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*'''Olux Citizen:''' And I suppose it is true, in a way. After so many raids from the monsters spawned from the decay, our city of Olux has become very poor.
*'''Olux Citizen:''' And I suppose it is true, in a way. After so many raids from the monsters spawned from the decay, our city of Olux has become very poor.
{{Location | location = [[Olux]] | x = -1758 | y = 66 | z = -5516 }}
{{Location | location = [[Olux]] | x = -1758 | y = 66 | z = -5516 }}
*'''Frustrated Citizen:''' Oh, come '''on'''! I can't believe I-
*'''Agitated Citizen:''' Oh, come '''on'''! I can't believe I-
*'''Frustrated Citizen:''' And who are you supposed to be? Some kind of guard? Well, ''guard'', do your guard things!!
*'''Agitated Citizen:''' And who are you supposed to be? Some kind of guard? Well, ''guard'', do your guard things!!
*'''Frustrated Citizen:''' What am I talking about? What do you ''mean'', what am I talking about? I just got scammed!! By the guy in that stall behind me!
*'''Agitated Citizen:''' What am I talking about? What do you ''mean'', what am I talking about? I just got scammed!! By the guy in that stall behind me!
*'''Frustrated Citizen:''' And apparently nobody cares! He's selling absolutely defective products, and nobody seems to mind or care!! I hate this city, I hate the guards, and I especially hate you!!!
*'''Agitated Citizen:''' And apparently nobody cares! He's selling absolutely defective products, and nobody seems to mind or care!! I hate this city, I hate the guards, and I especially hate you!!!
{{Location | location = [[Olux]] | x = -1764 | y = 60 | z = -5480 }}
{{Location | location = [[Olux]] | x = -1764 | y = 60 | z = -5480 }}
*'''Olux Citizen:''' You won't believe the crazy stories people have been telling. Everyone keeps reporting sightings of supposed snake-men.
*'''Olux Citizen:''' You won't believe the crazy stories people have been telling. Everyone keeps reporting sightings of supposed snake-men.

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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Citizens are non-quest NPCs found in cities and towns that tell the player about the area they are located in. Their dialogue can change based on quest completion, and in almost every case, different citizens will have different dialogue. They often serve to direct the player to explore other features, such as quests or secret discoveries.

Wynn Province

Ragni Area

Ragni Guard
NPC Info
Location Ragni
Ravine Villager
NPC Info
Location Ravine Village
Maltic Citizen
NPC Info
Location Maltic
 Location   Ragni   X   -877  Y   67  Z   -1573  Wynncraft Map 
  • Ragni Guard: Welcome to Ragni, new recruit. How's Fruma these days? Ah right, directions.
  • Ragni Guard: Ragni has three gates. The northern gate leads to Katoa Ranch, and the entrance to the old Ragni Sewers. But those sewers are a dungeon, so be careful!
  • Ragni Guard: The southern gate leads to the dangerous Pigman's Ravines. I'd stay away from there if I were you, at least until you're level 15 or so.
  • Ragni Guard: I'd recommend you head eastwards. If you follow the trail through the Nivla Forest, you'll reach the central city of the province, Detlas.

After Maltic's Well:

  • Ragni Guard: Welcome back, I suppose you're a Wynn citizen now. I've heard quite a few things about your deeds throughout the province.
  • Ragni Guard: You've helped a lot of people. Keep up the good work, and we'll win this war.
 Location   Ravine Village   X   -614  Y   86  Z   -1411  Wynncraft Map 
  • Ravine Villager: I wonder if me and my wife should've come here. I thought this secluded little hamlet would be peaceful, but the pigmen have been getting quite rowdy lately!
  • Ravine Villager: I keep seeing the guards out by the gate fighting the blasted hamhocks. If we could just figure out where they're all coming from, we could put an end to it...
  • Ravine Villager: But their brutish stature belies a vicious cunning! None of us can find where the raiders are all coming from, they must be hiding their base astoundingly!
 Location   Maltic   X   -555  Y   47  Z   -1945  Wynncraft Map 
  • Maltic Citizen: That awful witch is causing so much trouble for the town. I hope someone finally kills her. This is the first Villager settlement in Wynn, look at it now.
 Location   Maltic   X   -548  Y   48  Z   -1924  Wynncraft Map 
  • Maltic Citizen: At the northern side of the Nivla Forest, there is a very dangerous cave.
  • Maltic Citizen: It's filled with an unnaturally large nest of spiders. I wouldn't dare go in there.

After Maltic's Well:

 Location   Maltic   X   -555  Y   47  Z   -1945  Wynncraft Map 
  • Maltic Citizen: By killing the witch, you've saved the town! Maybe the things we hear about Fruma aren't as bad as I thought.
 Location   Maltic   X   -548  Y   48  Z   -1924  Wynncraft Map 
  • Maltic Citizen: Now that you have defeated the witch, where will your adventure take you next?
  • Maltic Citizen: I think you might be just the person to tackle the nest of spiders in Nivla Forest.
  • Maltic Citizen: Spiders have been hunting passersby and they seem to be bigger than normal.


Detlas Citizen
NPC Info
Location Detlas
 Location   Detlas   X   413  Y   67  Z   -1580  Wynncraft Map 
  • Detlas Citizen: Hello, and welcome to Detlas, the central city of the Province of Wynn!
  • Detlas Citizen: Here, you will find merchants from all around the province. You can shop to your heart's content. It is the hub of cooperation between Villagers and Humans!
  • Detlas Citizen: Detlas also contains a bank, which you can use to store your emeralds more efficiently, and store any other items you have.
  • You walk away wondering if the citizen stands all day long welcoming adventurers...

After Maltic's Well:

  • Detlas Citizen: Welcome back to Detlas. I heard the news from Maltic, apparently you saved the town.
  • Detlas Citizen: Usually we would ask Ragnar to tackle something like that, but you did just fine!
 Location   Detlas   X   480  Y   67  Z   -1643  Wynncraft Map 
  • Detlas Citizen: This gate leads to Nemract, a port city that has always struggled.
  • Detlas Citizen: It has a serious problem with the undead. When the portal opened 1000 years ago, the area was the first pace to be hit, and it never quite recovered.
  • Detlas Citizen: Since Nemract contains a port, boats are very easy to acquire. If you ever want to explore the ocean, stop by Nemract first.
 Location   Detlas   X   533  Y   67  Z   -1584  Wynncraft Map 
  • Detlas Citizen: Through this gate lies a path known as the Black Road. You can take this path down to small town of Ternaves.
  • Detlas Citizen: You can also follow the path north-east through the savannah to the city of Almuj, positioned at the start of the desert.
  • Detlas Citizen: There isn't much in the desert aside from some old ruins, but it's also the best way to get to the canyon.
 Location   Detlas   X   454  Y   67  Z   -1519  Wynncraft Map 
  • Detlas Citizen: You can follow the path here south-west to reach the frozen land of Nesaak, a transformed and dangerous place.
  • Detlas Citizen: The only way to get to Troms without being a member of the city is through the Great Bridge, which lies beyond the frozen plains.
  • Detlas Citizen: Along the only way to Nesaak, you'll also find the Roots of Corruption, where the undead first broke out. I'd stay away from there if I were you.
 Location   Detlas   X   401  Y   82  Z   -1529  Wynncraft Map 
  • Pilot: Howdy buddy, care to take a ride with me in my ship today?
  • Pilot: Who knows where the winds will take us this time.
 Location   Detlas   X   428  Y   67  Z   -1619  Wynncraft Map 

After The Feathers Fly Part II:

  • Sybil: Wh- Oh... It's only you.
  • Sybil: Wait, it's YOU?!!
  • Sybil: You - Urgh. Remember me? From the Corkian Council?
  • Sybil: Whatever. Yeah, yeah, I'm visiting. Let's just say I'm on a break.
  • Sybil: That inn in town's pretty cheap for the so-called most important town of the province.
  • Sybil: ...or maybe I'm just rich?
  • Sybil: Anyway, you and your little bird... You guys should've just stayed away from the Council!
  • Sybil: Look... You wouldn't understand... We're supposed to be gifted with our own magic!
  • Sybil: And you... You go and show me, show all of us that anyone, ANYONE can use electromagic?! Just like that?
  • Sybil: Say, I just MIGHT have overreacted back then, but I'm not the only one who felt this way.
  • Sybil: Trust me, the others just weren't saying anything. Dwice, Clomius... Same as me. And it's not only within the Council
  • Sybil: Obviously they'd want to get on Efena's good side. You wouldn't want to go against a president.
  • Sybil: I hope... that one day, someone will do just as "good" as you.
  • Sybil: I hope one day you realize that you, too, aren't all that special.
  • Sybil: Maybe later we'll meet up again on the Council. If I'm composed enough to go back.
  • Sybil: As for your friend, or Maxie... They... Urgh, nevermind. Just go.
  • Sybil: I was starting to appreciate my time here until you came along!


Nemract Citizen
NPC Info
Location Nemract
 Location   Nemract   X   122  Y   40  Z   -2180  Wynncraft Map 
  • Nemract Citizen: Ah, a new visitor to Nemract, what a rare sight. Did you hear what happened to Sayleros' brother?
  • Nemract Citizen: He died a few weeks ago. I wonder if Sayleros is doing okay, last I heard he was still in Detlas...I wonder if he knows.

After Grave Digger:

  • Nemract Citizen: There's a rumor going around town that last night, someone robbed the crypt beneath the church.
  • Nemract Citizen: Apparently they robbed the grave of Sayleros' brother, how low do you have to be...
 Location   Nemract   X   170  Y   41  Z   -2175  Wynncraft Map 
  • Nemract Citizen: A thousand years ago, just south of here, Ancient Nemract was once a shining Human city. Now, it is only ruins.
  • Nemract Citizen: When the corruption first broke out, zombies swarmed the city. It was the first town to be destroyed by the undead.
  • Nemract Citizen: I've heard that zombies tend to gather near a large tree in the fallen city. Why are they so attracted to it, I wonder? Maybe we should ask Ragnar to investigate.
 Location   Nemract   X   119  Y   38  Z   -2247  Wynncraft Map 
  • Nemract Citizen: You looking to sail across the ocean? Well, you came to the perfect place, Nemract is the best place to buy a boat.
  • Nemract Citizen: Here's some advice for when you go on your first voyage: look closely at the sand beneath the water.
  • Nemract Citizen: It forms a trail, known to most sailors as the Underwater Route. It leads to the island of Selchar, sister city to Detlas.

