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Black Veil

Item Information
Item Chain Helmet
Min. Level 51
Rarity Rare
Base Health Bonus +570
Obtain Mob Drop
Tag Untradable
Base Defenses
Earth -30
Thunder +30
Mob Warlock

The Black Veil is dropped by the Warlock in the Olux Catacombs. It is used in The Maiden Tower, and must be worn in order to enter the tower.


It costs 76 Emeralds to identify the Black Veil.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Spell Damage   +4%  +20%
 Life Steal   +15/4s  +64/4s
 Mana Steal   +1/3s  +1/3s
 XP Bonus   -6%  -10%
 Loot Bonus   -6%  -10%
 Poison   +32/3s  +136/3s
 Soul Point Regen   -6%  -10%