Bob's Mythic Weapons are five legendary weapons (one for each class), which require the completion of the level 74 Reincarnation quest to wield. Prior to the Gavel Expansion, Bob's Mythics were considered the best overall weapons in the game; however, as of the release of Gavel, they have been overtaken by weapons such as the Infused Hive Weapons in terms of raw damage. All four Bob's Mythics have the same base identifications, as well as three Powder slots each, although their damage varies drastically depending on which weapon is considered. The weapons all deal very good neutral damage, making them very effective against mobs who resist elements, such as Qira and Bob himself.

Bob's Mythics can be acquired at level 75, after defeating Bob's Reincarnation and completing the Reincarnation quest. They can be purchased in the Temple's weapons shop, by trading in one Corrupted Treasure. Corrupted Treasure can only be acquired once per class, but the weapons themselves are tradable, so it is possible to buy them from another player if one loses theirs. Even after the weapons are bought, however, they require a minimum level of 75 and completion of Reincarnation to wield.


Weapon Name Min. Level Quest Req. Neutral Dam. Attack Speed Slots
Bob's Mythic Spear 75 Reincarnation 260-330 Slow 3
Bob's Mythic Wand 75 Reincarnation 125-195 Normal 3
Bob's Mythic Bow 75 Reincarnation 405-475 Slow 3
Bob's Mythic Daggers 75 Reincarnation 175-245 Fast 3
Ancient Runic Relik 75 Reincarnation 310-330 Normal 3


All the weapons share the same set of pre-determined identifications.

Identification Preset Value
 XP Bonus   +20% 
 Loot Bonus   +20% 
 Strength   +10  
 Dexterity   +10  
 Intelligence   +10  
 Defense   +10  
 Agility   +10  
 Melee Damage   +10% 
 Spell Damage   +10% 


  • Bob's Mythic Weapons have no relation to the Mythic tier of weapons released in the Gavel Expansion.
  • Bob's Mythics may be related to the dark weapons that Bob historically used during his twenty years of training, but there is no evidence to support this.
  • Although the Ancient Runic Relik can be purchased from the temple, it is not considered one of Bob's Mythic Weapons since Bob never used Reliks (Shamanism was considered dark) (also Shaman class was not in game when the Bob was introduced).
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