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Big Butch
Level 87
Health 42500
AI Type Melee AI
Elemental Properties
Weakness Water
Damage Fire
Defense Air Earth
Location Battery Farm

Big Butch is the final boss of the quest The Hunger of Gerts Part 2. During the quest, as the player navigates his Battery Farm, he talks to the player about his actions in running the Battery Farm, including the creation of "meat abominations" from Gerts as an attempt to create friends for himself. At the end of the quest, he tries to kill the player to keep his secrets safe, but is instead killed himself.


  • Big Butch: A guest? I've not had a real guest in quite a while.
  • Big Butch: This place is what feeds half of Gavel. Some say it's not humane. I say we aren't Human.
  • Big Butch: Most Villagers don't even know where their food comes from. They just buy and eat it.
  • Big Butch: The truth is, if they knew, if they saw, would they reconsider their ways? Maybe.
  • Big Butch: Since you're my guest, would you like to hear a story? Of course you would.
  • Big Butch: Unless you are blind, you should've noticed my work, my pretties.
  • Big Butch: They are made of meat. Butchering animals all day is lonely work. I need friends.
  • Big Butch: There are these creatures called Gerts. They obviously have no brain. It was so easy to trick them into my experiments. To become my friends.
  • Big Butch: Yes, that's right! All of the abominations are actually Gerts who have been reassembled.
  • Big Butch: Why do you care about them? They are just pests to us. They care only for hunger.
  • Big Butch: Well, it's not like the people of Gavel will find out where their food really comes from, the secret dies with you! They will forever more live in blissful ignorance!


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Battery Farm
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Big Butch is located in the back room of the Battery Farm, which leads to an exit back to the surface.