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Discovery Lore
Once the home of a wealthy aristocrat, this castle has been overtaken by Dullahan, an enigmatic Elf who terrorized the Dark Forest for decades.
Coordinates X: -1100, Z: -5517
Involved Quests A Headless History
Type/Biomes Dark Forest

Castle Dullahan, or Gelibord Castle, as it used to be called before its current owner, is a large castle located north of Gelibord. It is the home of Dullahan, who has been sealed inside in an attempt to keep the surrounding region safe.[1] The castle is visited by the player during A Headless History in which it plays a central role. The castle grounds also feature in the Lazarus Pit quest although only the courtyard outside is involved. Several loot chests can be found on the site, among them one level IV chest.


Dark Forest
-1100, -5517
Wynncraft Map

Castle Dullahan is easiest reached by heading north from Gelibord, following the path leading past the houses belonging to Hans and Referick from A Headless History. Heading directly east from Olux is also a very straightforward way to reach the castle.

Attempting to enter the crypt before starting the quest it is involved in will simply generate the following line: ”Something about this crypt does not feel right…”

Points of Interest[]

  • Castle Backgarden - An area behind the main castle itself, accessible by navigating through the non-quest areas of the building. The upper part of the gardens is a fairly safe spot to farm both Decay Roots and Dark Wood.
  • Castle Doors - Behind these doors are the inner parts of Castle Dullahan and the mysterious host himself.


  • A lot of hostile mobs spawn in the area behind the castle, so be careful which parts you go to.