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Bamboo [✫✫✫]
Tier 0 Crafting Ingredient
-4% to -1% Main Attack Damage
-4% to -1% Spell Damage
+7 Durability
Crafting Lv. Min: 80
  • Weaponsmithing
  • Woodworking
  • Armouring
  • Tailoring

Bamboo is a level 80 tier 0 ingredient.


Bamboo can be gathered by cutting bamboo trees in the Canyon of the Lost. It requires level 80 woodcutting, and it takes around double time to gather it compared to wood. It can also be found in loot chests.


Bamboo can be sold at a Blacksmith or from your Ingredient Pouch in exchange for Emeralds. It can also be traded to other players via the Trade Market or personal trading.


Main article: Crafting

Bamboo can be used in Weaponsmithing, Woodworking, Armouring, and Tailoring. It provides a durability bonus at the cost of a small damage penalty.