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The Bank is a building found in most large cities across the Wynn Province and Gavel Province. They allow you to store your important belongings, and are shared between your classes. Banks can be found in Ragni, Detlas, Nemract, Selchar, Pirate Town, Almuj, Rymek, Nodguj, Craftmas Island, Nesaak, Lusuco, Troms, Lutho, Llevigar, Olux, Gelibord, Cinfras, Corkus City, Legendary Island, Thanos, Thesead, Eltom, Rodoroc, Kandon-Beda, Ahmsord, Guild Hall, and the Temple of the Legends. Your bank inventory will be the same no matter which location you access it from. Each bank typically consists of Ender chests and at least one Emerald Merchant, however some banks (namely those of The Forgery and Zhight Island) don't have Emerald Merchants. You can trade 64 emeralds to the merchants for 1 emerald block for easier storage. Banks will hold all of the items you place into them across all your Classes, Wynncraft Servers, and all Towns.

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

When you first open your bank you will see that you have 1 bank page of space to use. You can buy more bank pages by double-clicking the red arrow found in your last bank page. Refer to the following chart for the minimum level requirement and cost for each bank page:

Page # Level Req. Cost Total cost
1 1 N/A N/A
2 5 11 Emeralds 11 Emeralds
3 10 26 Emeralds 37 Emeralds
4 15 56 Emeralds 93 emeralds (1 emerald block, 29 emeralds)
5 20 118 emeralds (1 emerald block, 54 emeralds) 211 emeralds (3 emerald blocks, 19 emeralds)
6 25 251 emeralds (3 emerald blocks, 59 emeralds) 462 emeralds (7 emerald blocks, 14 emeralds)
7 30 531 emeralds (8 emerald blocks, 19 emeralds) 993 emeralds (15 emerald blocks, 33 emeralds)
8 35 1130 emeralds (17 emerald blocks, 42 emeralds) 2123 emeralds (33 emerald blocks, 11 emeralds)
9 40 2414 emeralds (37 emerald blocks, 46 emeralds) 4537 emeralds (1 liquid emerald, 6 emerald blocks, 57 emeralds)
10 45 5183 emeralds (1 liquid emerald, 16 emerald blocks, 63 emeralds) 9720 emeralds (2 liquid emeralds, 23 emerald blocks, 56 emeralds)
11 50 11181 emeralds (2 liquid emeralds, 46 emerald blocks, 45 emeralds) 20901 emeralds (5 liquid emeralds, 6 emerald blocks, 37 emeralds)
12 55 24243 emeralds (5 liquid emeralds, 58 emerald blocks, 51 emeralds) 45144 emeralds (11 liquid emeralds, 1 emerald block, 24 emeralds)
13 60 52828 emeralds (12 liquid emeralds, 57 emerald blocks, 28 emeralds) 97972 emeralds (23 liquid emeralds, 58 emerald blocks, 52 emeralds)
14 65 115677 emeralds (28 liquid emeralds, 15 emerald blocks, 29 emeralds) 213649 emeralds (52 liquid emeralds, 10 emerald blocks, 17 emeralds)
15 70 132184 emeralds (32 liquid emeralds, 17 emerald blocks, 24 emeralds) 345833 emeralds (1 stack, 20 liquid emeralds, 27 emerald blocks, 41 emeralds)
16 75 149662 emeralds (36 liquid emeralds, 34 emerald blocks, 30 emeralds) 495495 emeralds (1 stack, 56 liquid emeralds, 62 emerald blocks, 7 emeralds)
17 80 168098 emeralds (41 liquid emeralds, 2 emerald blocks, 34 emeralds) 663593 emeralds (2 stacks, 34 liquid emeralds, 41 emeralds)
18 85 187480 emeralds (45 liquid emeralds, 49 emerald blocks, 24 emeralds) 851073 emeralds (3 stacks, 15 liquid emeralds, 50 emerald blocks, 1 emerald)
19 90 207796 emeralds (50 liquid emeralds, 46 emerald blocks, 52 emeralds) 1058869 emeralds (4 stacks, 2 liquid emeralds, 32 emerald blocks, 53 emeralds)
20 95 229036 emeralds (55 liquid emeralds, 58 emerald blocks, 44 emeralds) 1287905 emeralds (4 stacks, 58 liquid emeralds, 27 emerald blocks, 33 emeralds)
21 100 251189 emeralds (61 liquid emeralds, 20 emerald blocks, 53 emeralds) 1539094 emeralds (5 stacks, 55 liquid emeralds, 48 emerald blocks, 22 emeralds)

Locations[edit | edit source]

Wynn Province[edit | edit source]

Image Location
 Location   Ragni   X   -866  Y     Z   -1590  Wynncraft Map 

Ragni Bank is the first Bank that is encountered by new players. It is located at the west end of Ragni, near the king's castle. It is also one of the only banks that features instruction signs, the other being the Bank of Detlas.

 Location   Detlas   X   476  Y     Z   -1564  Wynncraft Map 

Detlas Bank is located near the middle of Detlas. Below the bank is the Detlas Emerald Vault, entry to which is granted during the Jungle Fever quest. This is one of the only banks that features instruction signs and a trash can to throw away useless items.

 Location   Nemract   X   90  Y     Z   -2205  Wynncraft Map 

Nemract Bank is the largest building in the town, with four entrances, one at each compass point. Its northern entrance leads directly onto the docks.

