Wynncraft Wiki
Type Sheep
Level 64
Quest Reincarnation
Health 25000
Special Drops Baab's Wool
Elemental Effects
Neutral 120-190

Baab was one of Bob's 3 animal companions, who traveled with him on his adventures. When Bob knew he was going to die, he split his power between his animals, who then hid in several places across the Ocean. Level 60 Baab's Followers spawn near Baab, making it more difficult for the player to defeat him. When killed, he drops Baab's Wool, which is needed for the Reincarnation quest.


Maro Peaks
238, 7, -3975
Wynncraft Map

Baab is notoriously difficult to track down, but can actually be found quite easily. He is in the Abandoned Mines, the entrance for which is near one of the highest peaks. If you follow the wooden pathway around the island, and at the fork where you would go left for Czytash, go right instead, it leads to the Abandoned Mines (at x=155, y=86, z=-3977). On entering the mines, follow the path down to the bottom, where you will have to fend off Baab's Followers. After defeating them, follow the path that has iron bars to reach Baab.


  • The name Baab is a pun derived from Bob, who is his owner.