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Discovery Lore
The city of Cinfras is the central hub of the Gavel Province. It is also home of the massive Guild Hall, and a massive airship travel center.
Coordinates X: -445, Z: -4939
Suggested Level 75
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 69 - 72
Weapon Merchant Level 69
Potion Merchant Level 65, 70, 75, 80
Accessory Merchant Level 75
Other Merchants Emerald Merchant
Liquid Emerald Merchant
Scroll Merchant
(Requires completion of Fallen Delivery to be accessed)
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifier
Powder Master
Involved Quests Murder Mystery
Finding The Light
Fallen Delivery
Disambig.png This article is about the city of Cinfras. For the NPC of the same name, see Cinfras (NPC).

Cinfras is the central hub of Gavel. It is home to the Armour and Weapon Merchants, a Powder Master, and the King's Merchant. It also houses the Cinfras Bank (including Emerald Merchants and a Liquid Emerald Merchant).


It is unknown when Cinfras was founded, however, it has been the central city of Gavel for many centuries, hosting a very ancient, mostly-abandoned library[1] and a great hall known as the Guild Hall. Cinfras served as the capital of the province during the royal period, when Gavel was ruled by a monarchy. The Guild Hall is where the royals lived, far before it had its modern day purpose of handling guild creation.[1]

Although the Villagers were able to conquer the West of Gavel under the royal rule, it still was not enough to satiate the monarchs' greed, who lived luxuriously in the Guild Hall while the rest of Gavel's population suffered from famine and disease. Eventually, in 750 AP, the people of Cinfras rose up against the monarchy and deposed the last king of the province, Theden II. The Villagers later established a democratic government where everyone had a voice in the province's matters.[1]

When the Decay broke out in 800 AP and began ravaging Northern Gavel,[2] Cinfras would once again be consolidated as the central city in the province, due to its distance and relative safety from the Decay, and remain rich in comparison to the impoverished lands affected by the Decay, with many job opportunities in the city.[3] Cinfras was also powerful militarily, having provided military aid to the citizens of Lexdale who were under constant attack from the Gerts. The city even started a war against them, which they won.[4]

In 900 AP, the waves were calmed by the mages of Mage Island, making sea travel possible.[5][6] Some Villagers would later sail from Gavel in search of new lands across the Ocean, which they did, having found the Human-inhabited Wynn Province.[7] Soon afterwards, the government of Cinfras invited the Dernel Jungle-based Sodeta Guild, led by Tisaun Sodeta, to the Guild Hall, making it into the center of guild activity in Gavel.[8][9]

Although Cinfras lost its position as central city and icon of the province to Llevigar,[6] it still remained a popular destination for people and merchants alike to gather: the Siegfried Company, based around marketing a Corkian hero known as Siegfried, built a souvenir shop and even an entire monument in the city.[10] The Letvus Airbase, built into the mountain next to Cinfras, also started offering commercial flights to Detlas, the central city of Wynn.[11] Until recently, it had also been the headquarters of the now-extinct GavelExcavation company, which researched Meteors and Crystals around Lake Gylia.[12]



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Quick Travel[]

In the Letvus Airbase lies the airship which can be used for quick travel between Detlas and Cinfras. You must have completed the quest Flight in Distress in order to gain access to fast travel between the two cities.

The Southwest Block contains 4 orange teleporters, named "The Juggler's Tavern", which can be used for quick travel to (but not from) Aldorei, Thesead, Rodoroc, and Ahmsord.




Crafting Stations[]



  • Cinfras is the central hub of Gavel. Many people visit there to trade and to chat.
  • Cinfras is an anagram for Francis, which is Salted's first name.
  • The airship center's name is Letvus Airbase.
    • This is an anagram of a GM, Selvut283.
  • There are some easter eggs in Cinfras.
    • Near the northern exit, in House 20, you can see a business called Arwins' Assassin-for-Hire. Inside of the building is Arwins himself, a neutral Lv 74 mob with 7000 HP.
  • The Siegfried Main Offices (House 28) can be found to the left of Ollie's Optometry.
  • There is a book about Siegfried in the house opposite of the Main Offices, which has a book about Siegfried in it.
    • Siegfried, Hero of Gavel
    • In recent times, Gavel has been threatened by many monsters. But whenever trouble lurks, the province can always depend on its legendary hero, Siegfried.
    • Everyone in Gavel has their own tale to tell about Siegfried's tremendous strength and skill. He has saved many lives.
    • Wynn may have had Bob as its hero, but Gavel has Siegfried. His books are all province wide best sellers! Bob doesn't even have a book!
    • The End.