Wynncraft Wiki

Commands for all users

  • /friend [add/remove/list] - Manage your friends
  • /find [name] - Find out server a friend is playing on
  • /party [create/invite/kick/leader/leave] - Manage your party
  • /p - Chat with other members of your party
  • /msg [name] - Send someone a message
  • /r - Quickly reply to a message
  • /trade [name] - Trade items with someone
  • /duel [name] - Fight against another player
  • /server - Go to the lobby
  • /wc [server#] - Change your server
  • /classes - Choose a class to play as
  • /toggle [swears/insults/blood/autojoin] - Toggle things on and off
  • /store or /gc - Buy cheap perks using real-life money
  • /use - Activate items that you have purchased from the store
  • /kill - Kill your player, if you get stuck
  • /rename [name] - Rename equipped pet or horse.
  • /pet - Choose a pet to equip

Commands for VIP

  • /forum - Link your forum account to your Minecraft one

The list of official Wynncraft commands can be found under the "Help" section at the following link: http://wynncraft.com/