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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Birth of Efilim SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
No one breaks the utmost laws of Aldorei without exilement. Those who fall in the eyes of the High Elves are banished, never to return. Oucasted from their land, they were forced to find a new home.
Coordinates X: -1092, Z: -4976
Suggested Level 65
Uses Discovery
Requirements [Lv. 75] Potion of Healing

Birth of Efilim is a secret discovery that takes place in and around Efilim. The discovery shows the founding of Efilim by a group of exiled elves.


-1048, 42, -4996
Wynncraft Map

Interacting with the inscribed stone at the shrine will show the following dialogue:

  • Two elven sisters were casted away from their homes, far into the mystical forest. All alone with their followers, hope dwindled as so did the warmth.
  • To a fairy of joy, they bumped into, dancing in the middle of a crowd. Together the sisters danced in the night, animals singing and trees waving.
  • Soon they brought the fairy with them, and the shivering elves found comfort once again.
  • In the darkness of the second night, a lonely fairy weeped in a farm. Abandoned, lost, just like the elves themselves.
  • But as the sisters guided the fairy with them to the newly formed party, it gained joy once more.
  • The third fairy, scared within, was surrounded by flames. Multiple beasts hopped around the open fire, hungry and desperate to devour it.
  • Soon that hunger turned to fear, and only dust was settled clear. Through a medicinal herb the fragile wing fixed itself and fairy joined the somber singing of the others.
  • After the sun rose on the fourth morning, a mighty surprise the three fairies had in mind. To a sacred shrine they brought the sisters, and soon the cold of the night was nothing but a memory.
  • The story ends there.

In order to activate the shrine you must bring the three fairies mentioned in the poem to the site.

Joyful Fairy[]

The Joyful Fairy can be found wandering around Efilim.

Scared Fairy[]

Scared Fairy
-967, -5062
Wynncraft Map
Medicinal Merchant
-1029, 42, -4992
Wynncraft Map

The Scared Fairy can be found trapped by fire in the minotaurs' sacrificial pit. Find a nearby bucket, fill it with water, and extinguish the flames. Then, you will need to heal the fairy with Medicinal Herbs. After the heart particles appear, the fairy will follow you back to the shrine.

Medicinal Herbs are purchased from the Medicinal Merchant in Efilim at -1029, 42, -4992.

Lost Fairy[]

Lost Fairy
-1178, -5002
Wynncraft Map

The Lost Fairy can be found at a nearby farm just west of Efilim. It will automatically follow you back to the shrine similarly to the Joyful Fairy.

When all three fairies are gathered at the shrine, a brief cutscene will follow before the floor breaks. Jump down the entrance and follow the stream.Another cutscene will begin once you have reached the end of the stream.

A vision of the past presents itself to you...


  • Vaeli: (High Gavellian) Blessed be the water of our lord. May it protect us against the dark future ahead of us.
  • Vaeli: (High Gavellian) Blessed be the lakes, rivers, and ponds across these lands.
  • Tyana: What are you doing, sister?
  • Vaeli: Praying. How is the situation?
  • Tyana: They aren't letting us back in.
  • Tyana: We have been sleeping outside the gates for weeks.
  • Vaeli: Our ancestors lived in the trees for thousands of years before Aldorei.
  • Tyana: We live in the present. The high elves are not going letting us back in.
  • Vaeli: Send the white birds. Go tell the others.
  • Vaeli: We have found our new home.