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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Caritat Mansion SiteIcon.png
Erca Mansion.png
Erca Mansion from atop of the Fountain.
Coordinates X: -1200, Z: -5200
Suggested Level 67
Involved Quests Memory Paranoia
Type/Biomes Dark Forest
Monsters Wandering Memory (Level 70)
Lament of Sorrow (Level 69)
Boss Remains of Mr. Caritat (Level 80)
Uses Quest
Requirements Started Memory Paranoia


The Caritat Mansion is an abandoned mansion, once home to the Caritat family. It is the setting for the quest Memory Paranoia.


Mr. Caritat's Dark Secrets

The Mansion Massacre

During Memory Paranoia

Entering the Mansion

After talking to Atisun Caritat and beginning the quest, you can pass through the front door and enter the mansion proper. For a few moments, you will see the mansion as it is today; burned, ruined and crawling with vines. However, after passing a bit further down the hallway, the screen will begin to distort, until you are teleported into a memory of Caritat Mansion as it was in the past, several decades ago.

The First Memory: The Great Hall

Upon crossing into the memory, you will find yourself in the great hall of the mansion, with (locked) doors leading into nearly every other part of the mansion. Level 65 Servants and Maids wander around the area, and around a table are several NPCs: Timmy Caritat, a Servant and a Maid. Listening in to their conversation, you will hear about how Timmy has lost his Library Key; the servants tell him that if it fell down a drain, it might have ended up in the basement by now. The basement can be accessed through a staircase in the south-east corner of the hall, and inside is a level 0 Library Key mob; kill it to obtain the key, and you will be able to unlock the library door on the north side of the great hall, and enter the library. You will catch a brief glimpse of the library as it was in the past; however, upon moving further into the room, you will be transported out of the memory and back into the present day.

The Present Day (I)

In the present, you will find yourself in the same place you were in the memory; just inside the library, although it is now old and in ruins like the rest of the mansion. Several level 69 Laments of Sorrow and level 70 Wandering Memories are found in this room, and might be dangerous to ill-prepared players. On the table at the opposite end of the library is the journal of the Caritats' butler, Anton; however, all five pages of the journal have been torn out, and scattered around the room. walk around the edges of the room to find the pages, interacting with them to piece together the full contents of the journal:

  • Page 1: Today was my first day as the butler for the Caritat family. They gave me quite a warm welcome. I think I'm going to like it here.
  • Page 2: The Caritats are as nice as people say. They're some of the kindest people I've ever met, let alone work for.
  • Page 3: That Timmy boy has been acting rather unusual lately...
  • Page 4: I've been hearing strange noises at night. Something unusual is going on here...
  • Page 5: I don't even know how this happened, but Timmy performed dark magic. He shot a fireball and destroyed the north wall of the library.

After reading all five pages, you can investigate what Anton was talking about at the north wall of the library; perform some simple parkour across the fallen bookshelves on the east side of the room to reach the hole in the wall, and you will be transported back in time into yet another memory...

The Second Memory: The Black Spoon

Upon entering the memory once again, you will be viewing a cutscene from a point suspended above the floor of the library. Mr. Caritat is sitting behind the library desk, talking to Timmy, who is standing before him. After a brief exchange, where Timmy appears to be extremely aggressive, he takes out a spoon and shoots a fireball, creating the hole in the north wall that the butler had written about. Mr. Caritat, enraged by Timmy's use of dark magic, takes the "Black Spoon" from him and throws it into the nearby fireplace, while Timmy appears possessed by a furious dark force. After this cutscene is complete, you will be transported back into the present.

The Present Day (II)

Returning to the library in the present, you will now be able to find something in the very same fireplace where Mr. Caritat threw the spoon: a level 0 Spoon mob, which drops a spoon when killed. With the spoon, you can enter the great hall, now destroyed and crawling with ghostly monsters, and cross to the south side of the mansion, where the dining hall is found. Upon passing through the doorway, you will be transported back into another memory.

