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The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.20.2 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Boat Pass

Item Pass
Type Seaskipper Boat Pass
Obtain Seasail Merchants
Usage Fast travel between ports in the Ocean
There's nothin' better than Seasail if you're lookin' to travel! Just buy a pass from the Seasail Shop and you can get goin' to almost anywhere in the ocean!
~ Seaskipper Captain

Boat Passes are a series of items bought from Seasail Merchants on various docks throughout the Ocean, used to quickly travel between docks on the V.S.S. Seaskipper. As advised by the Seaskipper Captain found next to each instance of the Seaskipper, a pass can be placed in the hopper on the ship to activate this fast-travel function and sail almost anywhere in the ocean, at the cost of a few Emeralds for each trip. While most passes can only be bought at certain ports, any pass can be used on any instance of the Seaskipper to travel to its destination.


The Nemract, Selchar and Llevigar passes can all be bought from almost any Seasail Merchant. However, the other passes can only be bought at certain docks. The prices for each pass vary depending on the distance between the destination and the merchant being bought from.

The following information is displayed in the tag of each Boat Pass for ease of reference.

Destination Level Status Coords Available At
Nemract 20 Peaceful 60, -2215 All ports (except Nemract)
Selchar 25 Peaceful 70, -3070 All ports (except Selchar)
Llevigar 40 Peaceful -2125, -4275 All ports (except Llevigar)
The Bear Zoo 15 Peaceful -300, -2500 Nemract
Durum Isles 20 Peaceful 500, -2900 Nemract
Rooster Island 20 Peaceful -100, -2475 Nemract
Half Moon Island 30 Hostile -2530, -2527 Nemract
Mage Island 30 Peaceful 870, -2830 Nemract
Nodguj Island 45 Peaceful 700, -3330 Nemract, Selchar
Zhight Island 55 Peaceful -450, -2850 Nemract
Skiens Island 55 Hostile 370, -3470 Selchar
Maro Peaks 60 Hostile 130, -3770 Selchar, Llevigar
Pirate Cove 60 Peaceful -730, -3115 Selchar, Llevigar
Dead Island 70 Hostile 770, -3880 Selchar, Llevigar
Volcanic Isles 60 Hostile -800, -3775 Selchar, Llevigar
Jofash Dock 90 Peaceful 1315, -4065 Llevigar


  • Boat passes can also be obtained randomly from the Seaskipper during journeys.