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The C.S.S. Wavebreaker
CSS Wavebreaker.png
The Wavebreaker in Selchar

The C.S.S. Wavebreaker is a fast-travel feature added in the 1.16 Corkus Update, which allows quick travel to Corkus City. The Wavebreaker is only stationed in Selchar and Corkus City. The ship is captained by the C.S.S Wavebreaker Captain, who will converse with the player on their voyage.

To sail on the vessel, the player must simply walk onto the ship in either port to sail to Selchar or Corkus.



  • Despite being much larger than the V.S.S. Seaskipper, the Wavebreaker only offers service to two islands.
  • While sailing on the Wavebreaker, fish won't be seen jumping out of the water, which is a unique detail of the Seaskipper.
  • There is a tier 1 Loot Chest on the ship.
  • You cannot use the C.S.S Wavebreaker until you have started the The Envoy I quest.