Corrupted Village

Corrupted Townsperson
NPC Info
Location Corrupted Village
 Location   Corrupted Village   X   365  Y   69  Z   -1103  Wynncraft Map 
  • Angry Townsperson: GUH! No one in this town is any use! You're all LOSERS. YOU HEAR ME GERALD?
  • Angry Townsperson: I swear if he comes near me again with that attitude I will END HIM.
 Location   Corrupted Village   X   403  Y   78  Z   -1104  Wynncraft Map 
  • Angry Townsperson: HEY! YOU! What are you looking at? You want to go do ya?!
  • Angry Townsperson: I swear if you don’t leave right now, I am going to PUMMEL YOUR FACE INTO THE GROUND.

After The Corrupted Village:

 Location   Corrupted Village   X   365  Y   69  Z   -1103  Wynncraft Map 
  • Townsperson: Oh man, I feel like a weight has lifted.
  • Townsperson: The only problem is my eyebrows are stuck like this...
 Location   Corrupted Village   X   403  Y   78  Z   -1104  Wynncraft Map 
  • Townsperson: Huh? Man.. What happened? It's like I was living another life.
  • Townsperson: I guess the winds changed because my eyebrows aren't moving back!


Almuj Citizen
NPC Info
Location Almuj
Almuj Slums Citizen
NPC Info
Location Almuj Slums
 Location   Almuj   X   906  Y   67  Z   -1949  Wynncraft Map 
  • Almuj Citizen: Have you ever visited the mesa to the south of here? I don't blame you if you haven't.
  • Almuj Citizen: That place is crawling with bandits. I even heard they have their own town...
 Location   Almuj   X   943  Y   75  Z   -2024  Wynncraft Map 
  • Almuj Citizen: All the scarabs in the desert seem to be coming from the large tomb at the eastern end of the desert.
  • Almuj Citizen: Everyone thought it was sealed forever. I wonder what could possibly be inside...
 Location   Almuj   X   989  Y   83  Z   -1964  Wynncraft Map 
  • Almuj Citizen: Have you heard of the rare Shinesting Scorpion, adventurer? You might be interested in searching one out.
  • Almuj Citizen: They're quite elusive, hiding in piles of sand, but rumour has it that great riches come to those that hunt them!
 Location   Almuj   X   962  Y   75  Z   -1935  Wynncraft Map 
  • Almuj Citizen: A traitor from the army, named Takan, recently took over Almuj's barracks to the northeast! This is terrible news, Almuj could be in danger!
  • Almuj Citizen: I wonder if Mylo has heard the news yet, last I heard he's still in Nemract...

After The Mercenary:

  • Almuj Citizen: Thank goodness that traitor Takan has been dealt with. Now the barracks can be reclaimed and order can be restored.
 Location    Almuj Slums   X   933  Y   67  Z   -1849  Wynncraft Map 
  • Brank: How am I supposed to feed my family?
  • Brank: I really need a Craftmas miracle...

After Meaningful Holiday:

  • Brank: It's you again! Remember the Craftmas miracle I asked for?
  • Brank: It really happened, we got food!


Eagle Tribesman
NPC Info
Location Eagle Tribe
Rymek Citizen
NPC Info
Location Rymek
Lift Mechanic
NPC Info
Location Mesa
 Location   Eagle Tribe   X   1410  Y   84  Z   -1610  Wynncraft Map 
  • Eagle Tribesman: Not only did the Owl Tribe steal our totem but also stole one of our Idol's eyes!
  • Eagle Tribesman: The totems hold great protective magical power. Without all the parts, it can not function.
  • Eagle Tribesman: It is probably hiding away somewhere at the Owl Tribe. Maybe if there's peace we can return it.
 Location   Rymek   X   1277  Y   31  Z   -1371  Wynncraft Map 
  • Rymek Citizen: Heheheh. Heya buddy. I wouldn't come in here 'less you've got a weapon handy...and plenty of gold in your pockets.
  • Rymek Citizen: Ya get it? This place has a gold standard. Your emeralds ain't worth too much here, though the bank'll take 'em anyway.
  • Rymek Citizen: One last word of advice, watch the shops. They reforge good, but we don't know a lick of magic. Might not be worth the cash, see?
 Location   Rymek   X   1250  Y   31  Z   -1312  Wynncraft Map 
  • Rymek Citizen: You aren't one of us. So you aren't getting a word out of me.
  • Rymek Citizen: I'm not a rat. I won't tell you anything.
 Location   Rymek   X   1315  Y   31  Z   -1300  Wynncraft Map 
  • Rymek Citizen: What's a little wimp like you doing here? Eh? Snoopin' for rumors?
  • Rymek Citizen: Ah, see. I never had the best memory of all...maybe a few shiny things could jog it, hm?
  • Rymek Citizen: Feh, figures. Get outta here, wimpo! I bet a chicken could slay ya!


  • Lift Mechanic: Hey pal, want to use these elevators? Talk to Svin in Rymek, he is a friend of mine. He could give you access.
  • Lift Mechanic: Although recently a strange hermit has been trying to control them and prevent access... I'm sure you can reason with him, though.

After Canyon Condor:

 Location   Rymek   X   1250  Y   31  Z   -1312  Wynncraft Map 
  • Rymek Citizen: Finally tough enough to call yourself one of us, are you?
  • Rymek Citizen: Then why not look for old Kaven, try your luck? He was always trying to hunt something or other. Might be fun.
  • Rymek Citizen: He's probably holed up someplace just out of town. Don't know where though.
 Location   Rymek   X   1315  Y   31  Z   -1300  Wynncraft Map 
  • Rymek Citizen: ...I heard. What you did. So fine, you get some info for free, since I'm just so generous like that.
  • Rymek Citizen: One of the stacks has some wood houses on it. Snoop in the one closest to the elevator. That's all you're getting from me, bubby.


  • Lift Mechanic: Nice to see you, chief! Enter the elevator as soon as you are ready to use it.


Nesaak Citizen
NPC Info
Location Nesaak
 Location   Nesaak   X   89  Y   73  Z   -807  Wynncraft Map 
  • Nesaak Citizen: The famous House of Twain lies to the south, in the area where the snow has melted.
  • Nesaak Citizen: The Mansion has a deep history with this land. The Twains used to fight the corruption before the likes of Bob were around, although people seem to forget about them.

After The House of Twain:

  • Nesaak Citizen: You'll never believe the fairy tales Twendle has been telling! He just came through town, telling everyone about a journal he found.
  • Nesaak Citizen: He's pretending that he knows everything about the House of Twain, but the mansion has so many secrets!
 Location   Nesaak   X   127  Y   73  Z   -769  Wynncraft Map 
  • Nesaak Citizen: Have you been to the frozen cave to the northeast? There's some sort of mysterious hideout that everyone's afraid to enter.
  • Nesaak Citizen: Nesaak was not always frozen, as we'll probably never forget. But apparently the guy who did it is preserved in that hideout.


Lusuco Citizen
NPC Info
Location Lusuco
 Location   Lusuco   X   -213  Y   46  Z   -297  Wynncraft Map 
  • Lusuco Citizen: The small ice wall in the center of the town has always struck me as odd.
  • Lusuco Citizen: One day, as I was walking past it, I could have sworn I saw something behind it...
 Location   Lusuco   X   -176  Y   53  Z   -291  Wynncraft Map 
  • Lusuco Citizen: Sometimes at night, I hear strange noises. They sound almost...mechanical. I wonder what could be the source of these sounds...
  • Lusuco Citizen: They've been getting louder recently, as a matter of fact. It's a little worrying.
 Location    North Lusuco   X   -420  Y   176  Z   -791  Wynncraft Map 

 Location    North Lusuco   X   -328  Y   199  Z   -791  Wynncraft Map 
  • Lusuco Citizen: Hello! Are you looking for the Wynnter Fair? Well, sadly, it's already left town.
  • Lusuco Citizen: But it'll be here again before you know it. Come back next December!


Troms Citizen
NPC Info
Location Troms
 Location   Troms   X   -843  Y   76  Z   -928  Wynncraft Map 
  • Troms Citizen: Have you visited the prestigious Temple of Legends yet, adventurer?
  • Troms Citizen: I've heard all of the greatest heroes from across the province all go to the temple to train to become as good as Bob.
  • Troms Citizen: It's hard to gain access, though. There are many trials that you must go through in order to enter.

After Temple of the Legends:

  • Troms Citizen: You've gained access to the Temple of Legends? You must truly be a powerful hero!
 Location   Troms   X   -862  Y   76  Z   -916  Wynncraft Map 
  • Troms Citizen: Have you heard of the Dernel Jungle? It lies to the south. The ruins of ancient civilizations scatter the lands.
  • Troms Citizen: No one lives there anymore, aside from an old tribe and someone who thought they should live in a mansion there.
 Location   Troms   X   -843  Y   94  Z   -997  Wynncraft Map 
  • Troms Citizen: There's a village with a native tribe elsewhere in the jungle.
  • Troms Citizen: I've heard rumors that their village was once home to a great library or temple of some kind.
  • Troms Citizen: Supposedly, inside this temple, there was some sort of powerful construct to test the skill of warriors.
 Location   Troms   X   -893  Y   94  Z   -1003  Wynncraft Map 
  • Troms Citizen: Have you heard tales about the great General Skien? Many years ago, he lead the Tromsian Army into battle.
  • Troms Citizen: But what is most famous about him is not stories of victory, but rather something much more mysterious.
  • Troms Citizen: One day, Skien started acting very strange, and he vanished along with the entire Tromsian Army.
 Location   Troms   X   -726  Y   61  Z   -942  Wynncraft Map 
  • Troms Guard: By order of the city of Troms, I am here to keep other citizens from entering this house.
  • Troms Guard: From past experiences, everyone who has entered this house has vanished from existence...
  • Troms Guard: I would advise not going inside unless you know what you are doing.

Iboju Village

Iboju Village Citizen
NPC Info
Location Iboju Village
 Location   Iboju Village   X   -746  Y   79  Z   -685  Wynncraft Map 
  • Jungle Native: Our tribe's former shaman was sadly banished. He was practicing dark magic and curses. We believed he was a danger to us all.
  • Jungle Native: We sealed him inside of a dungeon, but we believe he is preparing some sort of dark ritual. I fear that the seal will not hold.
 Location   Iboju Village   X   -796  Y   87  Z   -675  Wynncraft Map 
  • Jungle Native: This path leads into the Dernel Jungle. I am a gatherer of the village, but my job has recently become much harder.
  • Jungle Native: A horde of fetishes has overtaken the cavern that a potent medicinal herb, the Aseado Leaf, grows in. We cannot enter anymore.
  • Jungle Native: The cave is to the left, near a large tree and an old shaman of the other jungle tribe. I do hope they have not disturbed him...
 Location   Iboju Village   X   -713  Y   97  Z   -610  Wynncraft Map 
  • Iboju Shaman: Welcome, stranger, to our humble village.

