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Item Lore
Despite the light weight of the weapon, the spearhead has been made from incredibly dense cosmic stone. A strong enough impact can directly destroy matter. Due to this danger, it is sought after to be destroyed.
Item Information
Item Spear
Min. Level 97
Rarity Mythic
Class Warrior/Knight
Powder Slots 3 ()
Obtain Loot Chest
Mob Drop
Attack Speed Very Slow (-2)
Base Damage
Neutral 40-65
Earth 0-310
Thunder 0-310
Water 0-310
Fire 0-310
Air 0-310
Strength Minimum: 35
Dexterity Minimum: 35
Intelligence Minimum: 35
Defense Minimum: 35
Agility Minimum: 35
Other Information
+ Fission: Explosions from your "Exploding" ID are twice as big and twice as strong

Collapse is a Mythic spear, requiring a minimum level of 97 and a minimum of 35 in each skill to wield. It is focused around all the elements. It's high base damage and major ID "Fission" make it excel in collateral damage with its guaranteed explosions, synergizing very well with the "Explosive Impact" Major Identification given by the Scarlet Veil.


It costs 1836 Emeralds to identify Collapse.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Main Attack Damage   +15%  +65%
 Mana Steal   +1/3s  +5/3s
 Strength   ~  +45
 Exploding   +75%  +325%
  Fire Defense   -84%  -45%
  Water Defense   -84%  -45%
  Air Defense   -84%  -45%
  Thunder Defense   -84%  -45%
  Earth Defense   -84%  -45%