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Quest Info
Length Long
Location Nesaak
Province Wynn
Combat Level 45
Starter NPC Tarod
Reward As follows:

Bob的遺失靈魂 是一個漫長的 45 級任務,需要玩家在Wynn各處冒險。


Tarod要求玩家調查Bob的墳墓。玩家回來後,Tarod 再要求玩家收集釋放Bob的靈魂所需的材料。


» 與Nesaak雲杉林的Tarod 對話,在[-7, 68, -793]。



  • Tarod: 你是那些士兵的一員,對吧?我的名字是Tarod,我需要得到你的幫助。
  • Tarod: 多年前,我遇到了一位名叫Bob的戰士。 是的,那個非常強大丶傳奇般的Bob
  • Tarod: 可以肯定地說,他是一個非常、非常令人欽佩的人。 這些年來,我和他慢慢地成為了朋友。
  • Tarod: 直到一個晚上,他消失得無影無踪。大家公認的說法是他被一群貪婪的狼殺死了……
  • Tarod: 我可不信這些故事, but... look, the point here is that he's gone now, and I want to find out where the hell he ended up. That depressing zombie lumbering around Ragni clearly isn't him.
  • Tarod: I believe he died in this area, and I have been looking for his body for quite a while now, with... less than success.
  • Tarod: Rumors have spread that a tomb lies somewhere east of Nesaak, but I've never been able to find it. This is where I need you to help me out, yeah?
  • Tarod: Do you think you could help me out here? Search around that area, and report back to me if you see anything noteworthy.
  • Tarod: I'd be eternally grateful if you could help me uncover my old friend's true story.

Stage 2[]

» 尋找Bob的墳墓。

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to find Bob's Tomb.
Nesaak Forest
252, -760
Wynncraft Map

Bob's Tomb is a cave in the mountainside. If you head directly east from the watchtower on the Southern side of Nesaak, it should be plainly visible as you reach bottom of the mountains.

A strange force prevents you from entering. You can hear some soft laments in the distance...

Stage 3[]

» Report what you've found to Tarod at [-7, 68, -793]



  • Tarod: Welcome back. Did you find anything worthwhile?
  • Tarod: Oh? Yeah, that definitely sounds like the tomb! Were you able to see what's inside?
  • Tarod: No? There's... a magical barrier? Great... just GREAT...
  • Tarod: I have a feeling whoever made that tomb didn't want anyone attempting to get to him, but... Forget it, we have no other options. This is the only way we can place Bob's soul to rest for good.
  • Tarod: Listen, I have a guy who can help us out. His name is Wedyf, a sorcerer type. If anyone could get rid of that barrier, it would be him.
  • Tarod: He lives in Bremminglar, a small town close to Almuj. Go meet him, I'll wait for your return.

Stage 4[]

» Talk to the sorcerer Wedyf in Bremminglar.

659, 64, -2047
Wynncraft Map


  • Wedyf: Welcome traveler. Are you looking for something?
  • Wedyf: Ooh, it has been a long time since I've released an undead...
  • Wedyf: The spirit of your dead friend must still be somewhere in this world. This is why we are unable to get close to his body. Soul magic works in mysterious ways.
  • Wedyf: Don't worry, I can do it. I've heard a little bit of Bob's story before. What a tragedy. His own infallible protection used against him...
  • Wedyf: ...Anyways, there's no need to lament on the past. Now, we need two items. The first is something from Bob himself. The other is the last thing that made his blood drop.
  • Wedyf: Out past the other side of Detlas there are two farm houses with an old cave inbetween then. An old florist used to live there, she has a rose that Bob had once cut himself on.
  • Wedyf: I will warn you, though; she was corrupted some time ago. It may not be that easy to take the rose, so do be prepared.
  • Wedyf: Secondly... something of Bob's. I've heard rumors of a visage of him wandering around Ragni, perhaps you can find something of use from it? Killing enemies in the Nesaak region may be worth your time, as well.
  • Wedyf: Bring me [1 Rose] and [1 Bob's Tear].