After Lost in the Jungle:

  • Iboju Shaman: I heard news of what you have done for Gracen, and I must express my dearest thanks.
  • Iboju Shaman: You are truly one of us now, in spirit if not by blood, so I will allow you access to the charmcrafter's forge.
  • Iboju Shaman: Rare jewels in the Dernel Jungle have magical properties, which we can make powerful accessories from if you bring enough.
  • Iboju Shaman: While this is but a small reward, you've our eternal gratitude for aiding us such as you have.


Lutho Citizen
NPC Info
Location Lutho
Happier Lutho Citizen
NPC Info
Location Happier Lutho
 Location   Lutho   X   972  Y   73  Z   -681  Wynncraft Map 
  • Lutho Citizen: ...
 Location   Lutho   X   1005  Y   73  Z   -697  Wynncraft Map 
  • Lutho Citizen: ...
 Location   Lutho   X   975  Y   73  Z   -716  Wynncraft Map 
  • Lutho Citizen: ...

During Point of No Return:

 Location   Happier Lutho   X   -4043  Y   62  Z   15518  Wynncraft Map 
  • Lutho Citizen: Ahh.. A newcomer! Welcome, welcome!
  • Lutho Citizen: Don't worry, you are safe here. The Obelisk protects.
  • Lutho Citizen: It arrived here.. Uhm. Hm. You know, I can't remember when.
  • Lutho Citizen: It's been here a while.
  • Lutho Citizen: Anyway, feel free to look around.
 Location   Happier Lutho   X   -4020  Y   62  Z   15515  Wynncraft Map 
  • Lutho Citizen: It's been quite some time since a new face has shown up here.
  • Lutho Citizen: Don't be fooled, everything you see is very real.
  • Lutho Citizen: At least, in a sense that matters. The Obelisk protects us.
  • Lutho Citizen: You should go and take a closer look at it.
 Location   Happier Lutho   X   -4018  Y   65  Z   15479  Wynncraft Map 
  • Lutho Citizen: I can't see why anyone would choose to stay there.
  • Lutho Citizen: I don't blame you for being here.
  • Lutho Citizen: We all chose this, in the end. There wasn't much of an alternative.
  • Lutho Citizen: Thank Grook that the obelisk is here to help us.

The Ocean/Corkus


Selchar Citizen
NPC Info
Location Selchar
 Location   Selchar   X   106  Y   35  Z   -3103  Wynncraft Map 
  • Neny: Have you heard of "the bird island"?
  • Neny: Some people wearing goggles have been going around calling it the fourth province.
  • Neny: Maybe if people see it they will become more internationally recognised.
 Location   Selchar   X   119  Y   66  Z   -3175  Wynncraft Map 
  • Selchar Citizen: Have you heard about Mage Island? It's an island where many of the most powerful mages gather.
  • Selchar Citizen: We don't know what they do there, but occasionally we see some weird stuff on the horizon.
  • Selchar Citizen: The island is to the southeast, the floating island is impossible to miss.
 Location   Selchar   X   169  Y   64  Z   -3207  Wynncraft Map 
  • Selchar Citizen: That island to the northeast, Skien's Island... don't ever go there. It's the only case of corruption hitting an island.
  • Selchar Citizen: The place is full of extremely strong, relentless zombies... I'm worried Selchar is in danger..

After reaching a high enough level:

  • Selchar Citizen: That island to the northeast, Skien's Island... don't ever go there. It's doomed desolation..
  • Selchar Citizen: General Skien moved to that island because one of his men got corrupted during a siege and attacked his forces. But I don't know the full story.
  • Selchar Citizen: You look strong enough to survive there now, but I still wouldn't risk it if I were you.
 Location   Selchar   X   97  Y   66  Z   -3197  Wynncraft Map 
  • Selchar Citizen: There is an old mining colony up north in Maro Peaks, but it’s been abandoned now and all that is left are the sheep and rams.
  • Selchar Citizen: It's a little unstable there now. If you want to go you will need a climbing helmet.
  • Selchar Citizen: You could ask the Ice Nation to the east, but they're in the middle of a civil war...

After Ice Nations:

  • Selchar Citizen: There is an old mining colony up north in Maro Peaks, but it’s been abandoned now and all that is left are the sheep and rams.
  • Selchar Citizen: If you want to go you will need a climbing helmet.
 Location   Selchar   X   23  Y   66  Z   -3199  Wynncraft Map 
  • Selchar Citizen: There's a story that goes around about a secret hideout for all of the most feared pirates across the seas.
  • Selchar Citizen: They say their hideout is on an island to the east, but no one dares go near it.

Zhight Island

Zhight Tour Guide
NPC Info
Location Zhight Island
 Location    Zhight Island   X   -626  Y   37  Z   -2682  Wynncraft Map 
  • Zhight Tour Guide: Sorry, but the Zhight Treasure Tour is undergoing some renovations at the moment, so we can't let you inside.

After Zhight Island:

  • Zhight Tour Guide: Hello and welcome! Are you here to try the Zhight Treasure Tour? I'll teach you the rules!
  • Zhight Tour Guide: Simply pay for a token down in the cave and deposit it at the collector, and you'll be ushered into a sprawling cave system!
  • Zhight Tour Guide: It's full of dangerous enemies and perilous plights, but they carry lots of rewards and riches!
  • Zhight Tour Guide: If you stay in the cave for five minutes, or if you want to leave early or get knocked out, you'll be brought out of the cave.
  • Zhight Tour Guide: Anything you find in there, and we do mean ANYTHING, is yours to keep.
  • Zhight Tour Guide: You can also exchange some of our special tokens for things that adventuring types like yourself will find indispensable, up in the gazebo!
  • Zhight Tour Guide: We hope you enjoy your stay at Zhight Island Resort, thank you!

Pirate Cove

Pirate Cove Citizen
NPC Info
Location Pirate Cove
 Location   Pirate Cove   X   -672  Y   35  Z   -3161  Wynncraft Map 
  • Pirate: Just north of 'ere is a mysterious island. It's a big ol' cave, filled with the remains of old pirates.
  • Pirate: But then, their bones began attacking me! I was forced to retreat.
  • Pirate: I think there be somethin' sinister about that place...

Corkus City

Corkus Citizen
NPC Info
Location Corkus City
Balloon Captain
NPC Info
Location Corkus Palace
Corkus Guard
NPC Info
Location Corkus Palace
 Location   Corkus City   X   -1596  Y   73  Z   -2902  Wynncraft Map 
  • Corkus Jeweler: It's funny how there are so many aspiring corkian inventors.
  • Corkus Jeweler: They'd do anything for some recognition... Like, I don't know, I've seen one do a robot that screams then self-destructs right after.
  • Corkus Jeweler: The point is, some Corkians go to extremes for... Not much. It's hell for the council to deal with so many people.
  • Corkus Jeweler: They do all these audiences... Only because at the end of the day, someone's bound to make an actually great machine.
 Location   Corkus City   X   -1592  Y   68  Z   -2985  Wynncraft Map 
  • Corkus Jeweler: It's funny how there are so many aspiring corkian inventors.
  • Corkus Jeweler: They'd do anything for some recognition... Like, I don't know, I've seen one do a robot that screams then self-destructs right after.
  • Corkus Jeweler: The point is, some Corkians go to extremes for... Not much. It's hell for the council to deal with so many people.
  • Corkus Jeweler: They do all these audiences... Only because at the end of the day, someone's bound to make an actually great machine.

During The Feathers Fly Part II:

  • Corkus Jeweler: Oh, hi there. Whatcha lookin' for? ...An audience? What?
  • Corkus Jeweler: Urgh... Let me guess what your machine is. Is it a weapon? What does it shoot? Sand?
  • Corkus Jeweler: Sorry, it's just a li'l annoying. If you really want an audience, there is a receptionist for that.
  • Corkus Jeweler: Ask others. I ain't the one for that kind of stuff.

After The Feathers Fly Part II:

  • Corkus Jeweler: I've heard rumors of an Avo practicing Electromagic. How lucky...
  • Corkus Jeweler: These guys can fly... They must be really strong!
 Location   Corkus City   X   -1584  Y   68  Z   -2955  Wynncraft Map 
  • Corkus Citizen: Stories of the Avos have told us that they've always lived high up on the northern mountains.
  • Corkus Citizen: But recently, I saw an old Avos house down on low ground, the same level as most human housing.
  • Corkus Citizen: Granted, it's not too far from the Avos mountains, but it is still rather unusual for an Avos to live so low...
 Location   Corkus City   X   -1606  Y   68  Z   -2885  Wynncraft Map 
  • Corkus Citizen: The Factory was once our national monument. But it's been abandoned for years now.
  • Corkus Citizen: I don't know why they don't just tear that place down. It makes me uneasy whenever I see it on my way to Relos.
  • Corkus Citizen: Can't help but feel scared of it, what with all of the rumors about the Factory being reactivated.
 Location   Corkus City   X   -1637  Y   68  Z   -2921  Wynncraft Map 
  • Legendary Messenger: *sigh* Hello adventurer! Looking to test your skills? Then come to Legendary Island!
  • Legendary Messenger: Face off against mechanical foes in the Legendary Challenge, and maybe you'll become a legend yourself!
  • Legendary Messenger: ...
  • Legendary Messenger: Just take this flyer and go.
 Location   Corkus City   X   -1562  Y   74  Z   -2777  Wynncraft Map 
  • Corkus Citizen: Mo'in. Would you please stop breathing? I can't concentrate with all this noise, It's making me crazy.
  • Corkus Citizen: No? Fine, I can tell you what I am doing here and then you can peacefully and quietly head back to wherever.
  • Corkus Citizen: Do you see those chimneys behind that pond? I noticed they started to emit smoke a while ago, which really got me interested.
  • Corkus Citizen: You see, those are not your average exhaust pipes from the city. Something is happening underneath this pond, but what could it be?
 Location   Corkus Palace   X   -1567  Y   102  Z   -2914  Wynncraft Map 
  • Hot Air Balloon Captain: I escort friends of the president to Kandon-Beda in Gavel from here.
 Location   Corkus Palace   X   -1515  Y   83  Z   -2925  Wynncraft Map 
  • Corkus Guard: Mo'in! You are a traveler, aren't you? If only I could just leave this island and explore...
  • Corkus Guard: I could be just like Siegfried, a travelling hero who left his home, Corkus, to help those in danger.
  • Corkus Guard: I wonder if he misses Corkus, I definitely would. Maybe I'm not made for adventure.

