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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Bak'al's Destruction 2 SiteIcon.png
An overhead shot of the city before it was destroyed.
Discovery Lore
A once great city of Akias was reduced to rubble in 347 AP (After Portal) in one of the largest attacks by Bak'al ever documented. There was only one survivor.
Coordinates X: 120, Z: -1535
Suggested Level 5
Uses Discovery
Requirements None

Bak'al's Destruction 2 is a Secret Discovery located in the Detlas Suburbs. It shows the city of Akias that used to stand there. However, Bak'al came with his army and killed all of the citizens, burning it down in the process.


120, -1535
Wynncraft Map
  • Go to the tree and press the wooden button on the tree.


  • Follow the path until you get to the teleporter.



  • 347 AP
  • Town Guard: Has everyone gotten to safety?
  • Guard Leader: There was no time to evacuate, so I told them to go inside and block their doors. I just hope they all listened.
  • Town Guard: But is it enough? I don't know if the three of us are going to be enough to protect the town from...
  • Guard Leader: Get ready, men! He's coming!
  • Bak'al: An army is only an army if it is coordinated. This...
  • Bak'al: ...is no army.
  • Bak'al: I seem to have overestimated the humans.
  • Bak'al: I think my army can take care of this.
  • Bak'al: Go.
  • Bak'al: Good. Leave no survivors.
  • Town Citizen: It's a dead end! What do we d-?
  • Town Citizen: Come on, open up! Let me in!
  • Town Citizen: Please, let me in! I don't want to die!
  • Bak'al: I sense no traces of life.
  • Bak'al: Burn it all. Leave nothing.
  • Bak'al: Let the ashes serve as a reminder that...
  • Bak'al: Every city will suffer the same fate.



  • The city that is destroyed is a reference to VIP Town, which was removed in the 1.12 Update after it violated Minecraft's EULA.