Stage 5[]

» Bring [1 Bob's Tear] from Ragni and [1 Rose] from the house in the Nesaak forest around [160, 73, -1012] to Wedyf

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get the items.
Bob's Tear can be acquired by killing Bob the Zombie, a rare mob spawning in Ragni, loot chests in Ragni, or as a rare drop from mobs in Nesaak Forest. The Rose can be found in a house at (160, 73, -1012) by killing the Rose Florist there. Alternatively, both items can be bought off of the Trade Market.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BobtheZombie.png Bob the Zombie 1 11 Ranged AI - -
Bob's Tear
RoseFlorist.png Rose Florist 40 1000 Melee AI - -
Spruce house at (160, 73, -1012)


  • Wedyf: Great, you got everything.
  • Wedyf: Although... I might have forgot to tell you about something else too...
  • Wedyf: We also need a part of the soul of your dead friend.
  • Wedyf: This is something I unfortunately cannot do myself. There is a blacksmith close to Ternaves who does this kind of stuff.
  • Wedyf: He can extract the soul from someone's weapon. Very useful in those situations. Go talk to him.
  • Wedyf: Bring me the soul, and I'll be able to remove the spell preventing you from entering the tomb.

Stage 6[]

» Talk to the blacksmith at [725, 61, -1468] about Bob's lost soul



  • The Blacksmith: What can I do for ya?
  • The Blacksmith: Oh yes! I can extract the soul from weapons!
  • The Blacksmith: Bring me the weapons of your friend, and I'll see if I can do something with it!
  • The Blacksmith: Oh it's... those weapons. Well, if you know what you're doing...
  • The Blacksmith: [1 Depressing Stick], [1 Depressing Spear], [1 Depressing Bow] and [1 Depressing Shears] will do the trick.
  • The Blacksmith: Be careful with the weapons, you will only get [ONE] of each. If you lose one, you will have to ask around if anyone has a spare.
  • The Blacksmith: Maybe someone will be selling one on the Trade Market in Detlas, who knows.
  • The Blacksmith: My apprentice over there has traveled around a lot, they might know where the items are, but I warn you, they are a little bit quirky.

  • Apprentice: Weapons of the depressed kind? Oh, of course, of course, I know of the set! Around Nesaak, I hear they are kept.
  • Apprentice: An army of Linx you must clear, in a cave you shall find this spear!
  • Apprentice: To a skilled archer you must go, best her in a lumberyard and you will have her bow!
  • Apprentice: On an altar, effervescence leers, complete the sacrifice and you will gain your shears...
  • Apprentice: In the forest, a house frozen in spikes thick, outsmart the contraption and be gifted a stick!
  • Apprentice: But beware, beware! Danger lies ahead, and will try to halt you in your stead!

Stage 7[]

» Bring [1 Depressing Stick], [1 Depressing Spear], [1 Depressing Bow] and [1 Depressing Shear] to the Blacksmith.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get the weapons.
  • You can get the Depressing Stick in by entering a cave underneath the frozen house at (20, 68, -901).
    • Dialogue:
    • Markque The Wizard: Yo, what's up, bud?
    • Markque The Wizard: I've just been hangin' down here working on my teleportation device. The teleporters got partially frozen over, but I'm pretty damn sure they still work.
    • Markque The Wizard: Hey, if you want to test it out, be my guest! You can use the teleporter core next to me to start it.
    • Markque The Wizard: Right click with it while on the center of the iced over teleporter chamber, and it will teleport you in a direction over to the next chamber.
    • Markque The Wizard: It will then teleport you again in a direction 90 degrees clockwise, and it will keep doin' that forever.
    • Markque The Wizard: Some of the ice walls have holes in them, and I believe if you use the teleporter core correctly you will be able to make it to the other side where the gold platform is.
    • Markque The Wizard: The core is unstable, though, and it will break if you run too far away. Keep that in mind, yeah?
    • Markque The Wizard: Oh, and I left an old wand of mine down at the gold platform. The thing was very depressing, though, so it ain't too much of an issue. But hey, if you can get to it, it's all yours, bud, free of cost!