After The Envoy Part II:

 Location   Corkus Palace   X   -1567  Y   102  Z   -2914  Wynncraft Map 
  • Hot Air Balloon Captain: Hello, just climb aboard and I'll take you to Kandon-Beda in Gavel!
  • Hot Air Balloon Captain: We want to open up international travel!
 Location   Corkus Palace   X   -1515  Y   83  Z   -2925  Wynncraft Map 
  • Corkus Guard: Mo'in! I know you! You're the one who helped dealing with the Factory, right?
  • Corkus Guard: Well, if you want anything in there, suit yourself!
  • Corkus Guard: Now, now... Right, I was reading stories about Siegfried! What a hero...
  •  Location   Corkus Palace   X   -1496  Y   69  Z   -2914  Wynncraft Map 
  •  Location   Corkus Palace   X   -1499  Y   69  Z   -2914  Wynncraft Map 
    • Corkus Guard: Something has happened in the vault.
    • Corkus Guard: Don't go in there, it's under control.
     Location   Corkus Palace   X   -1447  Y   105  Z   -2933  Wynncraft Map 

    After The Feathers Fly Part II (if you chose the Power Armour):

    • Efena: Oh... It's you. 'figured you'd pop here one day.
    • Efena: How is she? Ava, I mean. I hope she's doing fine.
    • Efena: Maxie doesn't tell me much. We don't talk outside of work, really.
    • Efena: 'heard he got married. Or is getting? Good for him, I suppose.
    • Efena: As long as it doesn't hinder his work, I really don't care.
    • Efena: As for you... Why'd you come here? Any reason in particular?
    • Efena: You know, I usually just punch anyone tryin' to disturb me here.
    • Efena: After all, this right here is my thinking chair. Anyone should have one!
    • Efena: Oh!! Actually, I meant to ask ya...
    • Efena: There's no way she made that power armour by herself. I feel like I heard 'bout something like that at one point...
    • Efena: Oh, so you got it from that room downstairs?! ...damn. You might've stolen some of my friend's clothes, then!
    • Efena: 'wonder what these guys are doin' now. 'kinda left Corkus... I don't like goodbyes and all, so I ignored that.
    • Efena: I have no clue why I'm telling you all this. I should be putting you in jail for thievery, heh!
    • Efena: ...<playername>, you are so incredibly stoic at times, it's almost frightening.
    • Efena: 'not necessarily a bad thing. It's great to be able to control your emotions, heh.
    • Efena: Well, I don't have much to tell you anymore, for now.
    • Efena: I'll just go back to thinking. You should try it out sometimes!

    Avos Village

    Avos Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Avos Territory
     Location   Avos Territory   X   -1810  Y   114  Z   -3109  Wynncraft Map 
    • Avos Citizen: What in the world? Catapulting humans..
    • Avos Citizen: You know, a trebuchet is the best way to launch 90kg projectiles over 300 meters.
    • Avos Citizen: I better go tell the chief the Corkians have a catapult, though.
     Location   Avos Territory   X   -1872  Y   124  Z   -3112  Wynncraft Map 
    • Avos Citizen: I'm so jealous of the chief, he gets to live in the fanciest house on the hill!
     Location   Avos Territory   X   -1833  Y   124  Z   -3081  Wynncraft Map 
    • Avos Shaman: Oh, you're the not-Corkian Human.
    • Avos Shaman: Have you heard? Electromagic isn't limited to Corkians.
    • Avos Shaman: We've learnt that the... Unpleasant way.
    • Avos Shaman: One of our own started using that magic! Can you believe that?!


    Relos Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Relos
     Location   Relos   X   -1679  Y   40  Z   -2340  Wynncraft Map 
    • Relos Citizen: A beautiful sight, isn't it? Even during nighttime the docks are well-lit.
    • Relos Citizen: The energy required to keep our lighting system running is only a fraction of what we produce every day.
    • Relos Citizen: I bet you don't have something as advanced where you come from, eh?
     Location   Relos   X   -1662  Y   37  Z   -2332  Wynncraft Map 
    • Relos Citizen: Hey! You are a Wynn soldier, aren't you? C'mon, there aren't a lot of people running around with that gear.
    • Relos Citizen: Listen, someone with your experience should visit Legendary Island! Haven't heard of it?
    • Relos Citizen: It's host to the hardest challenge of all, and only the bravest adventurers stand a chance. If you want to participate, just go east until you reach the island close to the shore!
     Location   Relos   X   -1607  Y   37  Z   -2386  Wynncraft Map 

     Location   Relos   X   -1641  Y   74  Z   -2442  Wynncraft Map 
    • Relos Mechanic: Hello, adventurer! Would you mind helping me out here? You see, I recently stumbled upon this old workshop, and it's in pretty bad shape.
    • Relos Mechanic: I haven't a clue who built it, nor what all of these machines do. Some of these devices look like they were made before I was born...
    • Relos Mechanic: I believe this main machine in the center may give us some answers, but it seems to be drained of all of its electromagical energy.
    • Relos Mechanic: If we can find a way to restore power to the system, maybe we'll learn a bit more about this place.

    Legendary Island

    Dr. Legendary
    NPC Info
    Location Legendary Island
    Legendary Attendant
    NPC Info
    Location Legendary Island
     Location   Legendary Island   X   -1114  Y   66  Z   -2414  Wynncraft Map 
    • Legendary Attendant: Mo'in, and welcome to Legendary Island, home of the Legendary Challenge!
    • Legendary Attendant: The Legendary Challenge consists of 10 powerful enemies, mostly based on some familiar faces.
    • Legendary Attendant: The Challenge is divided into four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.
    • Legendary Attendant: The first 3 tiers have three challengers each, while the last, Diamond, has the final challenger.
    • Legendary Attendant: Between each fight, you'll have to option to forfeit to claim a reward, or continue to risk a greater reward.
    • Legendary Attendant: Someone will let you know what rewards you'll receive before you forfeit.
    • Legendary Attendant: If you fail during a fight, you'll receive no reward at all and will have to try again from the beginning.
    • Legendary Attendant: Between fights you'll be able to restock on resources if necessary.
    • Legendary Attendant: Good luck!
     Location   Legendary Island   X   -1079  Y   65  Z   -2420  Wynncraft Map 
    • Legendary Attendant: Mo'in! Are you here to claim your rewards from the Legendary Challenge? Allow me to explain how the reward system works here.
    • Legendary Attendant: As you probably already know, there are four tiers of tokens. Similarly, there are four merchants to match those.
    • Legendary Attendant: You can purchase a base accessory at the Bronze Merchant.
    • Legendary Attendant: Then, at the Silver Merchant, you can upgrade your Bronze accessory into one of six types of Silver accessories.
    • Legendary Attendant: The six types are based on the five elements, along with another type that combines all five.
    • Legendary Attendant: The Gold Merchant allows you to upgrade a Silver accessory into a Gold accessory of the same element.
    • Legendary Attendant: The Diamond Merchant functions similarly. Thank you for participating in the Legendary Challenge!
     Location   Legendary Island   X   -5675  Y   25  Z   -3234  Wynncraft Map 
    • Dr. Legendary: Mo'in, traveler, and welcome to... LEGENDARY ISLAND! The ultimate test of strength!
    • Dr. Legendary: With funding from the future province of Corkus, I went on a journey to study the strongest fighters in the world!
    • Dr. Legendary: This means that here, at Legendary Island, you can fight my creations, recreations of the most powerful beings of all time!
    • Dr. Legendary: There are 10 challengers for you to fight, and many prizes to collect!
    • Dr. Legendary: The first challenger you'll face is based off of a Mummy that I discovered hidden in the desert: The Mummyboard!
    • Dr. Legendary: You can challenge it now if you want, you can buy an entry ticket to the right.

    Gavel Province


    Llevigar Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Llevigar
    Llevigar University Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Llevigar University
     Location   Llevigar   X   -1887  Y   49  Z   -4551  Wynncraft Map 
    • Llevigar Citizen: The power plant is having problems. If that thing explodes, it'll take the whole city with it!
    • Llevigar Citizen: I'd be dead, or even worse; poor!

    After Heart of Llevigar:

    • Llevigar Citizen: Thank goodness the Heart of Llevigar is fixed. I'm surprised Cerid didn't help fix the problem.
    • Llevigar Citizen: Cerid is a famous electromagic inventor who has created powerful weapons and armor. From...I think it was, er...Corko? Carper? Someplace like that.
    • Llevigar Citizen: I suppose it doesn't matter who fixed the power plant, though, as long as me and my money haven't been blown to bits!
     Location   Llevigar   X   -1970  Y   34  Z   -4581  Wynncraft Map 
    • Llevigar Citizen: A meteor just fell down near the inn down the main path from the city. I bet I could sell some shards and make a fortune!
     Location    Llevigar University   X   -1856  Y   87  Z   -4510  Wynncraft Map 
    • Librarian: No, no, no. Where is it? I can't have lost it, could I?
    • Librarian: Oh, excuse me! I didn't see you there. If you're wondering what I'm looking for, we're missing a book.
    • Librarian: I don't seem to remember anyone taking it, but there's an empty space in one of the shelves.
    • Librarian: The book was something about wisdom. Or was it about money? I can't even recall anymore...
    • Librarian: I hope it hasn't been stolen. If you find any books, please put it back on the shelf.
     Location    Llevigar University   X   -1871  Y   87  Z   -4514  Wynncraft Map 
    • Llevigar Professor: Oh sorry, am I blocking the shelf? I'm doing some research concerning Siegfried. He plays quite an astounding role in the current history of Gavel.
    • Llevigar Professor: I used to not believe in the stories of his heroic quests, however I can't deny the fact that he and his life are well documented.
    • Llevigar Professor: After all, he is still alive and writing new books about his adventures, such as this one about his journey to slay an entire pack of werewolves threatening the town of Gelibord.
    • Llevigar Professor: Oh would you look at that, that actually happened a week ago. He seems so selfless and brave, I can see why we tell our children about him.
     Location    Llevigar University   X   -1883  Y   95  Z   -4497  Wynncraft Map 
    • Llevigar Citizen: No, no, no, that can't be right... She couldn't have possibly gotten them into the city yet...
    • Llevigar Citizen: Hm- Whuh! H-Human! My land, but you can be quiet with all that armour on! Er...how much did...you hear, of that?
    • Llevigar Citizen: Y-Yes, well... You're probably new to Gavel, so I'll inform you. I was worrying over a creation of 'Mistress' Qira.
    • Llevigar Citizen: Some kind of plant monster, sent to spy on us! There have been a rash of sightings recently, and the gardeners are lodging complaints.
    • Llevigar Citizen: If you have any sense, you'll follow my advice: Do not go anywhere near that blasted Hive of hers! You'll end up dead, or enslaved, or...or...or worse!!

