Wynncraft Wiki

Species Unknown
Level 60
Health 40000
AI Type Unknown AI
Location Near Olux

Type Zombie
Level 56
Health 1225
AI Type Unknown AI
Elemental Properties
Damage ??
Location Cave near Olux

Bigfoot is a level 60 boss found in a cavern near Olux, and it is required to be slain in the quest The Shadow of the Beast. It drops 1 Piece of Bigfoot Bone.


Nothing about this boss fight is particularly remarkable, except for Bigfoot's speed and its enormous size. However level 56 Smallfoots spawn in this cave and can become a potential threat if not dealt with.


  • This fight can become extremely easy when fought from the entrance of the cave where the Bigfoot can't go. An even better spot is a shelter consisting in a giant table near a corner of the cave. If you can get on top of that shelter, you cannot get hit by the Smallfoots either. You can also attempt to trap Bigfoot in the footprint holes around the cave, but Bigfoot can free itself by use of Charge at times, so be careful.


  • The Bigfoot is named after a creature thought to be ape- and human-like that is stalking forests around the real world. In the U.S. it is called Bigfoot.
  • The name "Smallfoot" is possibly a pun of on the fact that they are miniature versions of "Bigfoot".
  • The Bigfoot is one of only three known Giants to still exist; the other two are the incredibly elusive (despite her size) Mama Zomble and the Toxified Giant in the Toxic Wastes.