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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Boulder Pit SiteIcon.png
The pit with the crashed boulder
Discovery Lore
The Emperor's 26th son was named Hashr. As he grew older, he became wrought with greed and envy of his father's power. It wasn't long before he was willing to kill.
Coordinates X: 930, Z: -1683
Suggested Level 30
Uses Discovery
Requirements none

Boulder Pit is a Secret Discovery located in the Desert. There is a pit with a skeleton in the center, a crashed boulder, and a rotted door. Junes walks out of the boulder and explains how the skeleton is not from the fallen empire, featured in the Kingdom of Sand.


955, 69, -1683
Wynncraft Map
  • Go to the large boulder located in the Desert and right click it from behind.


  • Follow the boulder into the pit.



Junes: Whoah! What did you push this for?

Junes: There were markings all over it.. And a small entrance to the inside.

Junes: I wonder why... Wait - Where are we?

Junes: How do you keep finding all of these ruins?

Junes: My word.. This body.. It's definitely not from fallen empire.

Junes: It's relatively new.. Maybe from the last 100 years.

Junes: I've seen evidence all over these buildings of people living in them or storing goods.

Junes: I guess it's only natural when an empire as big as this one still stands.

Junes: There must be hundreds of convenient hiding places, this poor guy must have got trapped.

Junes: Seems like he couldn't get the door open. Maybe the wood has rotted by now...

Junes: HUP!


  • You can get trapped if you enter through the hole in the boulder Junes came out of
  • To exit the pit, simply follow through the rotted door Junes goes through