The Third Memory: Timothy's Birthday

The Nightmare

Several years after the first two memories took place, Mr. Caritat is holding a feast for his family (himself, Timothy and Mrs. Caritat), as well as several residents of Gelibord and their children. Mr. Caritat announces to the assembles citizens that his son, Timothy, has just turned eighteen, though he acknowledges the "hiccups" that may have occurred over the years. After the speech, Timothy mentions that he heard of something going on in the kitchen, a room adjoined to the dining hall by a door to the east.

When entering the kitchen, you will see a frightful scene indeed: a giant, shadowy level 100 Nightmare is in the centre of the room, attacking several chefs and bakers who are running, panicked, throughout the kitchen. The Nightmare is nearly invincible, and cannot be forced to leave; your only option is to escape to the main dining hall.

Back in the hall, almost all the guests have fled; the only people remaining are Mr. Caritat, Timothy and a few servants. Mr. Caritat, at first, belives that Timothy might have been responsible once again for the dark apparition in the kitchen; however, a servant states that a strange spoon was found in the kitchen. Upon seeing it, both Timothy and Mr. Caritat recongnize it as the Black Spoon that Timothy used all those years ago to cast dark magic. He mentions that he took it from his father's study, prompting an outburst from Mr. Caritat about how Timothy was never allowed inside his study. A level 0 Study Key is found lying on the banquet table, and after collecting it you can leave the dining hall and return to the great hall.

The Study

Mr. Caritat's Study is located on the second floor of Caritat Mansion, accessible from the large staircase in the centre of the great hall. On the north side of the mezzanine that makes up the first floor is the study door; after using the Study Key on it, it becomes unlocked and allows you inside the study proper. Inside is a small room containing bookshelves, several strange spikes on the ground, a fireplace and a desk, holding Mr. Caritat's journal. Unlike the butler's, all of the pages in this journal are intact, and can be read immediately:

  • Page 2: There is a dark power beyond our control within this mansion. There is no use trying to fight it.
  • Page 3: I felt like all of the skulls were watching me. I had to turn them all towards the fireplace.

Inside the fireplace, past the flames is a button; when pressed, it opens a secret door behind the desk, through one of the bookshelves. The room beyond is very dark, and contains several arcane artifacts, including enchantment tables, candles and more blood-covered spikes; even so, there is nothing of immediate interest in the room. However, when leaving the secret room, you will find that the study has changed drastically; it has taken on a dark colour scheme similar to the secret room, and is now covered in dark skulls and bloody spikes. At the end of the hallway is a possessed Mr. Caritat, surrounded by floating candles. He briefly speaks about a mysterious darkness, before expelling you from the study and sending you back to the present.

The Present Day (III)

Outside the memory once more, you will find yourself in the present-day version of the study, covered in vines; a note on the floor, addressed to Anton, asks him to investigate the fallen chandelier in the centre of the great hall. Leaving the study and returning down the broken staircase to the bottom floor of the hall, you will find the level 0 Timmy's Bedroom Key among the ancient wreckage of the chandelier; after taking it, return to the second floor and get across the partially-destroyed floor to Timmy's bedroom, through a door on the southern wall. When approaching the door to the bedroom, your vision will distort again and you will be transported into another memory of the mansion's past.

The Fourth Memory: The Bedroom

Once again in a memory, standing just outside the door to Timmy's bedroom, you can move forward and up the stairs to enter the room. Upon doing so, you will be frozen in place and view another cutscene. Timmy originally sits on the floor of his room, playing with a small toy, before tossing it aside. He turns his neck nearly 180 degrees so that he is facing the player, and his eyes are now black and bleeding. He begins to move towards the west wall of the room, never taking his eyes off the player, and all the plants in the room die simultaneously as he reaches the wall. He then begins clawing at it, throwing specks of blood (possibly from his own fingers) across the room, before the cutscene ends and you are thrown back into the present.

The Present Day (IV)

While standing in Timmy's bedroom, move to a hole in the right wall where you will find the Master Key. Master bedroom is located on the first floor, west side of the mansion near The Study. Getting close to the master bedroom should trigger the fifth memory.

The Fifth Memory: A House on Fire

Once you unlock the bedroom you will see Mr. Caritat's wife being turned into a wither skeleton which then sets the whole mansion on fire. You need to escape the mansion through the big door which is located on the east side of the second floor.

Mr. Caritat's Basement

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