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Allegiance Corruption & Darkness
Information The leader of the corrupted armies, Bak'al has spent the last 1000 years destroying Wynn and spreading the Corruption.
Quests Involved Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light, A Hunter's Calling
The human leading the horde is no human. He is tainted. Broken. Controlled. Fire spreads from his hands like magic. If only we had such power... Someone has to stop this. Alas, it can not be me. He is here.
~ Ruins of Detlas

Bak'al is a powerful corrupted who retained his intelligence and is capable of leading the undead, although he cannot control the Corruption itself.


Before 886AP[]

After the opening of the portal, a human known as Bak'al entered the Nether[1], and return as a corrupted monster. But unlike the others that had simply lost all intellect such as the Corrupter of Worlds[2], Bak'al's mind had survived in part and allowed him to control the corrupted and he would soon lead an army of the corrupt dead to destroy Wynn.

Bak'al would attack Ragni, Troms, Nesaak, the town of Detlas[3], and many other towns and outposts who's names have been lost to time[4][5]. All those that opposed him would soon perish, including the Twain family, who Bak'al would kill many of during the time of their protecting Wynn[6].

At some point Bak'al started to serve the Dern Beast and is later was tasked with placing The Eye onto the top of Eldritch Outlook, so that it could watch over Wynn[7]. As of current lore it is unknown why Bak'al serves the Beast.


In 886, Bob would be the first to defeat Bak'al, and save Ragni from total destruction. After a crushing defeat, Bak'al would essentially disappear for many years, and has since then been unable to step foot in any city or town in Wynn.[8]

Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light[]

Bak'al makes his first interaction with the player in the quest Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light, just as the Player and Lari are about to approach Orphion's Nexus of Light, Bak'al emerges from a Dern Portal, saying that the Player and Lari will not interfere with The Parasite. Lari retorts this, saying that he is a trespasser and one of the dark, and should not be in the realm, to which Bak'al replies that the Dern Beast's influence has already spread here, and that he has every right to be there. As the Player and Lari chase down Bak'al, he creates a magical barrier, saying that he will not waste time with them. As the Player makes their way around the palace of Light, Lari and Bak'al fight each other, seemingly with Bak'al being defeated when Lari sends a Sword of Light to land on top of him. Bak'al will then retreat, to which Lari states that he will be killed before that, to which Bak'al replies that Orphion would smile seeing him leave. Lari, enraged at what he said, says that he cannot talk about Orphion like that. Bak'al's attempt to manipulate Lari's emotions worked and they go through the portal.

A Hunter's Calling[]

In the quest A Hunter's Calling, the player works for Bak'al four times:

Note: It is not known how the events presented in this quest actually relate to the canon, but events that occurred before these stories do appear to line up correctly with the normal story.


  • One of the places Bak'al destroyed was once known as Akias, a location that was removed in a The Mob Update.[9]
  • In one of Bak'al's previous attacks against Troms, he was defeated not by their army, but by the Corrupter of Worlds who mindlessly killed both armies, before being sealed away by the people of Troms, with the help of 'Twain Magic'.[10]
  • Bak'al attacked Nemract at some point, though the destruction of Ancient Nemract was not his doing, but is related to Charon.[11][12]
  • Bak'al is not the Dernic beast's only servant, as another once existed that would pursue the hiding Olm.[13]
  • The name Bak'al may be a reference to Ba'al, the word for god in Northwest semitic languages. Ba'al would later be incorporated in abrahamitic religions as Beelzebub, a major demon.[14]
  • Originally Bak'al was to be added in the Gavel update, but it would not be until the Dungeons & Discoveries Update that he would finally be added.
    • His addition would also be the cause for renaming Commander Ba'al to Takan.
    • Bak'al was not the only character to have their release scrapped in the Gavel Update, as Ragnar would receive the same fate.
  • Other than Bak'al, only Garoth and Theorick were able to retain at least some intelligence after going through the portal.