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The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.17 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Bow Relic.png
Suggested Level 45
Type/Biomes Tundra
Monsters Relic Guardian, Lv 45
Uses Relic Shrine
Requirements Touch the Relic Crystal

The Bow Relic is one of thirty Relics scattered around the province of Wynn and Gavel. It is located within the hidden Bow Relic Shrine. Collecting it gives one Relic Bow to the player.


When you touch the Relic Crystal, you will receive a Relic Bow as the reward. There is a rare chance that you receive the ninth Sealed Letter instead.


Relic Guardian
(Bow Relic)
Mob Wither Skeleton.png
Type Wither Skeleton
Level 45
Health ?
AI Type Unknown AI
Location Bow Relic Shrine

The Bow Relic is guarded by level 45 Wither Skeleton archers. They are much stronger than average level 45 mobs.


If you are facing the entrance to the Great Bridge from the Nesaak side, there are two large statues to the far left and right, one with the Troms Coat Of Arms and one with no Coat of Arms. The Troms statue, to the left when facing the entrance, has a button at the bottom of it, between the legs. Press this button, and it will open a door under the legs of the other statue. Go into this room. Beware that there are a few Relic guardians, and although there aren't many, they respawn quickly after they are killed. There is a ladder in the room. Climb it and then go up the spiral staircase to find the relic. There is a ladder that exits out of the Nesaak statue's face after pressing the exit button behind you at the top of the ladder.

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