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Canyon of the Lost RegionIcon.png
A large part of the vast Canyon
Coordinates X: 500, Z: -5000
Access Points Gylia Plains to the west
Molten Heights Gate: -965, -5305
Suggested Level 80
Quest Starts Cowfusion
Beyond the Grave
The Lost
Fallen Delivery
General's Orders
The Canyon Guides
Enter the Dojo
The Thanos Vaults
The Belly of the Beast
From the Bottom
The Qira Hive
The Canary Calls
The Hidden City
Type/Biomes Mountain
Region Capital Thesead
Monsters List of Mobs (Gavel)

The Canyon of the Lost is a vast expansive region covering almost all of the East central Gavel Province, full of twisting mountains and forests, as well as many powerful beasts. The canyon is very overwhelming, and it is very easy to get lost (hence the name) in its huge towering mountain cliffs, many of which reach beyond the clouds.

There are three settlements in the canyon, each owned by a different race: Thanos, owned by Dwarves, Thesead, owned by Villagers, and the hidden city, Eltom, owned by humans.

Points of Interest[]


  • Thanos - A grand underground Dwarven city. It has been recently been threatened by Ozoth, a fearsome dragon. The town is known for its large bazaar, where many people practice bartering.
  • Thesead - A rich coal mining city ran by a mayor is built in to the mountains near central Canyon. Containing most basic amenities, it is the regional capital of the Canyon. There are large barley farms outside the city.
  • Eltom - An illegal and well hidden human town in the northeastern Canyon built along a mountain. Contains most amenities, minus weapon/armour merchants.


  • The Qira Hive - The massive stronghold of the Mistress Qira where she spawns dozens of frightening creatures and beasts. You can attempt the the Hive Challenge here, in which you must face many dangerous enemies and bosses in a similiar fashion to Wynn's Tower of Ascension. If you manage to defeat the entire challenge, you can get an audience with Qira herself.
  • The Colossus - This massive colossus resides in the very southeastern corner of the canyon, near Kandon-Beda. Many mysteries surround this imposing living structure. The Colossus is a Raid (for the raid, see The Canyon Colossus), which can be accessed from beneath the colossus.
  • Ozoth's Spire - A huge fiery mountain rising above Thanos, upon which the great dragon Ozoth resides.
  • Kitrios Barracks - A large stronghold in the canyon held by soldiers of the Gavel Province, led by General Lecade.
  • Bantisu Air Temple - A sprawling city of temples above Thesead where the monks of Bantisu reside.


Private Tylas

General Lecade

Lieutenant Gren

Thanos Citizens











King Burtan

Hive Servants














Thesead Citizens


Eltom Citizens

Mayor Eoric

Thesead's Mayor

Sensei Miyagi



  • Multiple Diamond mines are found in the canyon, where you can gather the resource.

  • Pine trees grow sparcely in the region, though the Thesead outskirts are a fine place for gathering it. The canyon is also the only place in the game where Bamboo is gatherable.

  • Rice is farmable in multiple spots around the region.

  • If you're looking to fish in the canyon, Bass is found in many rivers and small lakes in the area.


Miniquest Name Miniquest Type Min. Level Coordinates Items Required Combat XP Given Profession XP Given
Slay Hobgoblins Combat 80 562, 26, -5421 22 Goblin Teeth 498300 -
Gather Diamonds Mining 81 337, 27, -5356 34 Diamond Ingot or 34 Diamond Gem 115000 99000
Gather Pine Logs Woodcutting 81 81, 35, -5289 34 Pine Wood or 34 Pine Paper 115000 99000
Gather Rice Farming 81 366, 30, -5160 34 Rice String or 34 Rice Grain 115000 99000
Gather Bass Fishing 81 105, 45, -4987 34 Bass Oil or 34 Bass Meat 115000 99000
Slay Jinkos Combat 83 549, 27, -4996 22 Sharp Claws 330000 -
Gather Diamonds II Mining 83 641, 29, -4793 44 Diamond Ingot or 44 Diamond Gem 130000 142000
Gather Pine Logs II Woodcutting 83 646, 77, -5058 44 Pine Wood or 44 Pine Paper 130000 142000
Gather Rice II Farming 83 534, 28, -5157 44 Rice String or 44 Rice Grains 130000 142000
Gather Diamonds III Mining 86 27, 42, -4972 52 Diamond Ingot or 52 Diamond Gem 157000 195000
Gather Rice III Farming 86 743, 44, -5318 52 Rice String or 52 Rice Grains 157000 195000
Slay Ailuropodas Combat 88 135, 53, -4399 24 Fluffy Fur 519750 -
Gather Diamonds IV Mining 88 369, 77, -5070 62 Diamond Ingot or 62 Diamond Gem 207000 240000
Gather Bamboo Woodcutting 88 87, 81, -4310 26 Bamboo 207000 240000
Gather Rice IV Farming 88 79, 44, -4772 62 Rice String or 62 Rice Grain 207000 240000


  • The Canyon of the Lost is larger than any other single region in Wynncraft, not counting the Ocean.
  • The layout of the canyon is similar to an immense maze, and can be tough to navigate.
  • The area of the Sakura Dojo was originally removed right before Gavel's release, but was later added back in the Gameplay Update
  • Several elemental-themed minidungeons used to be found throughout the canyon. However, they were replaced with normal caves in the 1.17 update.