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Cook Assistant
Quest Info
Length Short
Location Ragni
Province Wynn
Combat Level 3
Starter NPC The Cook
Reward As follows:

Cook Assistant is a short level 3 quest situated in and around Ragni and Katoa Ranch.


The Cook in Ragni is in need of assistance. He calls upon the player to help gather ingredients needed to bake cakes for the new recruits entering the kingdom.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to the Cook in Ragni at [-853, 67, -1564]



  • The Cook: I can't believe what is happening to me!
  • The Cook: The King ordered me to bake cakes for all those new recruits!
  • The Cook: Unfortunately I don't have the ingredients to make them, and nobody sells those items in the fort!
  • The Cook: You think you could get me [2 Eggs], [1 Bucket of Milk] and [3 Wheat Grains] really quickly?

Stage 2[]

» Find and gather [2 Egg], [1 Bucket of Milk] and [3 Wheat Grains] near [-813, 67, -1908] for the Cook

Katoa Ranch
-823, 67, -1909
Wynncraft Map


  • Bored Farmer: Hello there! Are you looking for cooking materials? I can help with that.
  • Bored Farmer: For [Egg], you can get them by slaying a few chickens.
  • Bored Farmer: For [Bucket of Milk], we have our very own merchant selling those right over there.
  • Bored Farmer: For [Wheat Grains], get a scythe from the Tool Merchant and Right-Click wheat nearby. Make sure they are of the same quality.

Stage 3[]

» Return to the The Cook.

Ragni Bakery
-846, 67, -1561
Wynncraft Map


  • The Cook: Great! You got all the ingredients!
  • The Cook: I can't thank you enough! Here, take these emeralds and armour for all your trouble.
  • The Cook: You should explore around to become stronger. I hear there might be work to do in Nivla Woods.


  • You can also buy eggs from the Egg Merchant found north of Maltic, at [-537, 59, -1829].


  • When the quest update first came out, the name tag of the cook said: "1." Soon afterwards, the typo was fixed.
  • This quest is similar to the iconic Cook's Assistant quest from Runescape, in which the player must acquire milk, eggs, and flour (by picking wheat) to help a cook bake a cake for the Duke's birthday.
  • At the end of Enzan's Brother, Therck recommends the player to help The Cook, who is apparently his friend, to gain access to the First Steps ring.
    • At the end of this quest, The Cook also recommends to look for work in the Nivla Woods, and the leggings rewarded required from Infested Plants, creating a third part to the trilogy of tutorial quests.