Blazing Retribution

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Blazing Retribution
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Llevigar
Province Gavel
Combat Level 44
Starter NPC Piere
Reward As follows:

Blazing Retribution is a medium-length level 44 quest

Preview[edit | edit source]

Piere, a citizen of Llevigar Plains, arrives to find his house burnt down thanks to a magical axe now in Orc hands. He tasks the player with finding Detective Jackson, who in turn orders the player to search nearby camps for the weapon, ultimately ending up with a battle against Orc Chief Gregg'r.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Speak to Piere in the Llevigar Plains at [-1851, 56, -4959]


  • Piere: Oh sweet baby bovine, my house, what am I going to do? Wait, who are you?
  • Piere: Oh, a Human. Did the Llevigar authorities send you?
  • Piere: Detective Jackson has already been here. Not that he's doing anything useful.
  • Piere: An Orc managed to find some fire-imbued magical axe and burned down my house! Jackson didn't even call a firefighter!!
  • Piere: I don't know what to do, but maybe if you find Detective Jackson, you can kick his sorry rear into gear.
  • Piere: The Orcs are already savage brutes. If they really have their hands on magical weapons, we're all in trouble!
  • Piere: I believe Detective Jackson is by his cart "planning his next move." He's not far from here. Just continue past my farm!

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Report the attack to Detective Jackson at [-1731, 53, -4836]


  • Detective Jackson: How can I go about this...? I can't get involved myself, and they won't let me near... Wait, a human?
  • Detective Jackson: ...what do you MEAN "what am I doing?" This is a delicate situation! I need to- wait... actually, you might just be the help I need.
  • Detective Jackson: I'll give you the lowdown- we believe the orcs stole magical weaponry from within Llevigar, particularly a flaming axe.
  • Detective Jackson: However, that's a loophole in the ceasefire we had enacted with the Orcs. Theft isn't considered an act of aggression...
  • Detective Jackson: And that means my hands are tied. Humans, however, were not mentioned in the notes, so you'll need to retrieve it.
  • Detective Jackson: Our only saving grace is that it'll be impossible for them to replicate its power- Orcs are hilariously inept at magic.
  • Detective Jackson: But, to the primary problem- You've probably seen how many Orc camps are around here. Searching will take a long while...
  • Detective Jackson: My only leads are that the "Sablestone" and "Loamsprout" camps seem to be celebrating recently. Best to start there, yes?
  • Detective Jackson: Just to review- You need to search those two camps for the Axe of Llevigar, and then return it to me if you find it.
  • Detective Jackson: Sablestone is to the north, and Loamsprout to the south. They will be guarded, so don't be afraid to knock some heads.

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Look for the stolen weapon at the Sablestone and Loamsprout Orc camps

 Location   Sablestone Camp   X   -1720  Y   60  Z   -4896  Wynncraft Map 

Upon inspecting the staff in the last tent: This does not seem like the weapon. It's just a heavy-looking wooden stick.

 Location   Loamsprout Camp   X   -1699  Y   50  Z   -4757  Wynncraft Map 

Upon inspecting the potato in the last tent: This does not seem like the weapon. It's just a potato..?

Upon inspecting both camps: This camp doesn't seem to have the weapon either. Maybe Detective Jackson knows what to do next?

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Return to Detective Jackson with the news


  • Detective Jackson: I see no axe in your hands, so I should assume neither Sablestone or Loamsprout had it.
  • Detective Jackson: Wait, really? A stick was the most powerful weapon they had? And Loamsprout... threw their dinner at you?
  • Detective Jackson: I can't believe this! How are those... those THINGS outsmarting us?! Are they shuffling the axe between camps?
  • Detective Jackson: There are over a dozen camps between the Orcs and Goblins that they could be swapping it between!
  • Detective Jackson: What if the GOBLINS get a hold of it?! They're the cleverest by half of all of them, so that could actually be a threat!
  • Detective Jackson: Searching all the camps one by one will be far too slow, gah!! How am I going to fix this?!
  • Detective Jackson: There's Earthpit, and Cliffhearth, Shineridge and Stonecave, Sunspark, Mudspring, Holehold, I-
  • ???: Fire! Stop!! I hold magic cutter! LISTEN TO GREGG'R!!
  • Detective Jackson: I- I can't believe it, that has to be the one! AFTER THAT ORC, NOW!!

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Find the hidden camp in the water near Piere's house at [-1822, 49, -4903]

Note: You must kill the Orc Gatekeeper to get access to the hidden camp.


  • ???: GRRRH!! What 'Uthniiazek' mean?!

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Kill Orc Leader Gregg'r

Note: There are three keys at the north, east, and south walls of the room past the underwater cave, easily reachable through parkour. Use all three keys on the western door to continue.


  • Gregg'r: Uthniiazek! Uthniiazek!! WHY NO LISTEN TO GREGG'R?
  • Gregg'r: Stupid Villager magic thing! Why fire no listen?
  • Gregg'r: Gregg'r say thing and make fire... what else axe say? 'Azektoluth?'
  • Gregg'r: Hraahah! Gregg'r control fire! Fire- kill human with Gregg'r! Uthniiazek! Azektoluth!

Stage 7[edit | edit source]

» Return the Magic Axe to the Detective


  • Detective Jackson: That looks like the axe of Llevigar to me! Blue finish, hot to the touch- well done! What Orc boss had stolen it?
  • Detective Jackson: Gregg'r? That... hm. This could be bad. I've head that name, and he's a fairly prolific Orc chief. You killed him, right?
  • Detective Jackson: Mmm... Hopefully that Gorgu won't catch wind of it. Regardless, you've done a great service for Villager-kind!
  • Detective Jackson: Here's your compensation for that. Thank you for the aid!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The magic phrases Gregg'r shouts are composed of runes: Uth, Nii, Az, and Tol all appear, along with a currently unknown rune Ek.