Pick up the teleporter and use it to get to the gold platform at (-12, 50, -860), where you can pick up the depressing stick.

  • You can get the Depressing Spear by killing enough Lynx to drop 5 Lucky Lynx Foot items in a large cave at (170, 58, -925), and then right-clicking on the spear at (209, 47, -923) with them.
    • The Lucky Lynx Foot items have a description that reads "Bring to the alter of the Depressing Spear".
  • You can get the Depressing Bow by fighting a miniboss in the Abandoned Lumber Yard at (-205, 69, -920). When you kill it, the Depressing Bow will be placed in your inventory.
  • You can get the Depressing Shear by taking the Effervescent Dagger at (-35, 70, -655), and doing the parkour to reach the tallest pillar. Once you stand on top of it, the Dagger will be taken and you will be given the Depressing Shears.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
TeleporterCore.png Teleporter Core 0 1 - - -
Teleporter Core
Cave underneath frozen house
DepressingStick.png Depressing Stick 50 1 Melee - -
Depressing Stick
Cave underneath frozen house
Lynx(Level42).png Lynx 42 480 Melee AI - ✽ Def Lucky Lynx Foot Cave in Nesaak Forest
Lynx(Level45).png Lynx 45 1000 Melee AI - ✽ Def Lucky Lynx Foot Cave in Nesaak Forest
ChainsawShot.png Chainsaw Shot (Phase 1) 46 2200 Ranged AI Arrow Storm ✤ Dam Chainsaw Shot (Phase 2) Tree Stump in Abandoned Lumber Yard
ChainsawShot.png Chainsaw Shot (Phase 2) 46 3600 Ranged AI Arrow Storm ✤ Dam
Depressing Bow
Chainsaw Shot (Phase 1)
EffervescentDagger.png Effervescent Dagger 50 1 - - -
Effervescent Dagger
Stone platform in Nesaak Forest
Near Ternaves
722, 61, -1469
Wynncraft Map


  • The Blacksmith: ... Hi again. I see you got the weapons.
  • The Blacksmith: These weapons emanate so much sadness... I'm sure you heard about Bob's story...
  • The Blacksmith: Here is the soul. It's a little bit crushed, but it can do the trick.
  • The Blacksmith: Good luck on your quest. Bob was a great hero, anything to help him is good in my book.

Stage 8[]

» Bring back [1 Bob's Crushed Soul] to Wedyf.

659, 64, -2046
Wynncraft Map


  • Wedyf: I'm glad to see you again.
  • Wedyf: I only need a part of the soul, you can keep the rest.
  • Wedyf: Give me a minute, I need to concentrate...
  • Wedyf: ... . .. .
  • Wedyf: ..... .. ..... . . . . ...
  • Wedyf: It is done. You should be able to enter the tomb now. Be careful.

Stage 9[]

» Find Bob's corpse in his tomb.

Bob's Tomb
287, 54, -758
Wynncraft Map

As you open the door, you feel some soft wind running past you. The lamentations have stopped...

Note: Bob's corpse is in a room underneath the stairs, you will need to open a door to it by standing on a pressure plate.

Stage 10[]

» Report back what you've seen to Tarod

Nesaak Forest
-7, 68, -793
Wynncraft Map


  • Tarod: You're back... Has he... has he finally been put to rest?
  • Tarod: It's... hard to hear, knowing that my old friend is really gone, this time, but... I'm happy he won't have to suffer on this war-torn world for another second.
  • Tarod: ...I want you to have something. This is his old battle chesplate; he gave it to me a few days before he vanished. I think if he were still here, he'd want you to have this. Please, take good care of it for me...



  • This quest was minorly improved gameplay-wise in 1.20.1, as now there are less grindy ways to get the items needed.
    • The Rose Florist replaced the 'Lonely Rose' mob, the latter just being an item mob.
    • The Apprentice and Markque the Wizard were not added until 1.20.1.
    • Before 1.20.1, to get the Depressing items, instead of having the challenges to get them, players had to grind them by killing mobs in the Nesaak Tundra or the Emerald Trail.