Wynncraft Wiki

Wynncraft was designed to use as few commands as possible, but some tasks obviously do not lend themselves to an integrated solution. When you join the Wynncraft server, commands aren't something you need to learn to have an enjoyable time on the server, but they definitely don't hurt to know.

Commands for all users

  • /friend [add/remove/list] - Manage your friends
  • /find [name] - Find out server a friend is playing on
  • /party [create/invite/kick/leader/leave] - Manage your party
  • /p - Chat with other members of your party
  • /msg [name] - Send someone a message
  • /r - Quickly reply to a message
  • /trade [name] - Trade items with someone
  • /duel [name] - Fight against another player
  • /server - Go to the lobby
  • /wc [server#] - Change your server - Temporarily disabled until the nether can't be connected to!
  • /classes - Choose a class to play as
  • /toggle [swears/insults/blood/autojoin] - Toggle things on and off
  • /kill - Kill your player, if you get stuck
  • /rename [name] - Rename equipped pet or horse.

Commands for Donators

  • /forum - Link your forum account to your Minecraft one
  • /pet - Choose a pet to equip
  • /store or /gc - Buy cheap perks using real-life money
  • /use - Activate items that you have purchased from the store

The list of official Wynncraft commands can be found under the "Help" section at the following link: http://wynncraft.com/