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Charms are items that you can get from completing Raids.


Charms are obtained from the Raid Reward Chest at the end of every Raid. Only one charm can be obtained per raid on each class, even if you lose the original one.

Unlike armor or accessories, they will work as long as they are in your inventory and on the class that earned the charm. All charms are classified as Fabled Raid Rewards. Charms have to be identified before they can be used, and can be rerolled to randomize their stats. However, Charms are Soulbound, meaning that they cannot be used on any class except the one that got it.

List of charms[]

Name Obtained From Combat Lv. Min Identifications

Charm of the Worm
Nest of the Grootslangs 60 +6% to +26% Damage taken from mobs
+9% to +39% XP from Lv. 60-80 content

Charm of the Light
Orphion's Nexus of Light 80 +9% to +39% Damage taken from mobs
+9% to +39% XP from Lv. 80-100 content

Charm of the Stone
The Canyon Colossus 100 +21% to +91% Damage taken from mobs
+9% to +39% Loot from Lv. 90-110 content