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Different mobs are scattered all around the Wynncraft province. They have unique abilities and come in various levels. If a player kills a mob, they gain experience points, which can then be used to level up. The amount of experience points a player earns depends on the level of the mob, level of the player, and the difference between these levels. The closer of level a mob is to you, the more experience points a player will gain from killing it, however, the larger the level difference, the less experience you earn.

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NPCs are non-player characters that play an active role in quests. They can be identified by a villager with a dark-green nameplate. Right click on them to speak to them.

Merchants are special NPCs that buy and sell items to the player.

Boss Mobs are unique mobs that only appear one-at-a-time in Wynncraft, and are usually more powerful than the surrounding mobs.

Rare Mobs are uncommon mobs that drop unique Crafting Ingredients, and often are a lot bulkier than the other mobs of the area.

Grind Mobs are tanky mobs that spawn in large numbers at specific locations, serving the sole purpose of XP grinding.


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