum String or 52 Sorghum Grains 427000 510000
Gather Sorghum IV Farming 98 -1838, 106, -3282 62 Sorghum String or 62 Sorghum Grains 515000 630000

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • One Avos Citizen reports seeing humans being catapulted above the village, which happens in the quest The Envoy Part II. He then acknowledges the fact that a trebuchet is the best way to launch 90 kilogram projectiles over a distance of 300 meters. This sentence references trebuchet memes.