    After The Qira Hive:

    • Llevigar Citizen: I have no idea if you're a lucky idiot, a hero to surpass Siegfried, in league with her, or some combination of all three.
    • Llevigar Citizen: Word is out that somehow, some way, you defeated Qira, in her own Hive... But since then, things have only gotten worse!
    • Llevigar Citizen: I saw myself, three of those Shamba-things run out from the gardens! THREE!! Why, I couldn't believe my eyes!
    • Llevigar Citizen: On one hand, you've proven she's defeatable. On the other, she seems desperate to spy further on us...or... Or wait, m-maybe on y...
    • Llevigar Citizen: I, uh... K-kindly, er, leave me t-to my research, Human! I w-won't bother you any longer!
     Location   Llevigar   X   -2049  Y   77  Z   -4498  Wynncraft Map 
    • Llevigar Citizen: I wonder if they're ever going to clean up that broken house- it's been there for a pretty long time now.
    • Llevigar Citizen: It's up above the civic court building. Looks like someone set off a bomb there or something!
     Location   Llevigar   X   -2123  Y   53  Z   -4564  Wynncraft Map 
    • Scavenger Hunt Participant: Hmm.. I wonder if there's any tier 3 items here.
    • Scavenger Hunt Participant: AHA! HIS MUG!
    • Scavenger Hunt Participant: ...It's expensive though. Oh well, it's worth it for a chance to adventure with Siegfried!

    After The Hero of Gavel:

    • Scavenger Hunt Participant: Oh, come on! Please, just give me a refund!
    • Scavenger Hunt Participant: How was I supposed to know when I bought it that I'd lose the competition, huh?
    • Scavenger Hunt Participant: Who cares that I don't have the mug?! I want my money back!
     Location   Llevigar   X   -1992  Y   34  Z   -4610  Wynncraft Map 
    • Llevigar Citizen: Did you hear the news? Siegfried just killed a bunch of Orc- Wait, you don't know who Siegfried is?
    • Llevigar Citizen: He's a legendary hero, the Bob of Gavel! He's all over the newspaper! I hear he's looking for apprentices.
    • Llevigar Citizen: I wish I was good enough to become a student of his.
     Location   Llevigar   X   -1991  Y   35  Z   -4674  Wynncraft Map 
    • Llevigar Soldier: Ah, good, more of you small-noses are here to fight.
    • Llevigar Soldier: You're good for battle, so the government can focus more on the real issues.
    • Llevigar Soldier: Can't afford to have all our resources on war when we have the Decay to deal with up north.


    Bucie Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Bucie
     Location   Bucie   X   -1400  Y   43  Z   -4708  Wynncraft Map 
    • Bucie Citizen: Well, hey there humie! Nice to see ya've come to our little corner of the province.
    • Bucie Citizen: Can't say there's much here, exactly... Well. Except for the... clock tower.
    • Bucie Citizen: Oh, that's somethin' alright. Been abandoned my whole life, and as far as I can tell that big 'ol clock's up there's broken.
    • Bucie Citizen: But... Well, here's the strangest thing. I swear, if ya head out there at night, you can hear some sort of ticking noise...
    • Bucie Citizen: As far as I can tell, it ain't comin' from the tower. No, it's comin' from somewhere below...
    • Bucie Citizen: ... Oh, I've rambled long enough, I think. I hope ya enjoy your stay, humie. It's real nice out here.


    Olux Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Olux
     Location   Olux   X   -1673  Y   60  Z   -5496  Wynncraft Map 
    • Olux Citizen: Every now and then, a strange fellow in a white mask comes around town, trying to sell this peculiar medicine. It's very effective, but...
    • Olux Citizen: Everyone who has taken his remedies always disappears a few days later. I'm worried that this doctor is responsible.
    • Olux Citizen: One thing I've noticed is that he always leaves from the city towards the south...
     Location   Olux   X   -1765  Y   66  Z   -5540  Wynncraft Map 
    • Olux Citizen: With all these reports of missing people, I'm starting to become nervous that I might be the next one to vanish...
     Location   Olux   X   -1752  Y   66  Z   -5493  Wynncraft Map 
    • Olux Citizen: Do you know why the swamp is so miserable? It's because of a mysterious force known as the Decay.
    • Olux Citizen: It has spread across a few cities in northern Gavel. People have begun to believe it is a curse because of our desire for money.
    • Olux Citizen: And I suppose it is true, in a way. After so many raids from the monsters spawned from the decay, our city of Olux has become very poor.
     Location   Olux   X   -1758  Y   66  Z   -5516  Wynncraft Map 
    • Agitated Citizen: Oh, come on! I can't believe I-
    • Agitated Citizen: And who are you supposed to be? Some kind of guard? Well, guard, do your guard things!!
    • Agitated Citizen: What am I talking about? What do you mean, what am I talking about? I just got scammed!! By the guy in that stall behind me!
    • Agitated Citizen: And apparently nobody cares! He's selling absolutely defective products, and nobody seems to mind or care!! I hate this city, I hate the guards, and I especially hate you!!!
     Location   Olux   X   -1764  Y   60  Z   -5480  Wynncraft Map 
    • Olux Citizen: You won't believe the crazy stories people have been telling. Everyone keeps reporting sightings of supposed snake-men.
    • Olux Citizen: They even go as far to say the snake-men built a temple into the side of a hill just south-west of town.
    • Olux Citizen: It's all ridiculous, if you ask me. It's just a stupid excuse to get everyone to buy monster-protection dust.
     Location   Olux   X   -1802  Y   66  Z   -5508  Wynncraft Map 
    • Olux Citizen: Human. Look at this tumbledown place. Just take a good, long look at it.
    • Olux Citizen: Is there anything here for us, anymore? I don't think so. It's only a matter of time before the Decay gets worse and kills us all.
    • Olux Citizen: But, that sorceress, Qira. Her associates told me all about what she can do, create life itself. Surely she could stand a chance to fix it?
    • Olux Citizen: I'm not sure what to do anymore. I don't want to abandon my Euphemia, but...we could be a part of something so much greater. All of us.
     Location   Olux   X   -1803  Y   66  Z   -5499  Wynncraft Map 
    • Olux Citizen: Wha...? What are you doing in my house, small-nose?! Get out before I call the...th-the...
    • Olux Citizen: Oh, I'm sorry, human, I just... My husband has been so distant lately. Ever since he received that awful visitor...
    • Olux Citizen: An embassy from that witch Qira's Hive! Some phony bishop. Oh, I tried to tell him not to listen, but...!
    • Olux Citizen: Ever since that horrible man came, my dear Pietr has been so wistful... I'm afraid he'll leave me!
    • Olux Citizen: Please, go tear that awful witch a new hole in her dress! She doesn't deserve her sovereignty OR my dear hubby!

    After The Qira Hive:

     Location   Olux   X   -1802  Y   66  Z   -5508  Wynncraft Map 
    • Olux Citizen: I just can't stay anymore.
    • Olux Citizen: You've seen her power, haven't you? She can fix this!
    • Olux Citizen: As much as I love my wife, she wouldn't want to watch everything die around her... Would she? Would you?
    • Olux Citizen: Please, tell her I'm sorry. I don't know when I'll be leaving, but... Soon. Soon we'll put things right.
     Location   Olux   X   -1803  Y   66  Z   -5499  Wynncraft Map 
    • Olux Citizen: ...oh...it's you again...
    • Olux Citizen: Too little too late... The bishop came by again... Poor Pietr insists he needs to go...
    • Olux Citizen: You battled her, though... You beat Qira... W-Why couldn't you have just killed her when you had the chance...?
    • Olux Citizen: You humans...worthless, small-nosed things... Probably scheming with her... Just t-take him already. I can't stand this anymore...


    Gelibord Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Gelibord
     Location   Gelibord   X   -1034  Y   47  Z   -5312  Wynncraft Map 
    • Gelibord Citizen: Even aside from the Decay, this place has issues. Have you seen that big prison off to the northeast? Their methods are brutal, to say the least.
    • Gelibord Citizen: Often, we see them dumping pieces of their inmates, or sometimes whole, mangled bodies, in a large cave in the north cliffs.
    • Gelibord Citizen: And then, they start moving around! This happened even before the Decay was as bad an issue as it is now, so it can't be that the darkness raises them...
     Location   Gelibord   X   -1017  Y   47  Z   -5289  Wynncraft Map 
    • Gelibord Citizen: Have you seen the ruins of the mansion out to the southwest of town? It's really something, huh?
    • Gelibord Citizen: Folks around here say it's cursed, and I'm one to agree. That place... it just feels wrong, you know?
    • Gelibord Citizen: One of the weirdest things about it, though... sometimes, when you go near the graves... there's this odd ticking sound.
    • Gelibord Citizen: I'd suggest you stay away from there. Wouldn't want to get cursed by proximity...
     Location   Gelibord   X   -983  Y   47  Z   -5287  Wynncraft Map 
    • Gelibord Citizen: Every night, I hear lightning strike the exact same spot. I wonder what it could mean...


    Cinfras Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Cinfras
    Cinfras Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Cinfras
     Location   Cinfras   X   -384  Y   47  Z   -4944  Wynncraft Map 
    • Cinfras Citizen: Hmph. Another adventurer from Wynn, I see? Have you taken a great look at the statue of our... "great" hero?
    • Cinfras Citizen: Awful, isn't it? Of course it is, you fool! Does anyone ever realize the travesty that statue brings to us!?
    • Cinfras Citizen: Everyone I know is downright obsessed with him! Donating emeralds... and even praying for him?
    • Cinfras Citizen: Who even is this... Siegfried? Thinking he's greater than the true founder of our nation!? Pah! I spit on his statue!
     Location   Cinfras   X   -440  Y   47  Z   -4963  Wynncraft Map 
    • Scavenger Hunt Participant: I spent so much money on a Siegfried mask, but it was worth every emerald. There's no way I can lose the scavenger hunt with this!

