Bandit Leader

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Bandit Leader
NPC Info
X: 1525 Z: -1982
Location Almuj
Quest Involved A Sandy Scandal
Bandit Leader
Species Human
Level 35
Health 100000
AI Type Melee AI
Elemental Properties
Damage Fire Earth
Location Almuj

Bandit Leader is the leader of the bandit group that attempts to break into the bank of Almuj during A Sandy Scandal. They first rob a mining supply merchant, stealing the TNT from the vault. Then, they use the TNT to steal powerful weapons and gold to convince more bandits to join them. Finally, they attempt to use the rest of the TNT and their new weapons and allies to break into the bank and steal as many emeralds as they can. When the player tries to stop them, Bandit Leader chases them to try to stop the player from defusing their TNT.