Species Skeleton
Level 38
Health 15500 Full Heart Icon.png
AI Type Unknown AI
Elemental Properties
Damage 61-69
Location Underworld Crypt
Do you see how easily this place fell? How quickly I became its master? And how I could simply dispose of you without a second thought?
~ Charon

Charon, the “Undead Ferryman,” is a level 38 undead warlord leading a large army of zombies and other undead, building strength behind a gate to the underworld buried beneath Ancient Nemract. He is the final boss of the Underworld Crypt dungeon, and he is so powerful that the army of Wynn has actually sent a large regiment, led by General Graken, to help fight him. The dungeon is designed for players of level 27-36, although it can be unlocked at level 24 after completing the quest The Dark Descent.

After being shown visions of the past and Charon's power during The Dark Descent, the player is able to open the giant skull in the middle of Ancient Nemract and enter the dungeon, accompanied by General Graken and the army, to face Charon.


After reaching the final chamber of the Underworld Crypt, you must defeat Charon himself to complete the dungeon and claim the rewards. However, unlike most bosses, Charon cannot be fought directly; instead, he stands on a small platform behind a barrier, and you must make use of General Graken's army to pass the barrier and damage him while fighting off Charon's undead minions.

Graken won't let you get too close to the boss, so you will need to rely on the soldiers instead. There are five types of soldiers you can summon: Scouts, Defenders, Warriors, Slayers, and General Graken himself. Each unit has different statistics and capabilities, and there is a cooldown between summoning units. Scouts are fast, and deal Air damage; Defenders have high health and deal Fire damage; Warriors are slow, but deal heavy Earth damage; Slayers deal Thunder damage, and are effective at crowd-control; and General Graken has the longest cooldown of 14 seconds, but is powerful in every area. Each soldier can be summoned as many times as you want. Since Graken is the strongest unit, a good strategy is to simply summon him several times, as soon as his cooldown refreshes; as long as you can keep him from fighting and dying to the minions long enough to reach the boss, he can deplete Charon's health rapidly.

In addition, Charon has several minions that spawn around him and move forward to defend him from advancing units and to attack players. The level 30 Drudges and level 35 Decrepit Warriors are quite simple to dispatch, and if you can defeat them quickly should pose no obstacle to the army units. However, the level 45 Undead Warlords are much more powerful, with high health and damage, and they can quickly destroy advancing units if they are not dealt with. Charon's minions respawn constantly, so you should deal with them when they become a problem and focus on dealing damage to Charon instead.

Once the army units have dealt enough damage to defeat Charon, players will be teleported out of the boss room to the underground entrance to the dungeon to receive their rewards, including Charon's drops.


This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Much of the known history of Charon, as well as the story of the fall of Ancient Nemract, is revealed through The Dark Descent quest, although how he came to be and the full extent of his power remains unknown. Charon appears to be in complete control of an entire empty, grey realm, very similar and likely connected to Death's Realm, visited much later during the level 87 quest Beyond the Grave. During the quest, this world takes the form of a monochrome version of Ancient Nemract.

During The Dark Descent, Charon transports the player's mind into this world, and shows them several visions of the battle, including a soldier spontaneously becoming corrupted and undead, and a human having her soul claimed by Charon for use in his army; it is implied that the entire population of the city was added to his army. He allows the player to leave eventually, even giving them the gem which unlocks the entrance to the Underworld Crypt, inviting them to fight him and become an undead “puppet” like the people of Ancient Nemract.


  • In Greek mythology, Charon is the boatman who ferries dead souls across the River Styx into the underworld.
    • This theme also appears throughout the Underworld Crypt dungeon.
  • Following the release of the 1.17 Dungeons & Discoveries Update and the Dark Descent quest, Charon was given additional lore.
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