    After The Hero of Gavel:

    • Scavenger Hunt Participant: How could I have lost? How?! AND they didn't give the mask back, too! ... Maybe next time, I guess...
     Location   Cinfras   X   -448  Y   47  Z   -4986  Wynncraft Map 
    • Child: Look mom, they're selling Siegfried's sword! Can I buy one? Please?
    • Mother: No, they're far too expensive. And a sword is something far too dangerous for you to play with.
    • Child: But that's no fair! If I get a sword, I'll be a hero like Siegfried!
     Location   Cinfras   X   -427  Y   47  Z   -4898  Wynncraft Map 
    • Cinfras Citizen: Did you hear about the airship that crashed down just outside the Canyon of the Lost?
    • Cinfras Citizen: Some crazy farmer ran into town screaming about it. He ran up and down the streets for about an hour.
    • Cinfras Citizen: Eventually, he finally shut up and went back to his house to the east.

    After Fallen Delivery:

    • Cinfras Citizen: Did you hear about the airship that crashed down just outside the Canyon of the Lost?
    • Cinfras Citizen: As it turns out, a representative from the Air Gavel company itself hired some mercenaries to shoot it down.
    • Cinfras Citizen: A local mage named Gawrick told the whole town about it, and how he defeated Representative Ernold.
     Location   Cinfras   X   -462  Y   47  Z   -4876  Wynncraft Map 
    • Cinfras Citizen: That large building east of the city is the Guild Hall. There you can create prestigious guilds that you and your friends can join.
    • Cinfras Citizen: The Guild Hall is also the entrance to Letvus Airbase, where many airships arrive and depart from across the world.
    • Cinfras Citizen: However, people are getting a bit worried about airship travel. There have been several reports of airship crashes recently...
     Location   Cinfras   X   -404  Y   47  Z   -4978  Wynncraft Map 
    • Cinfras Citizen: You know about the Gylia Watch? They've been protecting us since the Gerten war a few hundred years ago.
    • Cinfras Citizen: Because of them, Cinfras can maintain its wealth and prosperity!
    • Cinfras Citizen: They've even got a big tower set up north of Cinfras. As their name implies, the tower is set up near Lake Gylia.
     Location   Cinfras   X   -465  Y   53  Z   -4845  Wynncraft Map 
    • Cinfras Citizen: Oh, a human, eh? You must be fairly strong to have gotten here. Let me help you out with a bit of advice, then.
    • Cinfras Citizen: In The Canyon of the Lost to the east, there's...a dreadful place. The Qira Hive, people call it. No one likes talking about it.
    • Cinfras Citizen: An immensely powerful sorceress, Qira, own it. She's somehow managed to get it recognized as a sovereign state. We can't touch her.
    • Cinfras Citizen: She offers a challenge to fight your way through her Hive... Apparently if you do it, you get to talk with her and broker for some kind of request.
    • Cinfras Citizen: Only a couple of groups have ever done it. Only one ever came back. If you value your life, steer clear. We don't need soldiers like you dying on us.

    After The Qira Hive:

    • Cinfras Citizen: Can't believe it, human. I'd ask you to tell me how you defeated Qira, but I bet she swore you to secrecy, huh?
    • Cinfras Citizen: I bet she also made you swear off telling people about your request. I hear she does that, among other things.
    • Cinfras Citizen: I hope you didn't try to ask that she quit her evil ways and retire, though. That's what that first group tried to do, and they got laughed off.
    • Cinfras Citizen: And then, a few days after word got out that they'd told people their request, they disappeared. She enslaved the poor blokes.
    • Cinfras Citizen: I hear they got tortured before she let them go to work, cause they wouldn't talk to anyone except Qira and her higher-ups.


    Thanos Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Thanos
    Thanos Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Thanos Bazaar
     Location   Thanos   X   228  Y   29  Z   -5218  Wynncraft Map 
    • Thanos Dwarf: Wouldn't expect a human to have made it here, let alone want to come in. A fearsome dragon, Ozoth, has recently been threatening our city.
    • Thanos Dwarf: The strength of dragons are unmatched, but Ozoth is in another league. Legends abound about her, any you can think of.
    • Thanos Dwarf: Some say she spawned from the lava of the Molten Heights, some say she attacked Detlas in the Wynn province, and even more tales!

    After The Belly of the Beast:

    • Thanos Dwarf: Hah! Guess Tharroli did his job. I suppose you might not have heard, but Ozoth has been put into hibernation.
    • Thanos Dwarf: You can hear her snoring all the way down here! Some people complain, but it beats getting scorched to death, eh?
     Location   Thanos   X   204  Y   29  Z   -5243  Wynncraft Map 
    • Thanos Dwarf: All sorts of thieving types love to skulk around the Canyon here. None of them ever mess with us Dwarves, though! They know better!
    • Thanos Dwarf: Though, I hear some gang of ne'er-do-wells from Wynn have been burglarizing around here. I wonder if they'll dare to try us on for size!
     Location   Thanos   X   196  Y   6  Z   -5246  Wynncraft Map 
    • Thanos Dwarf: Hail, human of Wynn! How are you liking the grand Dwarven citadel? I bet you're curious about the doorway behind me, eh?
    • Thanos Dwarf: Well, this leads to our sister city in the Molten Heights, Rodoroc! I'd recommend you take it...
    • Thanos Dwarf: ...but it's under construction right now, and I think they're busy preparing for a festival out there, so it may be awhile before you can use this.

    After Dwarves and Doguns Part II:

    • Thanos Dwarf: Aha, I see the construction project is finished! We can use the tunnel freely now.
    • Thanos Dwarf: This'll be a convenience to both you and us Dwarves; we won't have to traipse through the whole Canyon of the Lost to get to Rodoroc anymore!
     Location   Thanos   X   186  Y   6  Z   -5265  Wynncraft Map 
    • Duri: 'Ello there me 'ol chum! See this beast 'ere? Ain't an easy catch. 'Colossus' Spawn' is what we call 'im.
    • Duri: Quite the mystery, they are. For a while no one knew where they were comin' from, 'til a couple of our lads saw somethin' at the Colossus' Statue.
    • Duri: Y'see, the statue is all crumblin', and one o' the shards that fell down just turned into a big ol' golem like this one.
    • Duri: The lads panicked and attacked it. All of them made it out safe, but I think it's safe t'say that we’ve now got a bad reputation in their eyes.
     Location   Thanos   X   176  Y   6  Z   -5214  Wynncraft Map 
    • Thanos Dwarf: Bet you've never seen a bazaar this size before, human! Even under repair, this is the biggest Dwarven market in the province!
    • Thanos Dwarf: We do accept emeralds here for the most part, but some of the merchants you'd be interested in like to take platinum, too.
    • Thanos Dwarf: And then there's the barterers. Who knows what in blazes those nutcases want to trade! I'd steer clear of them if I were you.

    After From the Bottom:

    • Thanos Dwarf: Whoa there! Are you a merchant from Wynn, or what? You handled this market like a trained professional!
    • Thanos Dwarf: I'll bet the other shopkeeps saw that masterful trading from you, as well. They'll probably open up their stock a bit more for you now!
    • Thanos Dwarf: And after all, the best way to make money is to spend money, so trade away, friend!
  •  Location   Thanos   X   141  Y   8  Z   -5281  Wynncraft Map 
  •  Location   Thanos   X   141  Y   8  Z   -5278  Wynncraft Map 
    • Thanos Dwarf: Say, Helski, didja hear about what's goin' on over at that Hive place?
    • Thanos Dwarf: Yeah, I have, Gavril. Weirdo sorceress is goin' around kidnapping villagers and makin' 'em slaves, or so say the rumor mills!
    • Thanos Dwarf: I hear she does things to their minds. Squishes a scuttler into their ears and it replaces their brains or some odd!
    • Thanos Dwarf: Eh, I don't think that's possible. Ya seen the size of those things, Helski? They're bigger than your head, how could they get in your ears?
    • Thanos Dwarf: I dunno, Gavril, I wouldn't put it past her! Either that or she does some hypno-dealy. Either way, those folks ain't the same as when they got hauled in!
    • Thanos Dwarf: Yeah, well she tries to pull anything funny with us Dwarves, I'll personally give 'er a knuckle sandwich, Helski! She's just some skinny lady, after all, ain't she?

    After The Qira Hive:

    • Thanos Dwarf: Oi, Gavril, are you hearin' about what happened over at that Hive place?
    • Thanos Dwarf: Yep, and this ain't just the rumor mills, Helski. Some HUMAN of all people beat the challenge! They must have a skull harder than rocks!
    • Thanos Dwarf: Oh, really? I heard that the human got bribed out to be a servant, Gavril! That she bought their allegiance with some fancy armour!
    • Thanos Dwarf: I believe it, too! You've been seein' some more activity there since that challenge ended, ain'tcha? On your watch shift, or some all?
    • Thanos Dwarf: Yep, I have, Helski. Though, you know you get ta ask for somethin' if you beat the challenge. Maybe the human just asked for a fancy new helmet!
    • Thanos Dwarf: I don't think that Hive witch would take a defeat lyin' down, Gavril! Think about it, have ya seen the human since then? No, ya haven't! Prolly locked up someplace!