 Location   Almuj   X   983  Y     Z   -1956  Wynncraft Map 

Almuj Bank is located on the eastern side of the city, and may be entered from the front or back using long, wide staircases. The Bank is not accessible until the A Sandy Scandal quest has been started.

 Location   Rymek   X   1310  Y     Z   -1310  Wynncraft Map 

Rymek Bank is found on its own little "island" in the center of the town. Rather than having Emerald Merchants, the bank has Rymek Dealer Merchants that trade emeralds for the town's currency, Gold Ingots.

 Location   Nodguj   X   793  Y     Z   -3342  Wynncraft Map 

Nodguj Bank can be found in a building to the right of the main entrance on the west side of the island.

 Location   Craftmas Island   X   1142  Y     Z   -3114  Wynncraft Map 

Craftmas Island Bank can be found following a short staircase by the east end of the island's dock. It's the smallest bank in the game both in size and amount of merchants.

 Location   Nesaak   X   106  Y     Z   -828  Wynncraft Map 

Nesaak Bank can be found at the northern end of the town.

 Location   Lusuco   X   -217  Y     Z   -324  Wynncraft Map 

Lusuco Bank can be found directly in front of the town's entrance and has a small trail of green carpet leading into it.

 Location   Pirate Town   X   -701  Y   31  Z   -3085  Wynncraft Map 

Pirate Town Bank is located both on the lower floor and on the middle floor, like all the other merchants in the place.

 Location   Selchar   X   21  Y     Z   -3202  Wynncraft Map 

Selchar Bank is found by crossing a bridge in the north-western corner of the town. It is on its own separate island.

 Location   Troms   X   -888  Y     Z   -918  Wynncraft Map 

Troms Bank is found on the western side of the city, next to a large open area. The Troms Palace is directly above the bank.

 Location   Temple of the Legends   X   -664  Y     Z   -1036  Wynncraft Map 

The Temple of the Legends Bank is found in the right side of the temple. It has one of the ten Liquid Emerald Merchants, and also is one of the only banks not located within a town.

Lutho's Bank Location.png

 Location   Lutho   X   981  Y   73  Z   -685  Wynncraft Map 

Lutho's bank is located directly below the Light Obelisk, and comes with a Liquid Emerald Merchant and 4 Emerald Merchants. This is one of the few banks where the NPCs aren't villagers.

Gavel Province[edit | edit source]

Image Location
 Location   Llevigar   X   -2000  Y   77  Z   -4444  Wynncraft Map 

Llevigar Bank is located at the top of the quartz paths on the south side of the city. It is directly above the entrance to Gavel.

 Location   Olux   X   -1742  Y     Z   -5533  Wynncraft Map 

Olux Bank is located in the northern center of the city. Like Nemract Bank, it has four entrances and is the largest building in Olux.

 Location   Gelibord   X   -1022  Y     Z   -5316  Wynncraft Map 

Gelibord Bank is found in the northwest corner of the town.

 Location   Cinfras   X   -435  Y     Z   -4929  Wynncraft Map 

Cinfras Bank is found near the center of the city. It contains a Liquid Emerald Merchant and has a trash can like Detlas Bank.

 Location   Thanos   X   144  Y     Z   -5256  Wynncraft Map 

Thanos Bank is found in front of the main entrance to the city, above the tunnel to Rodoroc. It is the second smallest bank in the game.

 Location   Thesead   X   805  Y   94  Z   -5035  Wynncraft Map 

Thesead Bank is found in the upper part of the city, which is southeast of the entrance.

 Location   Eltom   X   978  Y     Z   -5487  Wynncraft Map 

Eltom Bank is a small shack found on the east side of town along a dirt path. Containing one Emerald Merchant, it is the third smallest bank.

 Location   Rodoroc   X   1018  Y   18  Z   -5134  Wynncraft Map 

Rodoroc Bank is located in the far back of Rodoroc when you enter.

 Location   Kandon-Beda   X   748  Y   147  Z   -4495  Wynncraft Map 

Kandon-Beda Bank is found on the northeast side of the town. It's the fourth smallest bank in the game.

 Location   Ahmsord   X   1065  Y     Z   -4548  Wynncraft Map 

Ahmsord Bank is found in a large building housing a number of merchants, including one Liquid Emerald Merchant, on the east side of town.

 Location   Guild Hall   X   -304  Y     Z   -4979  Wynncraft Map 

The Guild Hall Bank is just north of the Guild Master and contains one Enderchest and one Emerald Merchant.

Corkus Island[edit | edit source]

Image Location
 Location   Corkus City   X   -1593  Y     Z   -2912  Wynncraft Map 

The bank is just opposite to the Item Identifier. It also contains a Liquid Merchant and a trash can.

 Location   Legendary Island   X   -1167  Y     Z   -2403  Wynncraft Map 

The Legendary Island Bank can be found in the area to the right of the island's temple. A bank is also accessible within the temple in between battles.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the 1.12 update, VIP players used to receive 50% additional bank space to store items.
  • Many non-town locations have banks as well, including Temple of the Legends, Guild Hall, the Update Room, and many others.
  • The banks with the most emerald merchants are Olux's and Nemract's. Ironically, these two towns are both noted to be very poor and poverty-stricken.
  • The largest bank buildings are those of Llevigar and Almuj.