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NPC Info
X: -943 Z: -4518
Location Bulbo's House
Quest Involved Lord of the Clock


Bulbo is found in The Shiar and is used for the Clock Mystery, which gives you The Shiar's Maddening Clock. He claims to be obsessed with the clock, and gives it to the player to free him of its control over him.


When speaking with him for the first time in The Shiar:

  • Bulbo: 1... 2... 3... 4... 5...
  • Bulbo: That incessant ticking... the time, my very existence... None of it makes any sense, I can't stop obsessing over it!
  • Bulbo: The information... the noise... it's too much and too fast, my mind cannot handle it! I'm becoming mad!
  • Bulbo: I beg of you... You must take it, human. Do with it what you will, but I simply cannot stand its presence any longer!
  • Bulbo: ... Thank you, human. Now... if you would, please leave... I can't stand that damned thing's presence.

After speaking to him while still having the Clock in your inventory:

  • Bulbo: I used to live in Wynn, you know? Can't say exactly why, but I had a nice cozy home out there!
  • Bulbo: Off in Detlas' suburbs and all. Nice neighborhood, really. Ah, the times were good back then...
  • Bulbo: But of course, times are certainly better now! After all, that constant ticking is gone. I can finally sleep!