    The Qira Hive

    Hive Servant
    NPC Info
    Location The Qira Hive
     Location    The Qira Hive   X   329  Y   30  Z   -5458  Wynncraft Map 
    • Hive Servant: Welcome, traveller, to The Qira Hive. I am a humble servant of Mistress Qira. My job is to inform challengers of the Hive challenge of how your prizes work.
    • Hive Servant: If you should prove yourself strong enough to fight through a division of Mistress' Hive, you will receive a voucher, which you may redeem here for a single prize.
    • Hive Servant: Depending on the division you have cleared, you may redeem your voucher for different prizes, and you may exchange a prize for another voucher within this Hive Exchange.
    • Hive Servant: However, of note about the prizes. Their elemental energies are strong enough that you cannot use more than one of the same division's prizes at once.
    • Hive Servant: Using two of the same elemented prize has a strange magical backlash... Your abilities will be completely nullified and you will be rendered helpless.
    • Hive Servant: For instance, you could not wear two Thunder Division prizes at once, however you could wear a Thunder Division and Air Division prize together safely.
    • Hive Servant: I will be here if you should ever need this explanation again. I wish you luck, should you choose to challenge her glorious Hive.
     Location    The Qira Hive   X   345  Y   46  Z   -5490  Wynncraft Map 
    • Hive Servant: Oh? I didn't know that Qi- er, Mistress... That Mistress allowed travellers or challengers into the servant's quarters now.
    • Hive Servant: I suppose you could make yourself at home. It's a little dingy, but I guess you get used to it after a while. I'm new here...
    • Hive Servant: Though, don't take that to mean I'm complaining. It isn't like I had anywhere else to go, after all. I used to be just a beggar.
    • Hive Servant: Hardly had an emerald to my name. It's so weird to think that money doesn't matter to me anymore, now that I'm here!
    • Hive Servant: So long as we stay loyal to Mistress and do what we're told, we have a roof over our heads, a cozy room, food and drink, and an opportunity.
    • Hive Servant: We're able to be a part of something so much greater. People say she's evil and the rumors always fly like mad, but... I have to wonder sometimes.
     Location    The Qira Hive   X   368  Y   47  Z   -5495  Wynncraft Map 
    • Hive Servant: Ah... Well, hello there. You look like a challenger, or at least someone who could be gearing up to take on the Hive Challenge.
    • Hive Servant: There've been a lot of challengers coming in recently. Mistress Qira has really tried to accommodate for the increased numbers, too.
    • Hive Servant: I got plucked up off the street to come be a smithy here. I help to make some of the prizes you can get for progressing in the challenge.
    • Hive Servant: I... Sometimes, I think about my family. At the very least, Mistress Qira allowed me to keep the portrait I'd gotten painted of us.
    • Hive Servant: I wonder how little Jula is growing up. It's been at least ten years, so she's probably like a whole new person now. But a father... A father never forgets his child.
     Location    The Qira Hive   X   343  Y   47  Z   -5551  Wynncraft Map 
    • Hive Servant: Ah, the scuttlers are busy today. Welcome, deary. Here to try your luck at our Hive?
    • Hive Servant: Yes, I know your type. Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, packing seven tons of armour. Was born here, after all.
    • Hive Servant: In my old age, I'm not useful for anything. Can't complete tasks more taxing than reading and writing, yet Mistress lets me stay.
    • Hive Servant: I enjoy watching the drones and buggies from this balcony, and sometimes challengers will fight them. I hear it really sharpens the combat instincts!
     Location    The Qira Hive   X   322  Y   47  Z   -5501  Wynncraft Map 
    • Hive Servant: What? Hey, why aren't you in uniform, are you that new girl? No, can't be, your nose is too tiny. A challenger, maybe?
    • Hive Servant: Or has "Her Mistress-ship, high and mighty" started dragging in humans of all things to be her pack mules? Don't know why else you'd be here.
    • Hive Servant: Better get used to this, small-nose. This is your life now. Find someone who'll loan you a uniform 'til you get your own.
    • Hive Servant: If you get caught outside of your pre-ordained clothes, you're gonna get punished. As though a dress code is needed in a place like this!!
    • Hive Servant: "It protects you from magic" my backside! The great hag above just wants us quiet and subdued so she can feel powerful, I'll bet.

    After The Qira Hive:

     Location    The Qira Hive   X   329  Y   30  Z   -5458  Wynncraft Map 
    • Hive Servant: Welcome, champion, back to The Qira Hive. I must congratulate you on your momentous victory.
    • Hive Servant: It is not often that one should defeat our Mistress... But it is not my job to commend you. It is my job to inform you of your rewards.
    • Hive Servant: You may redeem the vouchers you have won for different prizes, and you may exchange a prize for another voucher within this Hive Exchange.
    • Hive Servant: However, the elemental energies of these items are strong enough that you cannot use more than one of the same division's prizes at once.
    • Hive Servant: Using two of the same elemented prize has a strange magical backlash... Your abilities will be completely nullified and you will be rendered helpless.
    • Hive Servant: For instance, you could not wear two Thunder Division prizes at once, however you could wear a Thunder Division and Air Division prize together safely.
    • Hive Servant: I will be here if you should ever need this explanation again. I wish you luck in your future endeavours, champion of the Hive.
     Location    The Qira Hive   X   345  Y   46  Z   -5490  Wynncraft Map 
    • Hive Servant: I really can't believe it. How did you beat her?! You must be ridiculously strong to have defeated Mistress!
    • Hive Servant: I hope you didn't hurt her too bad, and that she didn't rough you up too harsh either. For someone with your skill, getting hurt is a waste, I think.
    • Hive Servant: I mean, even just beating the Thunder Division is certainly more than I could ever hope to achieve, eheheh...
    • Hive Servant: I'm fine just being a cog in the clockworks, so to speak, but some of the other servants dislike their positions here. I just can't understand them.
    • Hive Servant: Mistress is a fine ruler. She keeps us safe, her rules aren't overbearing, she's infinitely wise... What have they got to hold against her?
    • Hive Servant: Sometimes, I wonder if they realize the opportunity she's given us. I wonder if they're thankful, even at all.
     Location    The Qira Hive   X   368  Y   47  Z   -5495  Wynncraft Map 
    • Hive Servant: Well, hello and congratulations. Somehow, you came out on top in the challenge. Word travels fast when Yansur won't stop complaining about it.
    • Hive Servant: Most of the challengers...er... You know, don't come back out. It's nice to see some survivors sometimes. Gives us some hope.
    • Hive Servant: You've got at least a little bit of sway over the proceedings now, with your audience.
    • Hive Servant: I... I know...that this is selfish of me to ask... B-But... If you could maybe...
    • Hive Servant: Maybe put in a word so the servants can meet their families again? Just for a visit? Just one... I just...want to see my poor wife and kid one last time...
     Location    The Qira Hive   X   343  Y   47  Z   -5551  Wynncraft Map 
    • Hive Servant: Even busier than the day before, the little bugs are. You'll have to sit down and tell me how your battle was with our Mistress sometime!
    • Hive Servant: I'd normally suggest battling our darling little insects for the practice, but if you can sit toe to toe with Mistress I doubt that'll be much help!
    • Hive Servant: I think this is only the third or fourth success on the challenge I've seen in my lifetime, and the first to feature a successful bout with Mistress.
    • Hive Servant: Rumors abound, though. This place has secrets that even these old ears haven't heard of, deary! Your adventuring days certainly aren't over yet, hoho!
     Location    The Qira Hive   X   322  Y   47  Z   -5501  Wynncraft Map 
    • Hive Servant: Don't go getting a swelled head, small-nose. You beating Her Witchiness means nothing in the long run.
    • Hive Servant: She holds back when she "tests" challengers. That wand and extra padding actually limits her magic. You didn't accomplish anything of note.
    • Hive Servant: Heh, I'll bet she's got her eyes on you now! I bet she's creeping on you like you're some kind of delicious little cupcake for her to eat up!
    • Hive Servant: You watch your back, human. One day, she's going to snatch you up and you're never gonna see the light of day again.
    • Hive Servant: Dingy halls, dead eyes, and long days of slaving away for jack-all is what you're going to have to look forward to soon, I'll bet.
    • Hive Servant: May as well gussy yourself up right now, save her the trouble! Pack in all that armour and prepare to be a trophy for the rest of your life, hah!


    Thesead Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Thesead
     Location   Thesead   X   765  Y   79  Z   -5026  Wynncraft Map 
    • Thesead Citizen: One day, while I was elsewhere in the canyon, I saw the most peculiar thing.
    • Thesead Citizen: It was a creature that was half-man, and half-beast. It was outside of a large cave, but I didn't dare get any closer.
    • Thesead Citizen: I wonder how many of those there are...
     Location   Thesead   X   838  Y   94  Z   -5039  Wynncraft Map 
    • Thesead Citizen: What's a small-nosed human like you doing here? Your kind isn't welcome here!

    After The Hidden City:

     Location   Thesead   X   765  Y   79  Z   -5026  Wynncraft Map 
    • Thesead Citizen: Did you see that airship crash into the fountain? How did that happen?
    • Thesead Citizen: I'm actually very relieved. I always hated that fountain, it was so weird.
     Location   Thesead   X   838  Y   94  Z   -5039  Wynncraft Map 
    • Thesead Citizen: Whoa! What the heck happened? An airship just fell out of the sky while I was out of town for a few hours!
    • Thesead Citizen: I ought to write a letter to Air Gavel complaining about this.
    • Thesead Citizen: That could have destroyed my house, and then I could've suffered a fate worse than death: being poor!
     Location   Thesead   X   770  Y   79  Z   -5065  Wynncraft Map 
    • Thesead Citizen: Man, when are we going to get more coal? Coal is essential to Thesead.
    • Thesead Citizen: We've had to start cutting down trees for firewood. The people here are freezing.
    • Thesead Citizen: The miners were supposed to bring coal weeks ago. The mines are just southwest of here, maybe I should go over there...

    After The Canary Calls:

    • Thesead Citizen: Thank goodness the coal problem is solved. I was getting so cold without my fireplace!
     Location   Thesead   X   804  Y   79  Z   -5070  Wynncraft Map 
    • Thesead Citizen: If you follow the path out of Thesead to the northeast, you'll find the Molten Heights, a dangerous volcanic land.
    • Thesead Citizen: That area is infamous due to a war that took place between the Dwarves and Doguns.
     Location   Thesead   X   738  Y   79  Z   -5180  Wynncraft Map 
    • Thesead Citizen: Oh hey, lookie at the small-nose that got all the way out here. If you're going to barge into my house, make yourself useful, huh?
    • Thesead Citizen: You humans think you're so strong? Why not go fight that Qira lady, then! Get her out of our hair and all!
    • Thesead Citizen: All these weird elemental creatures and caves are popping up recently that weren't there a few years ago, and I'll bet my life savings it's her fault!
    • Thesead Citizen: They're waylaying caravans and trade routes, but she's got diplo-whatsit immunity or something like that, so it's not like we can do anything.
    • Thesead Citizen: Her "glorious hive" is out to the northeast. Go burn it down or something for us, and get outta my house while you're at it!

    After The Qira Hive:

    • Thesead Citizen: Oi! You!
    • Thesead Citizen: News travels fast. You beat hive-hag down in her own house and didn't even bother to kill her?!
    • Thesead Citizen: What on god's green earth are you doing with yourself, you fumbleknuckle?! You blew our best chance!!
    • Thesead Citizen: She's only gonna make herself stronger, y'know, and then where are we gonna be?! We're gonna be DEAD, that's where!
    • Thesead Citizen: I bet she just bribed you to step off, didn't she? Get your sorry armoured-up butt off my property, servant-boy!

