Wynncraft Wiki
Species Chicken/Cockatrice (Possibly)
Level 26
Quest Cluck Cluck, Reincarnation
Health 640
Special Drops Cluckles' Favourite Feather
Elemental Effects
Neutral 5-15
Thunder Weakness
Fire Weakness
Air Damage, Defense

Cluckles is Nohno's chicken (previously Bob's), and is the boss for the quest Cluck Cluck.


Cluckles is a trouble-making chicken. Nohno has chained him in his basement to keep Cluckles out of trouble. The player has to kill Cluckles to complete the Quest Cluck Cluck. When killed, Cluckles drops Cluckles' Favourite Feather, which can be used for the Quest Reincarnation. It has been hinted in the quest Canyon Condor that Cluckles might be the child of the Cockatrice.