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NPC Info
X: 500 Z: -1562
Location Bank of Detlas
Quest Involved Jungle Fever

The Banker is an NPC that appears as a secondary character in the Jungle Fever quest.


500, -1562
Wynncraft Map

The Banker is located at the far east end of the Bank in Detlas.


Before quest[]

  • Banker: What a great bank we have here, right?

After quest[]

  • Banker: I can't believe you helped this guy. He was obviously lying.

Festival of the Blizzard[]

This dialogue pertains to the content of the Festival of the Blizzard. This dialogue is available after you have completed Jungle Fever.

  • The Banker: Hmmph. Who even approved of these festivities? The costs of running something like this are...
  • The Banker: Oh. You again. At least the other one hasn't shown his face around here again.
  • The Banker: Well? Did you need something? Or have you just come to waste my time?

While you are trying to distract the Banker:

  • The Banker: Hmmph. Oh, you again. Are you still hanging around that rook?
  • The Banker: As I told you then, liquid emeralds cannot "cure" anyone of anything. He was lying to you, and you did everything he asked of you without question!
  • The Banker: Well, at least he's gone now. He won't be able to do any more harm to our bank anymore...
  • The Banker: ...You're still here?
  • That should have been enough time for Worid to execute his plan.

After distracting the Banker: [1]

  • The Banker: If you don't need anything, I would ask you to leave me be.


  1. After the Banker is unloaded, the dialogue will reset to the default Festival of the Blizzard dialogue.