    Cow Village

    Cow Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Cow Village
     Location   Cow Village   X   67  Y   18  Z   -9369  Wynncraft Map 
    • Cow Citizen: You are new here aren't you? Heh. You'll have to face the milking machine. Our leader is eccentric, that's for sure.
     Location   Cow Village   X   59  Y   23  Z   -9347  Wynncraft Map 
    • Cow Citizen: All cows stuck in a human body are welcome here. Whether they are ready to admit it or not.
     Location   Cow Village   X   94  Y   24  Z   -9369  Wynncraft Map 
    • Cow Citizen: This thing here? That's Drale's milking machine. First time is a terrifying experience, but with time, you'll get used to it. Maybe even enjoy it. I'm not sure what he does with the milk.

    Molten Heights

    Rodoroc Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Rodoroc
    Rodoroc Slums Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Rodoroc Slum
    Maex Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Maex
     Location   Rodoroc   X   1123  Y   13  Z   -5168  Wynncraft Map 
    • Rodoroc Citizen: I can't wait to go to the annual Dogun festival. I've never seen an entombing before.
    • Rodoroc Citizen: I think it's important to celebrate our people's history.
     Location   Rodoroc   X   1106  Y   13  Z   -5163  Wynncraft Map 
    • Rodoroc Dwarf: Have you heard about the Dwarven War? It is quite the tale.
    • Rodoroc Dwarf: However, such a story is very long. Perhaps one day you'll find the time to learn all about it...
     Location   Rodoroc   X   1107  Y   13  Z   -5055  Wynncraft Map 
    • Rodoroc Dwarf: At the opposite end of the Molten Heights lies an area that has been frozen over. It's crawling with Ice Drakes now.
    • Rodoroc Dwarf: Just nearby lies the skeleton of a great beast. Ahh, war memories.
     Location   Rodoroc   X   1061  Y   18  Z   -5106  Wynncraft Map 
    • Rodoroc Citizen: Have you heard of our great king? The Dwarven palace is here.
    • Rodoroc Citizen: He rarely shows his face in public. He usually sits in his palace directing the city.
    • Rodoroc Citizen: I'm afraid it's not possible to visit him at all. The palace is shut.
     Location   Rodoroc   X   1062  Y   18  Z   -5127  Wynncraft Map 
    • Rodoroc Dwarf: One time, I found a secret entrance to the top layer of the Heights. It's like an entirely different world up there.
    • Rodoroc Dwarf: However, I was forced to get back to safety when I ran into several hellkites at the northwestern end.
     Location   Rodoroc Slum   X   1119  Y   11  Z   -5003  Wynncraft Map 
    • Barckan: Are you lost? Why would anyone ever come down here?
    • Barckan: Oh, you are friends with Axelus...? He's helped us through some rough times.
    • Barckan: The Rodoroc state left us down here to starve...but honestly, we're lucky.
     Location   Rodoroc Slum   X   1100  Y   9  Z   -5003  Wynncraft Map 
    • Goben: We don't care whether you're Dogun or Dwarf or Human or anything.
    • Goben: We just want to not be treated like vermin. Maybe we have something in common with the Doguns.
     Location   Rodoroc Slum   X   1088  Y   12  Z   -5008  Wynncraft Map 
    • Adoda: A fire starter? Yeah, I think I left one on the roof.
    • Adoda: If you can get up there you can help yourself to it.
    • Adoda: I wasted a lot of money on that thing. Turns out lava does the same job.
     Location   Maex   X   1482  Y   44  Z   -5305  Wynncraft Map 
    • Maex Citizen: Maex is very different from Rodoroc. We don't have the King's guard overlooking us.
    • Maex Citizen: We're able to live a more liberal existence from our neighbours.

    After Dwarves and Doguns Part III:

    • Maex Citizen: I saw some Rodoroc soldiers come by earlier.
    • Maex Citizen: I hope there's not another conflict on the horizon...


    Kandon-Beda Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Kandon-Beda
    Balloon Captain
    NPC Info
    Location Kandon-Beda
     Location   Kandon-Beda   X   747  Y   150  Z   -4454  Wynncraft Map 
    • Kandon-Beda Citizen: I'm curious about the statue on the other side of the cliff this town is built into.
    • Kandon-Beda Citizen: It's absolutely colossal! There seems to be an entrance to something beneath its feet, but I'm too scared to enter it.
    • Kandon-Beda Citizen: Perhaps one day I'll be able to see what's inside.
     Location   Kandon-Beda   X   756  Y   174  Z   -4401  Wynncraft Map 

    After The Envoy Part II:

    • Hot Air Balloon Captain: Hello, just climb aboard and I'll take you to Corkus City in Corkus!
    • Hot Air Balloon Captain: It's the least I can do, you saved my home afterall.
     Location   Kandon-Beda Library   X   701  Y   141  Z   -4522  Wynncraft Map 
    • Nodise: Oh, greetings. I seldom see humans around these parts.
    • Nodise: I'm from Corkus. You ought to have heard of it at one point.
    • Sybil: Of course they've heard of it, like, come on!
    • Nodise: We are part of the Council. Maybe we'll meet there someday.
    • Nodise: So, what brings you here? I'm personally researching about the region.
    • Sybil: And I'm starting to get bored to death!
    • Nodise: *sigh* You seem to be a soldier of sorts. From Wynn, right? I've never been there.
    • Sybil: Uh, Nodise? There's a literal WAR over there? Of course we've never been there?!
    • Nodise: You know, Sybil, sometimes you just have to go and take a leap of faith.
    • Nodise: Hey, soldier, no point bothering you any longer. I have some research to do.

    After The Feathers Fly Part II:

    • Nodise: Oh... It's you. I wasn't expecting that. Remember the Corkian Council?
    • Nodise: Even after the facts, you still cause quite the commotion internally.
    • Nodise: Remember Sybil? Blonde? Often angry? No? I'm not surprised.
    • Nodise: Well, she really didn't take the president's news lightly about letting Ava do her thing.
    • Nodise: I'm very much sorry for her. It's always hard changing your mindset about pretty much anything.
    • Nodise: Perhaps that's why humans are so afraid of change in general.
    • Nodise: I fear that we will soon have an extra vacant seat in the Council.
    • Nodise: I tried being her own catalyst of sorts. The one she can vent to. It can prove to be draining at times.
    • Nodise: Anyway, that's how it is for us. I assume you're not very interested in the inner-workings of Corkus.
    • Nodise: As for why I'm here? I do enjoy researching about Gavel.
    • Nodise: Thanks to Kandon-Beda, we can easily travel between here and Corkus, which is great for us!
    • Nodise: That being said, I won't bother you any longer. Enjoy whatever you're doing!


    Ahmsord Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Ahmsord
    Crane Mechanic
    NPC Info
    Location Ahmsord
     Location   Ahmsord   X   1077  Y   108  Z   -4543  Wynncraft Map 
    • Ahmsord Citizen: I heard from my friend's mother's hairdresser about how Siegfried saved Llevigar!
    • Ahmsord Citizen: An army of trolls marched from their camps into the city. The guardsmen were overwhelmed.
    • Ahmsord Citizen: But then salvation came, as Siegfried rode in on his mighty steed. He slew the army of beasts with ease.
    • Ahmsord Citizen: After the dust cleared, Siegfried stood proudly atop the pile of troll corpses.
    • Ahmsord Citizen: He had killed them all before they could even deal a blow to him. He even had time to pose for a picture.
    • Ahmsord Citizen: That story sounds amazing, Siegfried must be as legendary as they say. I wish I could have been there to see it.
     Location   Ahmsord   X   1048  Y   115  Z   -4550  Wynncraft Map 
    • Ahmsord Citizen: What looks like a village to the south-east is actually something more. It's a base filled with sky pirates!
    • Ahmsord Citizen: I've heard that they were the ones responsible for shooting down that airship that was on its way to Detlas.
    • Ahmsord Citizen: I hope someone deals with them some day. They could come in here and steal all of my money!
  •  Location   Ahmsord   X   1024  Y   112  Z   -4558  Wynncraft Map 
  •  Location   Ahmsord   X   1096  Y   101  Z   -4521  Wynncraft Map 
    • Crane Mechanic: Hmm. Hello there adventurer. I'm trying to fix this crane... The crane goes all the way down to the dark islands under Ahmsord.
    • Crane Mechanic: Please don't disturb me now, it will soon be fixed, hopefully...

    After One Thousand Meters Under:

    • Crane Mechanic: I remember you! Guess what?
    • Crane Mechanic: I finally got the crane working! Just jump on and I'll take you right down to the void.
     Location   Ahmsord   X   1009  Y   112  Z   -4545  Wynncraft Map 
    • Ahmsord Citizen: I'm so glad Sky's Kitchen reopened recently. The food there is delicious!
    • Ahmsord Citizen: Wait, you mean you haven't been there? You should check it out, it's just south-west of here.

    After Recipe for Disaster:

    • Ahmsord Citizen: I'm so glad Sky's Kitchen reopened recently. The food there is delicious!
     Location   Ahmsord   X   1044  Y   116  Z   -4510  Wynncraft Map 
    • Ahmsord Citizen: Do you know about Wybels, those cute little fluffy creatures?
    • Ahmsord Citizen: They just...appeared one day, and now a lot of people have them as pets, myself included!
    • Ahmsord Citizen: There's an entire island filled with wild Wybels on the lower level of the skylands. It's rather tricky to get to, though.
     Location   Ahmsord   X   1022  Y   110  Z   -4594  Wynncraft Map 
    • Ahmsord Citizen: You see this scorched patch of land here? There's an incredible tale behind it.
    • Ahmsord Citizen: One day, on what seemed to be a peaceful day, a dragon came and attacked our city of Ahmsord!
    • Ahmsord Citizen: Luckily, Siegfried was in town and fought the beast. There was a grand battle as Siegfried and the great dragon clashed.
    • Ahmsord Citizen: The dragon spewed fireballs everywhere, but Siegfried blocked them all with his sword. All except one, which landed right here.
    • Ahmsord Citizen: After a long battle that even cost Siegfried his eye, he slew the dragon and saved Ahmsord!
    • Ahmsord Citizen: Truly, Siegfried is the greatest hero to ever live. Sadly, I didn't see it. But it was all in his book!

    Void Village

    Void Village Citizen
    NPC Info
    Location Void Village
     Location   Void Village   X   14029  Y   118  Z   -4212  Wynncraft Map 
    • Antrus: The void does strange things toooo our bodies. Just look at us! We've lived down here for one thousand years without dying.
    • Antrus: It's like we haven't even aged.
     Location   Void Village   X   14069  Y   116  Z   -4207  Wynncraft Map 
    • Vonlus: The crops didn't adapt like we did.
    • Vonlus: Let's hope the kitchen keeps throwing out all that food. The void always provides...