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A screenshot of the village of Bucie
Discovery Lore
The small town of Bucie is home to many farmers, who produce the crops for the nearby cities of Llevigar and Olux.
Coordinates X: -1448, Z: -4725
Suggested Level 40
Standard Merchants
Potion Merchant Level 40-50
Other Merchants Emerald Merchant
Horse Merchant
Accessory Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Type/Biomes Plains

Bucie is a small farming town located on the River Sage separating the Llevigar Plains from the Light Forest. Besides being a crossing point between the plains and the forest, the town also has an Accessory Merchant and a Horse Merchant. Similar to Ternaves of the Wynn Province, Bucie has its own stable and blacksmiths.

Points of interest[]


  • The Western Gate heads towards the Llevigar Plains and eventually Llevigar in the negative X direction.
  • The Eastern Gate heads towards the Light Forest. It can potentially lead to both The Forgery and Cinfras.


Crafting Stations[]

  • A Jewelling Station is located right next to the Woodworking and Tailoring stations.

  • A Tailoring Station is located right next to the Woodworking and Jewelling stations.

  • An Armouring Station is located right next to the Weaponsmithing station.

  • An Alchemism Station is located in the south-west corner in the same room as the Cooking and Scribing stations.

  • A Cooking Station is located between the Weaponsmithing and Alchemism stations.


  • An Accessory Merchant is located in the left building on the east side outside the bridge.

  • An Identifier can be found across the Potion Merchant on the bridge.

  • Two Emerald Merchants can be found across one another on the middle-point of the bridge.

  • There is one Blacksmith on the left side of the Western gate and a further one opposite the Scroll Merchant's shop on the bridge.

  • The Potion Merchant is located opposite the Item Identifier on the western entrance of the bridge.

  • A Scroll Merchant can be found opposite to the Blacksmith's shop on the bridge.

  • The Horse Merchant is located on the western bank of Bucie, in the building opposite the farmland.


  • The name Bucie is derived from the Wynncraft Builder Cubie.
  • Bucie was originally used for GM (Game Master) trials. Here a trial GM made their mobs, items, and quests.
  • Before Bucie's addition to the game, Ternaves was the only place players could purchase horses.
  • Bucie was re-made completely in the 1.20 update which included the town being moved from its earlier location on the Llevigar Plains to its new location as a crossing point on the river north-east of the Karoc Quarry.
  • Axelus shows up in Bucie for the quest 'From the Mountains' but cannot otherwise be found in the town.
  • Bucie used to be the starting point of the quest "An Iron heart Part I."


A view of the bank in Bucie.