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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Beneath the Roots SiteIcon.png
Beneath the Roots
Discovery Lore
This cavern is evidence that corruption is like a weed. The roots spread throughout the province.
Coordinates X: 53, Z: -1315
Suggested Level 10
Uses Discovery
Requirements None

Beneath the Roots is a Secret Discovery located near the Roots of Corruption. It is a gigantic cavern filled with the roots of the spikes of corruption.


26, -1312
Wynncraft Map
  • Go to the ruined tower near the Roots of Corruption
  • Go inside and complete the parkour.
40, -1310
Wynncraft Map
  • At the top of the building, right click to dig.
  • Collect the Old Key that appears, and head down to the center of the ruins.
  • Go through the door that opens and jump down the shaft.

Hostile mobs will spawn as you walk through the caverns.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CorruptedEmeraldMiner.png Corrupted Emerald Miner 27 138 Melee - - - Beneath the Roots
UndeadMiner(Level27).png Undead Miner 27 430 Melee - ✹ Weak
✤ Dam
- Beneath the Roots
CorruptedGuard.png Corrupted Guard 27 150 Melee - - - Beneath the Roots


  • To exit the caverns, head east until you come to a spike that gives the message, "The spike seems to be the source of this evil, if only it could be broken..."
  • Parkour up the spike until you reach some green particles.
  • Right click the particles to break the spike.
  • The exit opens, and you can leave.