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Allegiance Wynn Province
Information A legendary figure in the Province of Wynn, who mastered the use of multiple weapons and defended the fort of Ragni from numerous swarms.

Robert, more known as Bob, was a immensely powerful soldier of Wynn, who mastered the four combat arts[1] of knivery, archery, magic and the ways of the spear. After his training, he travelled across the province and fought the Corruption for many years.


In 854 AP, an unknown woman gave birth to Bob in the sewers of Ragni during a siege, and died afterwards. After that, a poor woman named Momo adopted the baby.

When Robert was 12 (862 AP), hordes of corrupted attacked Ragni once more, infecting many residents of the city, including Momo. While dying, she gave Bob a map of the Wynn province with certain locations marked on it, and pair of black daggers.

He then trained 20 years with weapons, five years with each. He went to the locations marked on the map, and at each one he met a master that trained him. Knivery with Chak in Desert of Almuj, archery and spirituality with Mael in the House of Twain, wand lore with Ethe in the Nivla Village and the ways of spear with Fier in Troms, where he also got the name Bob.

In 886 AP, Bob faced off against Bak'al, leader of the corrupted army, on the Emerald Trail, and became the first person to defeat him. Bak'al has not been seen since.[2]

Bob spent the rest of his life protecting the province of Wynn from the Corruption and many different kinds of monsters.

At some point he went to Dead Island and slew the beast that hatched there[3] and went to Gavel.[4]

After learning about the Light, the Darkness and the War of the Realms (probably from his travels in Gavel), Bob split his power into his companions, Cluckles, Baab and Mooington and hid them across the Ocean[5].

He wrote a letter to his friend Nilrem in which he wants him to fake his death. "The world can not know of my sacrifice, no one must search for me. You must fake my death, and create a body for them to bury."[6]

After splitting his power, he left to a "land of darkness far away" to seal an unknown beast with his own life force, as he stated that "killing it is not an option"[5].

One year after his disappearance, a tomb and a monument dedicated to Bob were found in the Nesaak Forest.


  • Before 1.19, the Silent Expanse update, in the quest Reincarnation he used to choose the spear as his only weapon. Later, the fight was reworked so that he now uses all four weapons which he mastered.
  • There are several theories on who or what is the "Beast" that he challenged. These include:
  • It is also often theorised whether Bob is really dead, nearly dead (since his life force was used for the seal) or alive, but imprisoned.
  • Bob had a diary, which he sold to Mehme, described as "Those who are unworthy can not read through these following words".[7]
  • Before update 1.14 The Gavel Expansion, Bob was considered the toughest boss in the game, and his weapons were considered the best.